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    That placement comes with a pricetag...

    The placement would come with the negotiation of an agreement
    between Warner Bros. and Wal-Mart, two gigantic companies
    who would both stand to benefit.

    [snip similar stuff -- already covered or just no point responding]

    Any insight on whether DC could get enough artists able to produce the product that MJL (Archie's corporate owner) has, and that Plastino,
    Papp, Shaffenberger and Swan used to produce for Superman?

    They have in the past. Granted they were all reprints...

    Reprints alone won't work. It has to be a new story each issue with
    perhaps a reprint as the second story. There's no particular incentive
    for anyone otherwise, and no publicity. Your points would also be
    valid in that scenario, about why Wal-Mart would want to give them
    shelf space and so on.

    13 years on...

    DC is rolling out 100-page, mostly reprint comics, with some
    new content, exclusive to Wal*Mart. $4.95 price point.




    There are typical problems with spotty distribution, store staff
    being clueless about where they are stocked, and specualtors
    snapping them up to resell.

    They look awfully like the old 100-Page Super-Spectaculars of my
    teenage years, except the reprints are of more recent vintage.

    Was the group prescient, or not?

    Kevin R

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