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    Creatures of the Night

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    Doomsday tackles the Parasite
    The Parasite was pretty strong, and was hooked in tight on Doomsday's back, sucking on his energy. Crazy Irish Ice as on Parasites back, pummelling on him, yelling 'Get off my man, get off my man.' The look on Parasites face was starting to bely his
    'You know,' said Blue Beetle. 'Parasite is a heavy hitter. Superman usually has his hands full with him.'
    'Yep buddy,' replied Booster Gold.
    'I mean, he's a handful for the most powerful of superheroes. Quite a task for the Super Buddies to deal with.'
    'Yep buddy,' replied Booster Gold.
    'Do you think – he can harm the beast?' Maxima, who was still hanging around, asked Booster Gold.
    'Doomsday is probably fine,' replied Booster. 'Lobo and Superman are usually his only real concerns. Oh, and Darkseid. But that is one determined Parasite.'
    'He looks – annoyed,' said Maxima.
    Parasite was starting to turn grey in colour like Doomsday, who was raging madly, all over the street in front of Civic Square Mall. But Crazy Irish Ice was pummelling him with ice bolts constantly. She had approximately the same powers as her cousin,
    Tora, the Ice Maiden.
    'She we help him?' asked Maxima.
    'Doomsday will be fine,' said Blue Beetle.
    'It wasn't him I was worried about,' replied Maxima.
    'Oh,' said Blue Beetle. 'Well, I'm sure Parasite will be fine.'
    Crazy Irish Ice grabbed Parasites head and poured on her Ice power till Parasites head starting freezing.
    'Pretty sure,' said Blue Beetle.
    'Ok. Up to me,' said Oberon, and jumped up on to Doomsday's back and put on the 'Inhibitor' onto Parasites arm, closing the bolt on it. Parasites powers were now inhibited, a device invented by S.T.A.R. Labs. Slowly the Parasite weakened, and fell down
    to the ground. Doomsday stood over him and was about to stomp him when Crazy Irish Ice put up her hands and looked into Doomsday's eyes.
    'It's ok big fella. He's calm now,' said Crazy Irish Ice.
    Doomsday glared at the Parasite, and finally softened.
    'Seem's to be fine now,' said Maxima.
    'Gold,' yelled Oberon. 'Tell Beetle to get his bug over here. We'll transport the Parasite to Belle Reve. Oberon took charge of the matter after than, and later, back at the headquarters, Doomsday was in the main living room of the Super Buddies, a towel
    around his back, having showered, Crazy Irish Ice was on his lap, and they were reading 'Fun with Dick and Jane'.
    'Teaching him to read, isn't she,' said Blue Beetle.
    'Apparently,' replied Booster.
    'Even Doomsday needs friends I guess,' said Blue Beetle.
    'I guess that's what the Super Buddies are for,' said Booster.
    'Exactly,' finished the Beetle.
    And as Doomsday starting mouthing out the word, with Crazy Irish Ice gently correcting him, another fine day passed in the Super Buddies HQ.
    The End

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    DC Comics Noahide Volume 1 http://booksaboutangels.angelfire.com/dccomicsnoahide.html

    DC Comics Noahide Volume 2 http://abrahamism.angelfire.com/dccomicsnoahidevolumetwo.html

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    DC Noah Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLlfT5c46teQZ9yNQnrJqmLTyhgaL4gE9

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    The Blue Beetle Corps 17: Camping Out
    They were in a forest, outside of El Paso.
    'Watch,' said Scorcher, and engulfed a pine with flame.
    'Cool,' said Cloudflame, and did one herself.
    Firefist, watching on, smoking a ciggie, chuckled. He watched for a few moments, enjoying the fire, before getting the fire extinguisher out of the back of the van, and dowsing the burning trees.
    'Why'd you do that?' asked Scorcher.
    'Don't want any undue attention,' said Firefist. 'Besides,' he said, looking around. 'This is nature, and I don't have anything against creation. It's now how I work.'
    'Fine,' said Scorcher. He turned to Cloudflame. 'Let's roll.'
    They took off, several feet from the ground, screaming around the tracks of the forest, leaving burning tracks in their wake, before finally coming back to their campsite, and settling down.
    'So, bossman. What's the plan?' asked Scorcher, settling down to eat some of the barbecue Firefist had been preparing.
    'The Harbinger. She's been making a name for herself as an Emissary of the Divine, apparently, for the protection of the south-west states. My employees want her turned to their service. She serves the Ultimate Lord of Order, and his underlings
    currently. We are to bring her to the darkness.'
    'Awesome,' said Cloudflame. 'Turn the bitch against heaven, and into hell's employ. Amusing.'
    'The Lords of Order and Chaos are not quite on that sphere of reality. Only ultimately above them do religious motifs interfere. They dwell on the spheres which affect the more mundane of us all. Were real people live real lives.'
    'And not caught up in the sanctified things. I get it,' said Scorcher. 'Mum's a Catholic. Some mankind work on more serious tones in their behaviours, and get involved in religious circles of life. The hardcore stuff in some ways.'
    'Where 'The Lucifer' sometimes gets involved, but he has a level of his own in the end anyway. Not that big on too much religion,' said Firefist.
    'If we wanted to get more serious, we can't defeat the ultimate power, can we?' queried Scorcher.
    'I don't think anything can in the end,' said Firefist, roasting a marshmellow. 'If we call that God Almighty, he probably has the whole world in his hands and does what he wants to do. I remember that song.'
    Cloudflame stared into the fireplace. It was getting dark. 'I probably believe in God. I probably believe in being kind as well, and thoughtful. Probably wouldn't murder anyone. I'd kill. But I wouldn't murder. If you know the difference.'
    'Possibly an issue for consideration,' said Firefist. 'Anyway, enjoy the meal, and we shall now sleep soon enough.'
    He put on his earphones, listening to Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto, 'Elvira Madigan', and settled down in his sleeping bag. Cloudflame came and kissed him on the forehead, before settling down also, while Scorcher finished his meal, and sipped on a beer,
    and smoked, and looked at the moon.
    The End

