• FS: FF #28 July, 1964 Marvel VF- 7.5

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    Fantastic Four #28 VF- 7.5
    Early X-Men x-over, same date as X-Men #6.
    Cover art by Jack Kirby.
    1) "We Have to Fight the X-Men!" 22 Pages.
    Script: Stan Lee;
    Art: Jack Kirby.
    Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; The Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]; The Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; The Thing [Ben Grimm]]; Alicia Masters; The X-Men [Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Marvel Girl [Jean Grey]; Iceman [Bobby Drake]; Beast [Henry McCoy];
    Angel [Warren Worthington III]; The Mad Thinker; The Awesome Android; The Puppet Master
    Puppet Master makes a model of Professor X and commands him to send the X-Men after the FF; When Xavier regains control of his senses, the Mad Thinker sends in his Android to finish off both teams.

    This comic book is complete and in VF- 7.5 condition with NO restoration and has been accurately graded by myself, a professional comic book dealer for over 37 years, so please bid with confidence.
    The comic ships with a backing board in a protective sleeve between two pieces of sturdy cardboard in a box to preserve your investment and GUARANTEE it arrives in the same condition as it was sent out in.

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