• Wrath of Hawkgirl (The Movie to star Jennifer Lawrence as Hawkgirl)

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    Hawkgirl sits in her nest high in the Dessalark mountain ranges in northern Thanagar. She has gone enviornmental, as these are troubling times on Thanagar, with sanctions against Thanagar put in place by many planets because of a current spate of
    Thanagarian propganda by 'Thanagar Glory' an elitist and racist right-wing Thanagarian movement promoting the Thanagars natural rights of power in the galaxy. Because of the sanctions Thanagar has had to revert to fossil fuels and the like to find power,
    as the big fusion companies of 'Intergalaga Energy' have pulled their companies and intellectual property out of Thanagar because of the anger in the local region over 'Thanagar Glory'. Wandering into her crypt one day comes a young male Thanagarian,
    who has been beaten up, but tells her of a plot of Thanagar Glory to start war with the local stellar systems and claim Thanagarian Sovereignty over the region. Hawkgirl gets very angry, and rises to power in Thanagar on what becomes the opposition, and
    in a story of freedom redeems Thanagar for the 5 year tyranny of reign by 'Thanagar Glory', restoring peace in the local space sector.

    What do you think? Cully Hamner on Art and Neil Gaiman to write.

    Daniel Daly
    Canberra, Australia

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