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    Man of Steel 2 – 'Watch the Hull,' said the Starro Kryptonian. 'I AM watching the Hull,' said Superman. 'We can't afford it to crack,' said the Starro Kryptonian. 'Starro is Saviour. Not Devastator.' The two Supermen beings righted the ship, and
    flew it to the nearby dock. Then they turned their attention to the robots running around New York. 'I can handle this. There is no need for Starro to get involved,' said Superman to the Kryptonian. 'Starro is Saviour,' said the Kryptonian, and flew
    off to start fighting the robots. Superman watched him go, shook his head in frustration, then took off too to combat the robots which had started attacking the East Coast of the USA. Later, when the robots had been defeated, Kal El retrieved a camera
    from his flat in Metropolis, and returned to New York City to take photos of the defeated robots as 'Clark Kent'. The following morning he was in the office with his editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White. 'I don't like the headline,' said Perry to
    Clark. 'It won't float. People appreciate what the Starro Kryptonians did for them.' Clark Kent was about to take off his glasses to wipe them, but thought better of it, and looked strictly at Perry White. 'We can't trust them. People need to know
    that. Starro is an unknown entity, but I suspect darker powers at work.' 'They saved Metropolis. They didn't have to. We're running with a new headline. If you don't like it, I'll get Catherine Grant to do the story. Starro hasn't done any harm yet,
    Kent. Get used to it.' Clark gave Perry a frustrated look, then sat down at his desk. Lois looked at him. 'They don't have your concerns, do they Clark?' 'I see a whole pit of trouble coming on this,' said Clark. 'Starro. He's a device of
    something darker.' 'You think Apokolips?' asked Lois. 'Won't deny that thought has crossed my mind,' replied Clark Kent. 'Well, good luck proving it. It's not like your Superman and can fly to Apokolips to confirm your conclusions now is it?' said
    Lois, looking at her computer screen. Silence. Lois looked up. Clark Kent was nowhere to be seen. 'He's always doing that,' sighed Lois, and started typing at the computer.
    (Work in Progress)

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    Justice League: The Coming of Greta

    Aquaman emerges from the ocean in the north atlantic on and island and comes on to it. A man in a traditional clothing style, with a black beanie on his head, is confronted by him. I'm looking for a fella, says Aquaman. You won't find him here. Best you
    leave, says the man. Aquaman continues on, and Mera confronts him on the side of a road, and says 'you know, you really should look the part,' and he puts on a white traditional shirt over his aquaman suit and black slacks. They come into a traditional
    village, and Aquaman talks in the tavern. They tell him where he can find his man.

    Batman is in a crag on an island in the southern atlantic. He climbs up to a cave, and bats come flying out, and he grins at that. He goes into the cave.

    Wonder Woman is on St Helens. She comes into a church, and is led to the catacombs by the priest. The priest says 'it's deep down in there,' pointing. Wonder woman continues to explore.

    Superman is on pluto. He is in a dark cave, seeing with his vision. He is looking around for something.

    Aquman finds his man – the trickster. He confronts him. The trickster (played by Mark hammil) says his glory days are well behind him. 'She chose you,' says Aquaman. 'For whatever reason she has.' 'then I guess I'll have to get my tricks in order,'
    replies the Trickster.

    Batman retrieves the desired object.

    Wonder Woman retrieves the desired object.

    Superman retrieves the desired object.

    Aquaman is examining a large black long shape under the water. Superman is trying to penetrate it with super strength and then x-ray vision. 'It's no good. You've tried that already,' says Aquaman. Superman gives up, and again reads some of the writing
    on the side of the obelisk in Kryptonian. Wonder Woman reads some in her language. Aquaman reads some writing in Atlantean. Batman is in a hokey underwater suit. Aquaman says 'nice suit' in a mocking tone. 'You got a problem with it?' replies Batman.
    Batman reads out the writing in English. The messages are from 'Greta'. They are a warning of doom for the planet if they will not repent and learn the ways of universal harmony. This has not been spelled out, so the team fears the worst.

