• MAD is going reprint w/occasional special issues

    From Kevrob@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 5 09:54:57 2019
    MAD is no longer accepting new material.


    Mark Evanier reported on the 3rd:


    Contributors to MAD Magazine received an e-mail today telling them that
    after two more issues of mostly-new content, MAD will become a reprint
    title. It will have new covers but inside, there will be naught but
    old, recycled material. It will also no longer appear on regular
    newsstands but will be available only via the direct market, which means
    comic book shops and a few other kinds of outlets. The letter said that
    all subscriptions will be honored but didn't mention anything about
    new subscriptions.



    Among Mark's many other talents, he and MADman Sergio
    Aragones have produced innumerable "Groo" comics together.

    More on MAD from ME, here:


    Kevin R

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