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    The Booster Crew: The Empire of Nippon

    The Booster Crew: The Empire of Nippon

    Chapter One

    'Rocking in New Jersey,' said Booster Red.

    'Don't let it get to your head,' replied Booster Gold.

    'He can be excitable,' said Goldstar. 'Runs in the males of the family.'

    'Pass me a beer,' said Booster Red.

    'That runs in the family also,' said Goldstar.

    'Booster!' said Skeets.

    'Yes,' replied Booster Red and Booster Gold in unison.

    'There are 3 men approaching, armed with swords. They are Japanese in appearance.'

    Booster Gold looked up and saw the three men. They were dressed in modernistic Samurai outfits.

    'Booster Gold San,' said one of them. 'You have information we require. Information of the 25th century. We are willing to pay much cash for such information.'

    'Business is good. Timeline concerns means I don't discuss futurology,' replied Booster Gold.

    'That is �" unfortunate,' replied the Samurai. 'We will need to persuade you then.'

    The three samurai took out their swords and pointed them at the three heroes. The ensuing melee was a whistle and dance of action and mayhem, which resulted in the three samurais lying unconscious on the ground on the shore of the ocean, where the
    Booster Crew had been enjoying their twilight party.

    'What do we do with them?' asked Booster Red, sensitively touching the fresh cut to his cheek.

    'We call the police,' replied Booster Gold. 'Skeets. Notify the New Jersey Police Department. We have three men guilty of aggravated assault, and yes, we will be pressing charges.'

    'Certainly, Booster,' replied Skeets.

    The Booster Crew waited till the NJPD had arrived, then the men were handcuffed and taken into custody.

    'We will need that information,' said the Samurai again. 'If you will not divulge it, drastic measures must be taken. We will pay you one billion American dollars for certain core details about the society.'

    'Take em away, officers,' said Booster Gold.

    They got back to their party, and Goldstar finally spoke. 'You know, one billion is a lot of cash. I'd be tempted. I am tempted.'

    Booster looked at her. 'Timeline issues always cause problems. It's hell resolving them. If we divulged too much information the space-time continuum would alter drastically. Things could change, and in ways we wouldn't like. It's too risky sis.'

    'Yeh,' said Booster Red. 'It's too risky.' But there was no sincerity in his words.

    Chapter Two
    'You're getting fat Batman,' said Robin.
    'There are always critics,' replied the Batman.
    'When are we fighting crime.  It's been years.'
    Bruce Wayne looked at his newspaper.  'Crime is finished in Gotham City.  The turmoil of Two Face and the Ravages of the Riddler have spent their strength, and the Penguin and Catwoman dare not raise their head.  Gotham has been conquered by the power
    of the Bat.'
    'You're getting fat,' said Robin.
    'I thought it was Nightwing,' said Bruce.
    'It is,' replied Dick Grayson.  'Somebody has to keep Bludhaven in check, and you would rather read sport headlines than do any heroics these days.'
    'I'm - out of action.  Enjoying retirement,' said Batman.
    'I thought heroes go on forever,' replied Batman.  'The Dark Knight has to return eventually.  Gotham will need you one day.'
    'It would take the Vengeance of Bane to move me, Robin.  It would take the Vengeance of Bane.'
    Dick shook his head, and sipped on his tea.
    'Bane is not in business anymore.  Gone into contract work with the KGBeast in Bialya.  They're no threat.'
    'I don't know,' said Bruce, looking cautiously at Robin.  'I've been monitoring them.  Times come and times go, and sometimes grudges last.'
    'You're fat, Bruce.  Get to the gym.'
    Bruce sighed.

    * * * * *
    In lower Bialya Booster Gold was watching through the binoculars at the tank. 'It has the white flag raised,' said Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle.
    'Not sure if I trust that white flag,' said Booster.
    'Hey, you,' said a voice behind the two members of Justice League International.
    Booster and Beetle turned their heads.
    'Not you again,' said Ted.
    Bane had a rifle pointed at them, and the KGBeast was up the rise a little, walking down to them.
    'Da.  They will make fitting sport.  Batman likes these two clowns.  Gotham will be fun for sure.'
    'Our contract expires soon,' replied Bane.  'The Queen has had her service, and we can get back to some old business.'
    Booster didn't flinch, but it was Beetle who spoke.  'Time's change, Bane.  And things change as times change, but Justice never loses in the end.  Don't expect for it to go down without a fight.'
    Bane grabbed Blue Beetle by the neck, and brought him close.
    'It wouldn't be vengeance if it was any other way,' he grinned, and punched the Beetle in the face, lights out.