    Possibly JLAGreta stuff
    it might have the comedic element. That might work ok.
    Greta shows up and she is huge like galactus. She is a giant green woman sort of divine being. She has long hair in sort of thick strands, sort of like dreadlocks in some ways. She is like galactus perhaps. She has a host of servants with her. She
    descends into the ocean depths from her spacecraft. The JL go down to confront her. Her hosts start filming when the JL arrive. 'Who are you?' asks Superman. 'I am Greta. The Judge of your world.' 'Who appointed you?' asks Superman. 'I did!'
    bellows Greta, and the ocean thunders. The JL right themselves, and Batman says to WW, 'Look,' pointing at the host. WW observes they seem to be filming what is going on. Greta goes on to explain that humanity is abusing the earth and is not properly
    fit for galactic civilization. And because of this they are to be judged. The movie goes on with Greta judgign the world and unleashign calamity after calamity for the JL to take on, saving people and the planet. Finally, when judgement is complete,
    the JL come back to Greta. 'You've destroyed us,' says Superman. 'You've had your say.' Greta nods. 'Indeed, Supemran,' and she gives anotehr brief lecture. 'We are at your disposal,' says superman, bowing. 'Very well. I will now accept the
    offerings,' says Greta. Aquaman brings 'The Trickster' into view in front of Greta. Trickster presents the offerings of fine gems and precious metals from their solar system which the JL found at the beginning. Batman says 'I went through hell getting
    that 'XXX' (whatever it is). A host of greta comes forth and inspects the goods. He turns to Greta and sayd 'The offerings are in order, your glorioius one.' Greta nods, and turns her attention to the Trickster. 'Now. Entertain me.' The trickster
    now starts cracking jokes and doing stupid tricks and things. Greta finally starts laughing. Finally, when the show is over, a host comes forth with tablets with contracts in them. 'Electronic signatures. Waving rights on our claimed copyright,' says
    the host. 'Superman says 'Whatever then'. Batman, while signing says 'Unbelievable. ' Aquaman says 'All for the show'. When the signatures are in order Greta looks at them, satisfied. 'Your world has learned a lesson. Heed that you do nto forget.'
    Then she raises her arms, and all over the planet everything starts returning to normal, and people are back to life again. Then the Greta show leaves, the JL crack jokes about what has gone on, that they should do their own movie, they compare
    themsleves to members of the Avengers, and that's the end of the story.

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    The Blue Beetle Corps 18: The Yankee Wicker Man
    'Behold, America Burns!' exclaimed Firefist, and pointed his flamethrower at a Wicker Man Uncle Sam, pressing the nozzle, and flame erupted, engulfing the larger than life dummy. The gathered neo-nazi goons all gloated, while Harbinger stood at the edge
    of the clearing, observing.
    'Shouldn't you go in and arrest them?' Harbinger queried the Blue Beetle Corps. Ted Kord spoke first. 'I have marshmellows,' he said, bringing a pack of marshmellows out of his knapsack. He grabbed some sticks, and came up to the burning wicker man to start roasting them, as the nazis danced to nazi rock and roll, and Firefist
    stood with Scorcher and Cloudflame, revelling in his glory.
    'You're making a mockery of this Ted Kord,' said Harbinger, glaring at Firefist, who saluted her in a mocking response.
    'They have a permit,' said Ted Kord.
    'A permit?' queried Harbinger. 'This is legal?'
    'American citizens have the right of protest. It's in the constitution,' said Ted, roasting the marshmellows.
    Daniel Garrett was observing the nazis. 'They are starting to get a little wild, I think.'
    Daniel Daly was eating the marshmellows with Ted Kord, and Jamie and Sandra was seated on boulders, beneath Daniel Garrett, observing the madly dancing nazis. A police wagon was a distance away, with 2 officers standing next to their car doors, one with
    a megaphone, observing carefully.
    'USA!' yelled Firefist at the Blue Beetles.
    'USA!' yelled Ted back, and continued cooking his marshmellows.
    'They are committing abomination against your nation,' said Harbinger loudly to Daniel Garrett.
    'We are a free nation. And we don't dictate that people have to agree with everything commonly accepted in our nation. It's the freedoms we are built on which we believe in.'
    'I don't,' said Harbinger, and using her powers caused the wicker man to extuinguish its flames, and caused a wind to blow against the Nazis, sending them tumbling.
    Firefist, observing this, went over to the police officers, and was yelling at them for a while. Shortly, in response, the police officers came over to Harbinger.
    'Maam. We'll have to issue you with a caution. Do not make trouble. These are legal protestors.'
    'Unbelievable,' said Harbinger. She glared at Daniel Garrett, who shrugged, then flew into the skies, and flew off.
    'USA!' yelled Firefist, as the nazis restarted the burning wicker man.
    And as the wicker man burned, Harbinger observed from the clouds above. A game of politics and legal trickery was unfolding. She would be wiser the next time for the experience.
    The End

