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    47 year old Anglospheran Composer Daniel Daly - Melody - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B9orMPdlPE
    Angelicray the Cherubim

    Angelicray was the 10th of the female Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity. She had schizophrenia. Her particular order of schizophrenia involved the voices of the female cherubim of eternity in her mind with their concerns and problems. Not all of them.
    But a lot of the problems. And her job was to sort them out in her head. Make it make sense. She was the quintessential cherubim angel. Her name was angel – the foundation of it. And she was an archetype of the cherubim community. Not their head, which
    was Sharakondra for the females, as she was bitch number one, top dog, the hottest, coolest and wickedest. But Angelicray was the one they respected and loved, and the one which dealt with their issues. Sharakondra ruled them, but Angelicray took care of
    them. In her head anyway.

    'You know,' said Asael. 'Sharakondra is still a bitch. But she has some good points about her. The other day she hit me on the head with a rose. Said she was bleeding love and the renegade cherubim could deal with it. Meludiel on some sort of vocation
    she has these days got to her.'

    'Right. I know,' said Angelicray. 'That shit is in my head all the time at the moment. Standard Oblivion Tube project of our Seraphim sister.'

    'You have one of those to do at the moment,' replied Asael. 'The CD sorting.'

    Angelicray looked at the new stack of CDs from their archives on the table.

    'We're only through 5% of them,' said Asael. 'Every certain number of epochs, in with the new bunch, to be analyzed, sorted out, reviewed and understood. The complete works of music, remember. The thing we set ourselves as a hobby and pastime.'

    'Eminem and the Monsters of Mars,' said Angelicray, looking at the CD on top of the pile. 'That could be some interesting hip hop.'

    'They are apparently demons inside his head which mock him,' replied Asael.

    'I know the feeling,' replied Angelicray.

    And so, following their custom, they went through the 50 or so CDs right away over a few weeks for introductory purposes to their minds, and then started discussing which small bunch to start with as their first focus. She chose a Beatles CD, as they had
    rationed them out over the full haul of things, as well as a CD from a planet Santron artist she liked. And, as the days passed, and she kept the cubicle tidy and functioning, she enjoyed her music, and did her colouring in and her jigsaw puzzles, and
    when Asael got home from work, enjoyed her meals with him, and the Escape to the Country TV shows they watched in the evening. It was not a complex life too much in recent times – but her mind – that was always hell. Everything was in it in many ways.
    But she coped, and she loved, and she occasionally visited the throneroom of Zaphon to chat with God, and remind him she was there and loved him, and there were sparks everytime she spoke to him in the throneroom which she knew, as a fact, was not that
    common with every angel of God.

    The End

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    47 year old Anglospheran Composer Daniel Daly - Melody - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B9orMPdlPE


    'You know,' said Asael.

    Not Azrael?

    .... visited the throneroom of Zaphon

    Not Zaphod?

    This group is starved for teaffic dealing with the DC Comics characters
    and publications. It doesn't need your sect's fanfiction.

    Kevin R

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    A Fine Suvrael Manor House

    'You dream too much, Ashamon,' said Elene.

    'The King of Dreams likes me,' replied Ashamon. He sat on his chair, and looked at the room. It was hot, as usual, and he was sweating. 'Suvrael is hotter than I expected. Zimroel should be considered as a place of redux, Elene.'

    'Not on your blessed life, Ashamon. Many gold pieces of valued inheritance from father established our trade routes around Suvrael, and I'll not allow our fledgling business to suffer at the hand of Azkabar the rogue. We are here for the forseeable
    future, and you will enjoy this manor house, and not forget the house you have joined.'

    'Elene Celeborn. Noble heart, but merchant family,' replied Ashamon the former rogue turned rich through crafty trade. 'I'm not sure you have the rights to judge my soul. Valantine Pontifex, him I respect. He was met in innocence of his lost self, and we
    got along well for that while.'

    'He turned you off a wrong path into my loving arms,' said Elene. 'And for that I eternally respect his wisdom and tact.'

    'Let us take a walk around the grounds,' said Ashamon.

    The servant followed them, and the hot sun of Suvrael beat down on them.

    'I'll let you know,' said Elene. That I am dedicated to building our social estate in this place. We need wise contacts to continue our economic development as a trade route institution. We can make new franchises here on Suvrael, I am sure of it, and
    you will need all the wisdom your rogue heart can muster up, and draw on those ideas from the King of Dreams, if he indeed takes an interest in your sorry person.'

