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    Andrew Roller Presents
    C O M I C U P D A T E
    FREE! Internet Edition May 11, 1995

    R E V I E W S
    conducted by h0ly joe

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    Early Usenet appearance of Will Dockery:


    Dockery provides insight to the life and recent death of Freddy Mercury
    as a part of his regular "Like a Monkey on My Back" column in Update.
    Whether you knew or cared about this singer, Dockery's writing
    (particularly in this installment of his column) struck me as absolutely fascinating.


    But then, I'm just a newcomer. For a
    cup of coffee I'll review anything, even a comic by William Dockery.

    Green Ringlets, 50c. Minicomic, eight pages. William Dockery, P.O. Box xxxx, Phenix City, AL 36868.
    A chapbook, from whence the first poem provides the title. Each book apparently comes with a free coffee stain. (Mine did, anyway.)
    Care for some disjointed images, rendered with varying degrees of proficiency, complete with a bizarre, Egyptian pharaoh cover? This is the book for you. There's a poem about the south and several about females.
    I could write this thing up really good, but I'm full. I had to feed the hamburger Dockery threw over the bridge to me to a cat. It was lukewarm, anyway. If I'm to work for food, Dockery, it has to be hot. Anyway, the onion rings were good. For those I'll quoth several of his better lines:

    "Answers like seeds being dispersed into
    "the breeze...
    "...We stood in the marsh of reeds...
    "...The Science Ladies
    "wandering inside my soul (pg. 5)."

    There ya go. Thank God Wilson quit publishing.

    felt, 50c postpaid. Minicomic, eight pages. William Dockery, P.O. Box
    xxxx, Phenix City, AL 36868.
    On the back cover of this tome is written the words, "Second Printing."
    I was going to joke that with Dockery, this means my copy is not only the second printing but the second copy. However, this damn thing is actually very well written. Maybe he did actually print more than one copy in the first printing, and sold out!
    felt begins poorly, but picks up at the top of page four. Then things really get going at the bottom of page four, and the lines roll on through thunderous poetic crescendoes right to the end. There are amazing images here; Tatumville park, the memory of Tracy, the father who's "a grey cat," even a lake of disappearing paths.
    I highly recommend this chapbook on two counts, as a stunning book of
    poems and as a sample of the best the comics small press has to offer.


    Also included were "scandal sheet" style news items on local real life celebrities in the Columbus-Phenix City music/art/poetry scene of the 1990s.

    C O M I C U P D A T E N E W S
    presented by holy joe


    There are three types of homeless people in this world. There is the
    Hobo, which is a migratory worker. Then there is the Tramp, which is a migratory non-worker. Finally, there is the Bum, which is a non-migratory non-worker. This I learned recently from my researches at the Phenix City library. Learning this, I decided to investigate certain personalities of the small press, to see which category they fit into (and to justify
    peeking into Carol Horny's window!)
    Rick Howe - a Hobo. Migrating from South Carolina to Columbus, with
    plans to move on to Sacramento, but working at McDonald's.
    John Jones - a Tramp. Migrating from Philly to a trailer park in Phenix City, never gainfully employed (except by the government), and always one step ahead of the law due to his "art" photos.
    p.d. Wilson - a Bum. Never going anyplace, and never working either. (I think he accidentally wired himself to his junkyard computer and can't get loose, but that's no excuse.)
    Carol Horn - Welfare Queen, and purveyor of living room performance art porno shows, which she doesn't know has a nationwide audience, thanks to
    my VHS Handicam.
    A. Holer - I was going to list this AOL a-hole as a Bum, but recently he threw away all his Penthouses and became gainfully employed! (As the Regional Coordinator of the Boy Love Society.)

    NOTE: The premier issue of Comic Update is posted on
    alt.comics.alternative. It is the issue for May 10th. It consists of

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