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    Blue Beetle Corps 19: Manifestation in El Paso
    'What is it?' asked Sandra Bullock.
    'It's a manifestation. Of a Lord of Chaos,' said Harbinger.
    'In the centre of El Paso, a crowd of Nazis and American Citizens were gazing up at a large giant, well, ghost. Or something like that.
    'People are kneeling. Bowing to it,' said Daniel Daly.
    'That's what it wants,' said the Harbinger. 'To gain their worship through fear.'
    Suddenly Firefist, Cloudlflame and Scorcher started running through the centre of El Paso, exploding and blowing up objects in scorchy flames of fire.
    'Work, Jamie. Follow me!' yelled Ted. Ted and Jamie, with Sandra staring at Daniel Garret and Harbinger for a moment, hesitating, before yelling for Daniel Daly to join her, went off to deal with Firefist and his accomplices.
    Daniel Garret stared at the Lord of Chaos. 'This is a big job for the Blue Beetle Corps.'
    'Why I'm here,' said Harbinger. 'Powers that be knew Chaos was going to make a move. It wants a stranglehold here. Part of its overall objective.'
    'How do we defeat it?' asked Daniel.
    'Takes a Lord of Order to really sort it out,' replied Harbinger. 'But I'll have to suffice.'
    She hovered in the air, and as the crowds watched in fear, came up to the large Chaotic ghoul.
    'Begone fowl lord of misrule,' she yelled at it.
    'I think not Harbinger,' replied the creature.
    Harbinger pointed her hands at it and poured an energy burst towards it, but it just absorbed the energy, and suddenly flung it back at the Harbinger, sending her plummeting to the ground.
    'Nasty,' said Daniel. The crowds only feared the more, and started chanting in a weird way. The Lord of Chaos was obviously controlling their minds. Harbinger got up and returned to Daniel Garrett, while Firefist had been dealt with by Ted Kord, who
    had him in an arm lock, and Cloudflame and Scorcher were surrounded by the other Blue Beetles.
    'I have an idea,' said Harbinger. 'Why I think I've been sent here. Daniel Daly. The new guy. He has Blue Beetle Scarab energy in him also, doesn't he?'
    'We've all been touched in a way,' replied Daniel Garrett. 'Even Ted is not left without something of the legacy of the Scarab.'
    'Then that is how we shall respond,' said Harbinger. 'BEETLES. GATHER TO ME!' Commanded the Harbinger. The Blue Beetle Corps, as one, gathered in front of the Harbinger. 'Stand. In a circle. Summon your scarab energy. Focus it above your heads.
    In a blue sphere.'
    All managed to participate, even Daniel Garret. And, as the Lord of Chaos struck further fear into the crowed, the Harbinger addressed him. 'FOWL CREATURE. Chaos always thinks it can rule unopposed. It always believes it will triumph. Taste the wrath
    of the Blue Beetle Corps.' And summoning the reserves of energy within her, she focused the blue scarab energy, and blasted it right into the heart of the Lord of Chaos. It glared at her for a moment, and sensing the energy too much for it, diminished,
    and escaped back into the void of a portal, back to its own realm of darkness. The creature had been vanquished. The Blue Beetle corps were exhausted, but managed to help the police in rounding up the nazis, and soon enough they were being led away,
    with Firefist in handcuffs, glaring at Daniel Garrett.
    'You win this time, Beetle. But we'll be back.'
    'Count on it,' said Scorcher.
    'They won't tell our mothers will they?' asked Cloudflame.
    Later. Back at Blue Beetle Corps HQ.
    'The Scarab energy obviously has more to it than we have encountered so far,' said Jamie Reyes.
    'It is a force which can do much good. But much harm also, if corrupted.'
    'So it's best in the hands of the Blue Beetle Corps,' said Daniel Garret. 'Let's party,' said Ted.
    And they celebrated well into the night, even Harbinger getting a little tipsy, as in her cell Cloudflame had the worst tongue schlacking from her mother, while Firefist brooded on his planned revenge.
    The End

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    Blue Beetle Corps 20: Words from the Guardian - The Final Chapter
    'Well, Sandra,' said the Guardian. 'How is it working out?'
    The guardian who had given Sandra Bullock her duties was in the Blue Beetle HQ, speaking with Sandra Bullock.
    'Oh, fabulous. I have a lifetime membership to the Blue Beetle Corps, which guarantees magazine articles every issue, and all sorts of benefits.'
    'That should be pleasing,' said the Guardian.
    'Dealing with nazis. That's fun. But nothing compared to a Lord of Chaos. That's all fun and games.'
    'You are being sarcastic,' said the Guardian.
    'You reckon?' replied Sandra.
    'These are the duties of a Blue Beetle. It is a life of being a hero and a protector.'
    'Guess I don't have much of a choice,' she replied.
    'You would change your destiny?' asked the Guardian.
    Sandra looked around, at the club which had started to become her home, at the pictures of the other Blue Beetles on the wall, at the thing which was now something personal to her, and looked squarely at the guardian.
    'No. Probably not,' she replied.
    'Then all is good,' replied the Guardian. 'My work has not been in vain.' 'Anyway, perks. There is always perks in a job like this,' said Sandra.
    'The public good,' said the guardian, starting to float away, as Sandra followed him.
    'You know, good retirement options. Top draw at sporting events and such.'
    'I am sure your government can assist,' said the Guardian, floating towards the entrance to the club.
    'We get a salary. Not great, but it's something,' replied Sandra.
    'There you go,' said the Guardian. They were now outside, and the Guardian was about to ascend to the skies, and looked at Sandra. 'You have acquitted yourself well, Blue Beetle Sandra Bullock. But there is likely many more adventures you will have to
    go through before your heroic deeds are done.'
    'I figured that,' she said. 'About those perks, though.'
    But it was all in vain, and as the guardian ascended upwards at an incredible rate, Sandra was left with no perks, and Ted and Jamie pulling up to the kerb, with two lovely looking ladies.
    'You'll love the club,' said Ted to one of the ladies.
    'We're in charge also,' said Jamie.
    'Oh, here we go,' said Sandra, and soon enough the Blue Beetle Corps were arguing amongst themselves about who was in charge of the club house, while a guardian of the universe sailed through the heavens, happily on his way back home to Oa.
    The End

