• Is Superman Jewish?

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    This is not a new observation.

    Kal-el has been a Moses figure from the beginning, mixed with
    Samson, and Hercules, etc.


    {EC is interviewer Elise Cooper. LT is Larry Tye, author of
    the 2012 book, "Superman: The High-Flying History of America's
    Most Enduring Hero"}

    EC: Do you think Superman represented the immigrant population of the time?

    LT: Superman had even stronger cultural ties to the faith of his founders.
    He was the ultimate foreigner, escaping to America from his intergalactic shtetl (a small Jewish town or village in eastern Europe) and shedding
    his Jewish name for Clark Kent, a pseudonym as transparently WASPish as the ones Jerry had chosen for himself. Clark and Jerry had something else in common: both were classic nebbishes. Clark and Superman lived life the way most newly-arrived Jews did, torn between their Old and New World identities and their mild exteriors and rock-solid cores. That split personality was
    the only way he could survive, yet it gave him perpetual angst. Jules
    Feiffer, an authority on cartoons and Jews, said the Last Son of Krypton
    was born not on Krypton but on "the planet Poland, from Lodz maybe,
    possibly Crakow, maybe Vilna." The alien superhero was, more than anything, "the striving Jewish boy’s goyishe American dream."

    [/quote] http://crimespreemag.com/interview-with-larry-tye/

    Might I recommend to you Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures
    of Kavalier & Clay"? for a fictional view of the early days of
    the Golden Age age of American comics, and how intertwined US Jews,
    including immigrants, were in its founding? It won the Pulitzer Prize,
    and is a great read, especially for comics fans, Jew and gentile, alike!

    Kevin R

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