• FS: FF #25 April, 1964 Marvel FN+ 6.5

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    Fantastic Four #25 FN+ 6.5

    Hulk vs. Thing; Avengers x-over; 2nd S.A. Captain America.
    Cover art by Jack Kirby.
    1) "The Hulk Vs. The Thing" 22 Pages.
    Script: Stan Lee;
    Art: Jack Kirby.
    Super hero
    Fantastic Four [Mister Fantastic [Reed Richards]; The Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; The Invisible Girl [Sue Storm]; The Thing [Ben Grimm]]; Alicia Masters; Hulk [Bruce Banner]; The Avengers [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Thor [Don Blake]; Giant-Man [
    Henry Pym]; The Wasp [Janet Van Dyne]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]]; Rick Jones Synopsis:
    Hulk understands that Rick Jones has deserted him for the Avengers. He comes back to New York to get his revenge on the Avengers but the Fantastic Four are there to stop him. And the Thing is the only one with a chance to defeat him.
    Fantastic Four versus the Hulk in a battle which established who really was stronger between the Hulk and the Thing.
    Continued next issue.

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