• The Joy of Comics

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    No, I'm not ripping off 'The Joy of Sex'. Although that is quite tempting. Comics are a joy. A happy pastime to read the adventures of Wolverine ripping off some cronie's skull, or Batman outwitting the Joker, or even Bugs Bunny pissing of Daffy Duck for
    the millionth time. Where would we be without our pannapictagraphist hobby? I'd probably be collecting stamps with a bit more enthusiasm, annoyingly going to the philately club, drinking down tea and coffee, eating chocolate biscuits, and commenting that
    I have a watermarked error Victoria which is surely increasing in value, a banal conversation my philatelists have heard 100 times that month. But, no, Superman graced us all in June 1938 with Action Issue 1, and we have a huge Superhero Universe of
    icons of action and wonder to devour on a monthly basis (these days bi-weekly for some), and it gives entertainment to lives which are perhaps to geeky to get off on sports too much, preferring the back room of the 'Mancave' were we can check out stock
    of acid free backing boards, contemplate whether we can afford $199.95 for that VF copy of Amazing Spider-man 300, and sift through our long boxes looking for that copy of Amazing Wonder Comics we are sure has the first appearance of 'Lizard-Freak Kid',
    who showed up in the movie, and has a hot mini out, the demand for the issue skyrocketing.. God help us all.

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