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 22 16:19:30 2020
    Anima Reborn 4
    'Look there,' said the Masked Avenger.
    Anima turned, and from the other side a block of wood hit her in the back. 'Should have seen that coming,' grinned the Masked Sidekick.
    'Get stuffed,' replied Anima.
    'Look there,' said the Masked Avenger, in a new direction.
    'What do you think I'm stupid? I won't fall for the same....' and suddenly, from the direction the Masked Avenger pointed in a block of wood hit Anima in the guts.
    'Bastard!' said Anima, gasping for air.
    'It's official. She's a moron,' said the Masked Sidekick.
    'Bite me Damian,' replied Anima.
    'No. It's the Masked Sidekick,' replied Robin.
    'And I'm the Masked Avenger. Remember the name,' said Bruce Wayne the Batman. 'Criminals don't think like this,' said Anima defiantly, in a training room hidden in Wayne Manor.
    'Criminals are not the most predictable of creatures at times. You never know what to expect,' said the Masked Avenger.
    'So expect anything. And everything,' said the Masked Sidekick, raising his baton, and rushing in at Anima.
    She sidestepped, wacked out her leg, and Robin tripped, went rolling, but came to on his feet, ready for more.
    'Nice move blondie,' said Robin. 'She almost has some style.'
    'Almost,' said the Masked Avenger.
    Then, with the Masked Avenger and Masked Sidekick trying, but not too hard, they put Anima through her paces for the rest of the morning. She ducked planks of wood which fired out at her from all directions, and made that many martial art moves at the
    Masked Heroes suggestions that she lost count. But after a few hours, when lunch approached, she was indeed exhausted, but felt she was getting the point. Being a vigilante was hard work, and you needed to be ready for anything.
    Soon enough it was lunch, and Alfred had made them ham and salad rolls with juice.
    'She performed, adequately,' said Bruce Wayne to Alfred.
    'She looks quite bruised,' said Alfred.
    'Tell me about it,' replied Anima. 'They hit me from every angle.'
    'How Master Bruce likes to play the game,' replied Alfred.
    'Obviously,' said Anima, looking at Bruce.
    'You're getting up to scratch again,' said Robin. 'Didn't really know you back in the day, but dad talked about you a bit. But, by the time we're finished with you, if Prometheus shows up again he'll be the more sorry for the experience.'
    Anima went quiet.
    'Sorry,' said Damian, and touched Anima on the arm.
    'No. It's ok,' said Anima. 'I don't hate Prometheus. But he is a bad guy. I'm not about revenge though.' She looked at Batman. 'But I am about justice.'
    'Then she has learned what she needs to know,' said Bruce Wayne.
    'Quite apparently,' said Alfred.
    Later, back in her room, she looked at the full body mirror, and made some moves. She was in her Anima outfit again. Soon enough she would be out there, taking on crime. Re-engaging with superhero work. Would she pull through this time? She knew
    what to do. She had experience. But it hadn't been enough the first time. Whatever else, expect the unexpected. That much she had learned from Bruce Wayne. That much she knew was par for the course in fighting crime as Anima the New Blood.

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 23 01:17:57 2020
    Not far from Wayne Manor, on the Wayne Estate, further out in the sticks, in the 'Wayne Wastelands'.
    'What is this place?' Anima asked Robin.
    'The Wastelands. We do training her,' replied Damian. 'I also come out here to sleep sometimes. Hard stuff. To stay hard for the streets. Just me, my knapsack, and cheese sandwiches. And a few bottles of water mixed with juice.'
    'The hard life, huh?' replied Anima.
    'Dad is rich. I'm not stupid. But one thing is he says he does as Batman is fight for the common man of Gotham. We're not rich because we're bastards. What we believe, anyway. Grandfather cared about people. So does dad. I'm a bit reckless in a
    lot of ways, but I give a damn about Gotham and being a protector guardian. We work on the dark side of the law. It's what superheroes do a lot of the time. We don't always employ the most legal of methodologies, but it's how we get the dirty work
    done. And dealing with cretins like the Joker and Penguin sometimes you have to learn how to deal with the dirty work. Why I come out here. To stay in the element.'
    'To stay in the element,' repeated Anima, kicking an aluminium can in the dirt. She looked around. 'It has a weird sort of feel to it. Like a wasteland indeed. Sort of desolate and in despair in some ways, but there's a comfort in it as well.'
    'You've noticed,' said Damian.
    They pushed up inside of a run down building, which was in, according to Robin, a deliberate state of misrepair. To keep it hard and tough. They sat down against a wall, and Robin drunk some of his water. He passed the bottle to Anima, who took a sip.
    'We stay here tonight. Remember, expect the unexpected. Dad often likes to surprise me.'
    She slept well, but woke often. An owl hooted, and it was a full moon. Late in the night she heard some footsteps, and looked. A dark figure was at the entranceway. It spoke.
    'I am Dark Steel. Are you ready to rumble?'
    Robin was already awake, with his baton, and Anima came next to him. They attacked the Dark Steel, who repelled them as if they were nothing. Robin hacked at Dark Steel with an overhead thurst, but it ricocheted of the dark figures head, and had
    seemingly no effect. And Dark Steel started laughing, came over to them, picked them both up easily, and threw them against the wall, which cracked a bit. Anima shuddered, and felt fear, but just as suddenly as Dark Steel had shown up, he was gone.
    And they were left alone. She slept cautiously the rest of the night.
    That morning at breakfast.
    'Oh. It's you,' said Robin. Anima, coming into the room looked. It was Superman with Bruce Wayne at the Breakfast table.
    'Funny,' said Robin, rubbing his sore head. 'I didn't know how someone could be so strong.
    Superman sipped on his tea. 'I have no idea what you are talking about Robin,' but there was a knowing smile on his face.
    'Not fair Bruce. Putting Superman against us.'
    Bruce Wayne just smiled. 'Remember, be ready for anything. Even Dark Steel,' said Batman.
    Anima took that to heart. She would not forget.

