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    From Kevrob@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 10 08:51:47 2020
    I'm watching the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode 6,
    aired 23 November 1969, which BC America reran last night.

    They show a character played by Eric Idle reading a cimic
    called "Thrills and Adventure." It's actually CAPTAIN ACTION #5,
    the final issue.


    The "Superman - DC- National Comics" roundel is plainly
    in the upper left corner, and the Comics Code seal in the
    right. It had a great Gil Kane cover, which was instantly

    The BBC had rules against promoting commercial products on air.
    They (in)famously made the Kinks change a reference to Coca-Cola
    in their song, "Lola," to "cherry cola."


    One wonders if the paste-up of the faux-logo was due to that
    policy. If you are unfamiliar with the "action figure" toy the
    comic was based on, see:


    Cap had a kick-ass theme song on his TV commercials.


    Of course, there was also the "Bicycle Repairman" skit.

    Kevin R

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