• Martin "Pesky" Pasko, (1954 - 2020) [11 May, 2020]

    From Kevrob@21:1/5 to All on Tue Jun 2 15:02:08 2020
    Sad news I originally missed due to pandemic news, riots
    and citizens killed by the police. {Sigh...}

    Marty Pasko was a prolific letterhack and active fanzine
    producer, before he turned pro, notably writing SUPERMAN
    for Julie Schwartz, and much more in comic books, strips,
    animation and live-action TV

    Appreciations and obituaries:




    I can remember reading his late-60s LoCs in the
    pages of the Schwartz-edited books. Besides losing
    a favorite writer, this is like hearing an old pen
    pal is gone.

    Kevin R

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