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Sat Oct 24 19:46:47 2020
    'Now you are ready, at the least, to re-engage,' said Alfred, in the Batcave. Anima had her clothes she came into the Batcave on. Bruce had requested she put them on that morning, and said 'I wish you well. Talk to Alfred now.' And she had followed
    around Alfred, who had an occasional word, then led her down to the Batcave. 'What now?' asked Anima.
    Alfred pointed.
    'Back out the way I came, huh?'
    Alfred nodded. Anima made tracks. Coming out into the fields near Wayne Manor, she looked at the manor a brief while, and looked heavenwards towards where the portal had opened up and Animus had dropped her down to Earth. He was nowhere to be seen or
    felt at the moment, but she could sense she could contact him if she really needed to. She looked in her wallet which Alfred had given her. 500 dollars, and a note. 'If you really need help, you know who to call.' signed 'Bruce.' She sighed. Back to
    the real world. She looked around. It was about mid-day, so she tracked herself down to Gotham bus stop in a long walk. She found the interchange, having bought some fast food, and sat there, eating her food, sipping her cola, and looking around.
    Perfectly innocent 20something lady, having a meal, waiting on a bus to who knows where. New Olreans? Maybe. Metropolis even? Maybe. But she just ate her meal, sat there, thinking. And it struck her after a while. She was a new blood. With
    awesome power, and potentially awesome responsibility. But she was also Courtney Mason. And back in the day, ironically, she had something of a plan to get on with a regular life when it came right down to it. Superhero work intervened, such was life.
    But, right here, right now, with nothing particularly better to do, she finished her meal, looked at the city, felt it may as well do as home, and Bruce and Damian were where she needed them to be, so made her way around the city, found a job exchange
    place, and went in, and explained her situation. They gave her details for a halfway house, and sent her out on a temp contract with Gotham mail. Gotham mail liked the looks of her, and gave her a 3 month contract for mail sorting. She took the job.
    A few weeks later she was in a shared flat in Gotham suburbs with 3 other ladies, working types, in her own room, doing mail work. And she was looking at study courses. She was a superhero – potentially – potentially at the drop of a hat. But for
    now, Anima reborn was about getting on with the rest of her life, re-engaging with the real world and, whatever else came her way, she would get on with being plain old Courtney Mason. And that much brought a smile to her face.
    The End

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 24 21:20:34 2021
    Blue Zapp and the Space XXX Crystal

    Chapter 1

    Blue Zapp surveyed the edge of Macarthur on its northern boundary. Slug was down in the walking alley. He was with Brawler. They were obviously up to no good. Blue Zapp clutched his copy of the Criminal Code of the ACT, latest edition, and started the
    trek down the grass alley between fields. Slug and Brawler were obviously well aware of his approach, but made no decision to leave. Blue Zapp arrived, and examined the situation. They were looking at a crsytalline object on the grass.

    'What is it?' asked Blue Zapp.

    'No idea,' said Slug.

    'Go figure,' said Brawler. 'Some new age thing, but we can't pick it up. Attached to the ground or something.'

    Blue Zapp got down on the grass and cleared away the grass and soil around the base of the crystal. Soon enough he had cleared the entire base, but the crystal stayed stationary, suspended in the air.

    'It's hovering there,' said Blue Zapp.

    'Monitoring device of the Government,' said Slug. 'Got to be. They have tech like this these days.'

    'Don't think so,' said Blue Zapp. He noticed, then, the SX symbol on the Crystal. It was a less used design, but he knew it.

    'Space XXX,' said the Blue Zapp. 'It's an object of Space XXX. The marker is on it.'

    Slug kicked it, and said 'Dumb organisation. They never frikking employ anyone from the lower class. Bastards. Come on Brawler, let's leave.'

    Blue Zapp watched them go, then took out hismobile and rang the Canberra brance of Space XXX.

    'Is the object bothering anyone?' asked a lady.

    'It's just sitting in the alleyway,' said Blue Zapp.

    'Is it by the edge of the alleway. About a metre from the fenceline?' asked the lady.

