• DC Comics Sends Cease And Desist Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comic Bo

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    The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comic book might be a hot seller among
    progressive collectors, but DC Comics isn't happy that Devil's Due, the
    comics' publisher, depicted the Democratic Socialist Rep as the real
    "Wonder Woman" on one of the comic books' variant covers.

    AOC stars in Devil's Due's, "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & The Freedom
    Force: New Party, Who Dis?" where she takes Washington, D.C. by storm, transforming the government into a progressive utopia and battling
    conservative arch-enemies like President Donald Trump and the National
    Rifle Association.

    According to a release from Devil's Due:

    "It's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the 'Freshmen Force' (of
    Congress) vs. the establishment in this all-new special!
    Comic creators converge to celebrate the election of the most
    diverse group of freshman Representatives in history, and
    spare no-one in this satire that takes aim at Washington.
    From the house that brought you Barack the Barbarian!
    Featuring comics from various artists and bonus activities
    and games."

    The book retails for around $5 (though at a recent comic book
    convention, your fair reporter found them at the low, low price of 4
    for $10).

    "New Party, Who Dis?" is supposed to be the first release in a series,
    and to promote the series' launch, Devil's Due commissioned a handful
    of variant covers, including one depicting AOC dressed in a Wonder
    Woman-eque costume, posing for an iconic portrait similar to the one
    Gal Gadot posed for ahead of the "Wonder Woman" movie premiere.

    The cover played right into the progressive perception that Alexandria
    Ocasio Cortez is the epitome of a female warrior, but DC Comics, which publishes the actual Wonder Woman series, wasn't too happy to see
    someone else in a version of the Amazon's iconic costume.

    "The cover in question was the NY Collector Cave retailer exclusive
    cover by artist Carla Cohen, which as you can see below does bear a
    strong resemblance to DC's Wonder Woman. Ocasio-Cortez has an A symbol
    where the typical W would go, but it's not hard to make the leap to
    Diana of Themyscira," Comicbook.com reports.

    In fact, the A in place of the W is about the only visible change.

    Thanks to capitalism -- something the Congresswoman in question
    regularly derides -- the threat of a DC Comics lawsuit has turned the AOC/Wonder Woman book from a novelty into a collector's item.

    "The print run was already going to be small at 250 copies, but once DC
    sent their cease-and-desist notice that will now even be smaller, as DC requested the covers not be distributed, but recalled, returned, or
    destroyed," they continued.

    Some of the comic books with the special "Wonder Woman" variant covers
    were sold -- the comic went on sale last Tuesday -- so there are a few available. The rest will have to stay warehoused at Devil's Due
    headquarters. If you were lucky enough to snag an AOC/Wonder Woman
    variant cover, you might be able to sell it at a profit. They're going
    between $30 and $70 on eBay.

    Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd
    have to audit liberals & wire tap reporters' phones.

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