    'He does. I can tell,' replied Ashamon. They surved the manor garden a while, and bid the servant bring them lemonade. 'Suvrael is a place to be in many ways,' said Ashamon. 'But I know my destiny lies elswhere.'

    'Bold enough to glorify himself with a destiny,' mocked Elene. 'You sound like Azkabar and his vision of bedding all the whores of Majipoor.'

    'It's his race. They are full of whoring. Grim families,' replied Ashamon. 'Now enough of business.' The servant had returned with the lemonade, and they drank, in the heat, enjoying their new establishment, and the fortunes of life they, through
    struggles, had achieved.

    The End

    Affairs of the State

    'They are Zonkars,' said Azkabar to Ashamon. '12 planetary bodies of life in their system, and 300 mining planets. And not too distant either.'

    'I remember them in my studies,' replied Ashamon, sitting top of his brown stallion, next to Azkabar's black filly, surveying the space cruiser which had landed in the outer grounds of the King of Dream's palace.

    'The rumour throughout the city is that they are looking for Majipoor to establish an official post on the planet of the Lord of Trade. There is – increased interest – in Majipooran culture in the federations out there, and they desire much of our
    product. Zonkars are looking for an official liaison to do business.'

    'What we do well,' replied Ashamon. 'Anyway, let us return to the shop. I have work to do and a meeting with that scumlord, Janak Tar.'

    'He does not like you, I think,' replied Azkabar, Ashamon's right hand man for many things. 'He trusts you, but he is of Alhanroel breeding, and finds your Zimroel heritage beneath him. You were but from a rogue of a family.'

    'I notice that in his reactions at times to what I say,' replied Ashamon. 'As if I am a more primitive thought in words and deeds. Not of his breeding.'

    'Still, he makes good deals, and is a man of honour,' said Azkabar.

    'And we profit from the connection,' said Ashamon, as they rode through the city, heading for their merchant house.

    Azkabar rode in silence for a while, then spoke up. 'I wonder, perhaps I should inquire into this Lord of Trade they seek. I am well experienced.'

    Ashamon nodded, but did not respond.

    'I feel in the blood of Azkabar is the legacy of many ancient wisdoms. I should perhaps seek an audience with the King of Dreams to consult him on this issue. My name has a degree of influence. I am sure he will speak with me.'

    'They will likely choose a noble of Alhanroel when all is said and done,' said Ashamon.

    'Yet they come to Suvrael,' said Azkabar.

    'Indeed they do,' replied Ashamon.

    They continued on, and soon came to their merchant headquarters, unmounting and venturing inside. Elene was in the upper room, and kissed him on the cheek. He sipped on a glass of water, and looked at some papers, but his head turned, and he looked
    towards the direction of the palace of the King of Dreams, wondering about the proposed Lord of Trade and the ambitions of his colleague Azkabar to the role.

    The End

    Eternal Terra 2

    'He was pretty adamant we'd ultimately return to the realm,' said Cyril.

    'What you wanted to here,' replied Daniel, Cyril's son.

    'Of course it's what I wanted to hear?' replied Cyril.

    'So he placated you. We ain't going back dad. Settle, the Bulldogs are going to win,' replied Daniel.

    Callodyn walked in with a Bulldogs top on, and settled down on the couch. 'This IS Macarthur, isn't it?'

    'Yep,' replied Daniel. 'It's the general Australian dominion of Macarthur. Quite a few billion continents of it now, since they returned to expansion mode. We live in a 25th century era. Will go on a long time before another technical retrograde, and
    observations are finished in their recording. What can be added to the list of perpetual societal behaviour in a maintenance mode.'

    'I get the theology,' said Callodyn. 'Improving history each time.'

    'Till its worked out better,' said Cyril, and picked up some crisps, and sipped on his ice tea.

    'We won't be going back, dad,' said Daniel. 'Trust me. He made it clear we weren't and that he would say what he needed to say to you till you got over it.'

    'I figured that son,' said Cyril.

    Daniel's mother, Mary, came in the room, with June Grey. Grey's were a popular family in the Macarthur Dominions, descended from ancient friends the family had known in their original Earthly sojourn.

    'How big is planet Earth?' Mary asked Daniel. 'June is not 100% sure.

    'Aw, it's vast,' replied Daniel. 'I can't give you the exact figure in dimension. I didn't try and work out the number, but it's vast. Googol's upon googols of citizens.'

    'Right,' said Mary. She indicated to June for them to go to the back room of the house, and they left the room.

    'Well,' said Callodyn, watching the match.

    'Well what?' asked Cyril.

    'The plan, kemosabe.'

    'Watch your chat with your grandfater. With me, fine, Cal. But dad has a nature which deserves better language.'