    'Pretty much,' replied Blue Zapp.

    'Then the horses shouldn't be affected too much.'

    The alleyway was actually part of a horse trail. Its purpose.

    'Is this all legal?' asked Blue Zapp.

    'I can put you through to our legal department if you like,' replied the lady.

    'No, never mind. Bye,' and he hung up.

    He pointed his mobile at the object, and took a picture. Interesting. A mystery, somewhat resolved, but he'd keep his eye on it. Time to go home.

    Chapter 2

    Blue Zapp farted. It smelled. He should modify his diet. He stretched, got out of bed, went to the toilet, had a shower, and got to his breakfast, turning on the TV. Standard Sunrise chit-chat. Monique Wright, how cute you were. Blue Zapp had a crush.
    Finall, toast and orange juice complete, he turned off the TV, and went to his main PC. He clicked open his portfolio page, and examined his shares. Things were doing ok, and he spent half an hour making 2 investments in shares from some recent dividends.
    Work finished for the day, he brought up the Space XXX website and started examining. He was looking for signs of the crystals. He couldn't find anything. He took out his mobile, and rang Space XXX.

    'Blue Zapp here,' said Blue Zapp.

    'Kermit the Frog here,'replied the lady he had spoken to yesterday.

    'Seriously, I'm the superhero Blue Zapp.

    'Come on dude. How can you get any lamer than calling yourself Blue Zapp. What, did you wait till all the actually cool superhero monikers were taken, and then chose from what was left? Blue Zapp? Hardly fear inspiring.'

    Blue Zapp listened. 'Lady. I'm the Blue Zapp. It's a solid name. Put me through to management.'

    'What's the issue fearsome Blue Zapp,' she replied.

    'Tart tone in your voice,' said the Blue Zapp.

    'Hey, I'm Aussie and proud. What's the issue?'

    'The crystal,' said Blue Zapp.

    'Putting you through to Special Operations,' said the lady. Blue Zapp waited.

    'Yep. Roger here,' said a voice.

    'Blue Zapp here,' said Blue Zapp. 'This crystal in Macarthur.'

    'We have a public brief. Write to Space XXX and we'll send you the info.'

    'I need more than that,' said Blue Zapp.

    'We have clearing from the Government,' replied Roger. 'It's in our brief.'

    'What's it all about?' asked Blue Zapp.

    Roger went silent. After a while he spoke. 'Do you work?'

    'I receive shares,' replied Blue Zapp.

    'Just a sec,' said Roger.

    Blue Zapp waited. 5 minutes passed, but he hadn't been put on hold.

    '3 years experience as a superhero,' said Roger eventually. 'Reasonable.'

    'You are on my website are you?' asked Blue Zapp.

    'Something like that,' replied Roger. Hold on a sec. I'll just check with the bossman. Be about 5 minutes.

    Blue Zapp waited. He watched the clock on his PC. 7 minutes passed. Roger's voice returned.

    'Do you want to work for Space XXX?' asked Roger.

    Blue Zapp went silent. 'Why?' he said after a while.

    'We're looking for your type. Responsible sorts. Astronaut sorts. Military is often used at this stage, but you seem to be what we need now. Superhero work is the kind of thing which also makes the astronaut we're looking for.'

    'Why employ me though?'

    'Coz, dude. That Crystal is part of 'Earth-Net'. There are several of them around the globe. We're gonna need them in a hurry a whole lot pretty damn soon. There are things not human coming towards us. And we've examined their ships from our telescopes
    as best as possible, and those laser cannons are definitely laser cannons.'

    'Oh,' said Blue Zapp. 'Alien invasion.'

    'We don't know where there from, and there forces are not astronomical, but we need to be ready. They are probably looking to colonize this planet for their people. The main assumption at this stage.'

    'So it's war in the galaxy?' asked Blue Zapp.

    'What we're expecting. And don't tell anyone. Public fear. They will find out soon enough anyway.'

    'I understand,' replied the Blue Zapp. He put down the mobile for a sec, looked at the picture of his mother on the wall, and put the mobile to his mouth. 'I'll come in tomorrow.'

    'Glad to see you then,' said Roger.

    Blue Zapp looked at the stars that night. Superhero work in Macarthur was one thing. But alien invasions? That was not in his manifesto in any way, shape or deed. Time to prove himself a hero indeed.

    Chapter 3

    'Why are we in Tharwa?' asked Blue Zapp.

    Matilda scratched her head, and looked at him. 'Listen big blue. You shined in training, and we've got work for you.'

    Blue Zapp gave her a puzzled look. Soon a ship was coming down from the skies, which Blue Zapp anticipated as everyone was looking upwards. It landed, and a doorway opened. Blue aliens came out, armed with weapons. Matilda nudged Blue Zapp, and Roger
    said 'Go on.'

    Blue Zapp went forward.

    'You look like Lobo,' he said.

    The blue aliens looked at each other, and looked at Blue Zapp. 'We've spoken English for a week,' said one of the aliens. 'We are well trained warriors, and adapt well. We do not know this Lobo.'

    'He's from DC Comics,' said Blue Zapp. 'Don't worry about it.'

    'You are there negotiator?' asked the alien.

    'I guess so.'