    Chapter Three
    'Wake up sleepy head,' said a voice, and Ted Kord the Blue Beetle felt a rush of water splash on his face. He opened his eyes, and reached for his aching head.
    'Don't worry,' said Queen Bee of Bialya. 'Bane wasn't trying to hurt you – at least not permanently.
    'Small mercies,' said Beetle. 'Gosh, I'm hungry. Do you have MacDonalds in Bialya? I could use a Big Mac.
    'We're not in Bialya. We are in the royal temple of Ashigaru Tanakewan. In the heart of the Empire of Nippon.'
    'Never heard of him,' replied Blue Beetle.
    'He rose to Shogun, but made his fame from deeds as an Ashigaru warrior,' said Queen Bialya. 'And Bialya currently has dealings with the Empire of Nippon, the true heart of Japan.'
    'Fascinating,' said Blue Beetle, looking around in the dingy room which looked like a dungeon. 'Why have you kept me alive?' he asked her. 'And where's Booster?'
    'We have need of you and your connection to Jamie Reyes,' said the Queen. 'The Scarab is a powerful weapon, and in the war of power which is coming in this galaxy, the winners will only triumph with power at their disposal. Apokolips never plays games in
    the end, and Bialya does not intend to be on the back hand of the wrath of Darkseid. You see, it's all about a Scarab and the minerals which it was dug from. When it was found by the Reach. It's made of the same stuff as one of the gems or stones.'
    Ted wiped at his eyes, and looked at the Queen. 'And what stones or gems are they exactly?'
    'Why the millennial stones of course,' replied the Queen. 'What else?'
    'What else of course,' replied Ted Kord sarcastically.
    'I see you do not understand. Let me enlighten you,' said the Queen. 'In the beginning of things there was a void. And then the God of the Covenant fashioined things, and life was formed in the Universe. Yet the God of the Covenant formed a son, who
    rebelled. Lucifer Morning Star. The angel Samael. There were other angels as well, many of them, some who rebelled, and some who did not. Apart from the angels, the Endless were fashioned as well as the Lords of Order and Chaos, and many other powers
    which fill the Infinite Universes of Creation. And from time to time Yahweh gets involved with things, and does crazy and wonderful things in our world. And the Millennial stones were such things fashioned, Power Stones, to give us chase for glory to
    exalt those with the will and wit to get on with life.'
    'Evil reduced to getting on with life,' quipped Ted.
    'Morals can be very relative when it comes to power,' said the Queen.
    'Says every supervillain who has ever lived,' replied Ted.
    'Now your Jamie Reyes has good access to the Reach, who know where the minerals for the Scarab came from, and likely have intimate knowledge on the location of the Power Stone, one which would quite wonderfully give us powers just like your blessed young
    'I see,' said Ted.
    'Booster is in the other room. We have need of his knowledge also. Co-operate, you will be returned to him. I'm sure you'll see it our way in time Blue Beetle.'
    'Cheers,' said Blue Beetle, as Queen Bee left the dungeon with the armed guard who had been with her, leaving Blue Beetle flabergasted and wondering what his next course of action would be.

    Chapter Four
    'We'll have to rescue them of course,' said Michelle, sipping on a beer in Gabriel Mathieu Carter's Booster Gold International sponsored apartment.
    'Why?' asked Booster Red. 'I'm inclined to negotiate with the Queen and persuade Jamie to give them the information they are after. The cash seems worthwhile to me.'
    'You were always the soulless one,' replied Michelle. 'I remember when we were young. You would cheat at Monopoly and always be the banker. Conveniently.'
    'Gotta make the cash some way,' replied Gabriel. 'Besides, they don't have access to time travel to the 25th century. It wouldn't be a problem. And who cares about Scarabs and things. Always supervillains. We fight em. The government pays us to do
    that. We'd be without a job if we didn't have em.'
    'You are despicable,' replied Michelle, and stormed off.
    Gabriel emailed his reply to the queen and they arranged a meeting in Nippon. They flew on British Airways, and arrived at the temple, deep in the heart of north Japan.
    'I don't think I can help you much,' said Jamie to Queen Bee.'
    'There is a struggle, both on Earth, and in this galaxy,' said one of the Nippon warriors. 'The old Axis of powers is reviving to ensure we do not end up slaves of Apokolips and so on. It is in your best interests to support the Axis at this time.'
    'Not sure,' said Jamie, looking to Michelle for support.
    Shortly Blue Beetle and Booster Gold were brought out. Booster looked at his brother. 'You would,' he said. 'I saw this coming.'
    'It's a datafile,' said Booster. 'With detailed information on the 25th century.' He handed the USB drive stick to the Nippon warrior.
    'Thank you,' replied the armed man. 'We will transfer you the money upon reviewing the file.'
    The Queen looked at Jamie.
    'I can give you the coordinates for a Reach outpost which is not too heavily protected. They can potentially access the information you need.'
    The Queen nodded.
    Shortly Blue Beetle and Booster Gold were on the return flight with the others, heading back to the states.
    'Traitor,' said Booster Gold, not looking at his brother.
    'I'm sure they'll never know the difference anyway,' said Booster Red.
    'Huh?' queried Ted.
    'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland in the 25th century,' replied Booster Red. 'Rewritten by yours truly with some truly fantastic history and invention.'
    Michelle touched Gabriel on the shoulder. 'I should have known better,' she said.
    'Despicable,' said Booster Gold.
    'Dishonourable,' said Blue Beetle.
    'And quite a lot of cashola,' finished Booster Red, which brought a chuckle from all those present.
    The End

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