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    From morganwallace@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 1 09:15:42 2015
    Looking to buy weekly issues of a newspaper entitled Chicago Ledger.

    The CHICAGO LEDGER ran up to 1923. It changed names that year and became,
    on the masthead, the ILLUSTRATED STORY WEEKLY until 1924, at which point,
    it changed names yet again, briefly to become the WEEKLY LEDGER. By 1925,
    it finally ceased to be a weekly, and morphed into a monthly publication
    as the BLADE AND LEDGER. This paper ran 1925-1933, then 1935-1938.

    Please quote any issues.

    Any condition acceptable.

    Please contact me DIRECTLY via:
    morganwallace AT gmail DOT com

    Or, go to my Spectre Library pulp website, and use the email address found there.

    These wants are good FOREVER. I am missing HUNDREDS of issues.
    I do buy spare copies when necessary, as many of mine are damaged.

    Do not post your reply here as I might not spot it.

    Morgan Wallace

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