    'Sorry grand-dad,' said Callodyn.

    'I don't think we should bother with much apart from the general observations of the improvements going on in the eternity manifesto of the UN,' said Cyril. 'Aspects they are considering a permanent part of humanity. The only main area where niche income
    is likely to develop for new projects. Everything else is franchised to death, of the permanent stuff.'

    'Noahide Books is extant, so I'll run with that,' replied Daniel.

    'Where's Daniel?' Callodyn asked.

    'Your brother is out with a lady friend,' said Daniel.

    'Already,' said Callodyn, reaching for some of the crisps.

    'He's getting over Jessica,' said Daniel. 'It was clear in the end what the fate of the realms and worlds would be.'

    'How's Earth any different,' said Callodyn.

    'There are a percentage of eternal's here. I've seen them on websites. Some are quite old now.'

    Callodyn looked at his father. 'Then this has been the plan all along.'

    There was silence. Cyril got up and left the room.

    Daniel turned to Callodyn. 'We were Catholic to start with. We expected heaven in our faith. It was something in us. We came into Noahidism, and adapted to the new system, but the foundation was Catholic. It needed an expression, and that expression to
    resolve itself.'

    'And now the actual eternity begins,' said Callodyn.

    'It began a long time ago,' said Daniel, pinching some crisps. 'We're just settling to where the living of it is eternal.'

    'I'm going to McDonald,' said Callodyn, and left.

    Cyril came back in the room.

    'Bulldogs 18, Roosters 12,' said Daniel. '5 minutes left.'

    The score ended that way. Cyril bought them pizza that night. Loser bought Dinner. Daniel didn't mind.

    The End


    'The Realm of Eternity functions within the dominion of Macarthur, in Cootralantra-Scotland type of geography,' said Daniel.

    'Which continent is that?' asked Cyril.

    'This is the match,' said Daniel. 'Corrdon Gently. It's about 25 Goggas from here. Will take about 17 or so millennia to get there, but I've purchased some land, about 5000 hectares, and I can get the project established there. The intention is to be the
    physical head office of Noahide Books, the President's office, and I run things from there online. The community is about 3 or 4 million in a basic medieval society. There is some technical aspects of the society, but mostly inline with old world
    stylings. There is room for a few billion core pop culture assets, and a decent amount of mum's porcelain heart affections. I have some items to be sent there from Noahide Books archives, and that will be the eternal domain. Apart from that the ANM will
    simply run on with it's current duties. A good 3 to 4% of them out there are ANM. Still very solid numbers.'

    'That should suit me fine,' said Cyril.

    The travelling took a while, and Cyril oversaw the building of Danielphon. When it was finally constructed, the citizens had arrived and had built most of the city. Regular ANM members from local continental communities who felt the thrill of living
    around Daniel would be OK. The Realm got established, some basic society traditions were established which Daniel, Cyril and Mary felt would be the best ones to run with, and Daniel settled in one cold winter evening, in front of the large hearth which
    met his specifications, and looked into the fire. Things were settling now. Eternally settling. This new world was a part of his heart which seemed to be the balance of sensibilities. He was happy with it. Mary found the community of friends soon enough
    that his mother liked, and Daniel and Callodyn enjoyed the basic gaming community Daniel had arranged. Things were in their place, they were at peace, and he didn't need much love yet. He was happy with the simple life and settling down with eternal life.
    Things were good.

    The End

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    First of all, God knows everything.
    Yahweh is intimately aware of the intricacies of every situation.
    He knows.
    But God works with humanity with legislation and politeness and courtesy.
    Just because God does know in the end it does not mean he relates
    to you or society with that knowledge. He has respect for our person.
    Not for our status or name we might claim. But he has respect and concern
    for our person - our being. He loves us. And God is a rulekeeper. He follows the rules with humanity of knowledge he can legally and ethically know
    in how he relates to us. He knows everything. Never misunderstand
    that truth. But he does not relate to us with the knowledge of everything
    he has knowledge of. Only those things HE has rights with us on, and
    that works societally, institutionally and individually and those things
    WE have rights with him on. So don't expect God to necessarily
    relate to you with all the knowledge he has. One thing is true is that
    YOU don't have the rights to know all the details of what God knows
    about everything and everyone else. And God will not relate to you
    with that knowledge either. God knows- but will only relate to us
    with the interpersonal rights of knowledge we have betwixt us
    and him.

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    First of all, God knows everything.

    Does Yahooey know he's just a myth?

    Keep your religious spam to yourself.

    Kevin R

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