    'We are colonizers,' said the alien. 'As we explained, our weapons are necessary if attacked. We are not hostile.'

    'I see,' said Blue Zapp.

    'We were told that we need to talk to a regular thinking member of society who has normal perspectives on this issue.'

    'And they suggested me did they?' asked Blue Zapp, looking at Roger and Matilda.

    'You know the common man, they said to us.'

    'Probably,' said Blue Zapp, looking at the aliens.

    'We like to colonize and grow our empire. We breathe oxygen. We have gold, and intellectual property to trade with. Unique cultural offerings. We are looking for a base of operations, and a number of places in Australia to settle townships. Ultimate
    population of approximately one million of our species. Can this be negotiated?'

    'Explain the cultural offerings,' said Blue Zapp. 'Is it worth Australia's while?'

    'We have similar bipedal functions to your own species. The best of our culture would logically prove entertaining enough to warrant a hosting from your planet.'

    'You can offer us foods?' asked Blue Zapp.

    'Probably some designs with your own foods rations we can offer, but we have strict policies on inter-galactic quarantine. It would be best not to plant our own shrubbery on your world. At least not yet anyway. Much discussion first.'

    'Obviously,' replied Blue Zapp. He turned, and started walking back to the others. 'Shouldn't be a problem dudes,' said Blue Zapp, and rejoined Roger and Matilda. She nudged him and whispered 'Well done Bluey.'

    The aliens bent down and took a sample of some grass and soil, and returned to their ship, when went to the skies.

    Roger, who had been pointing a receiving speaker at them, and listening to the conversation on headphones, said 'Should prove what they wanted.'

    'Become a hero, fight crime, meet aliens. All in a day's work,' said Blue Zapp.

    Matilda clutched his hand. 'Well done lame Blue Zapp.'

    That much encouraged the great blue wonder.

    The End

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 13 21:48:26 2021
    "Chaos Crisis" (Using the 'Grey Man' from early issues of Justice League (1987 series)). The Grey Man is a pawn of the Lords of Chaos. The Lords of Chaos have an objective to bring chaos to the DC Omniverse. This is a Chaos Crisis. Guy Gardner and
    Captain Marvel are having drinks at a Justice League HQ and Guy says 'Let's go Captain Whitebread'. They take off flying. Next scene they are up in the Himalayas. They close in and the Grey Man is hovering in the sky with thick grey clouds all around
    him. Dr Fate is hovering not far from him, keeping the grey clouds in check. Guy and Captain Marvel land on a mountain next to the Phantom Stranger who is watching the action. They chat and Shazam the wizard appears in the sky, and the heroes move in
    to confront the Grey Man. But the Lords of Chaos give him more power and thunder cracks and they are thrown backwards. The Phantom Stranger says 'This is starting to get - problematic'. Meanwhile all through the DC Universe the Lords of Chaos are at
    work with dark denizens bringing chaos, and it is up to the heroes to match their dark designs.

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Sun Sep 26 20:12:26 2021
    Bedlam the Bounty Hunter - DC Noah

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  • From Noahide@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 30 23:07:50 2021
    Batman: The Real McCoy
    Officer McCoy surveyed the grim streets of Gotham. He was on patrol from New York, coming to Gotham chasing up a lead. The Batman was up ahead of him, on the heights of a office block, surveying the scene below. The Crimson Avenger Gang. The Pretend
    Crimson Avenger Gang. Drinking beer. They had Crimson Avenger logos on their jackets now, and prided themselves on being his cultic devotees. Officer McCoy was not impressed, neither the Batman. He strode up, hand on his holster, and Batman swung down in
    their midst.
    'Shit, it's the Batman,' said one of the gang members.
    'We don't want no trouble, Batman,' said another.
    McCoy appeared. 'Batman won't give you any trouble, lads. I'm Officer McCoy from New York. I need information.'
    'We ain't no snitches,' said one of the gang members.
    Batman took the gang member by the collar, and glared into his eyes.
    'What do you want to know?' replied the gang member nervously.
    'Jack Bedlington came into town last night. I'm chasing him up. He's wanted for discussions on some incidents in New York.'
    'Jack is down at wharf,' said a gang member. 'Waiting for someone. He's down at the bar there.'
    'Thank you,' replied Officer McCoy.
    Batman let the youth go, and they departed. Later, at the wharf, Jack fired shots at the Batman, but they ricocheted off his armour. Batman apprehended him.
    'I'll take it your guilty then,' said the Batman.
    'I ain't guilty of nothing,' replied Jack Bedlington.
    'That's a double negative,' said officer McCoy, showing his face. 'You're wanted for questioning back in New York. You're coming with me.'
    Jack looked up at the face of the Batman, behind his mask, all fearsome and powerful and grim.
    'Fine,' he said. 'Better than the Dark Knight and his Grim personality.'
    'Glad you like me,' said the Batman.
    'Yeh. You're a laugh right,' replied Jack.
    So Jack was taken by Officer McCoy, who saluted to Batman, as the Caped Crusade took to the heights again, soon swinging away, as Office McCoy took his man, and soon enough was gone from the grim and gritty streets of Gotham City.
    The End

    NOTE: Officer McCoy's First Appearance is in Detective Comics 26 from 1939

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