• FS: Tales of Suspense #52 April, 1964 Marvel VF- 7.5

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    Tales Of Suspense #52 VF- 7.5
    1st appearance of The Black Widow.
    Cover art by Jack Kirby.
    1) "The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again!" 13 Pages.
    Script: Stan Lee;
    Art: Don Heck.
    Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Crimson Dynamo [Boris Turgenev] (introduction); Black Widow [Natasha Romanoff] (introduction); Dr. Anton Vanko; Pepper Potts; Happy Hogan
    The Black Widow and Boris are sent to America to kill Anton Vanko, the Crimson Dynamo, for defecting to America. They are also tasked with killing both Iron Man and Tony Stark.
    2) "The Seance!" 5 Pages.
    Great Kamir; Hugo; Mrs. Wentworth
    A fake medium uses special effects to simulate supernatural powers, but he is taken into the spirit world by real ghosts as punishment.
    3) "The Failure!" 5 Pages.
    (Tales of The Watcher)
    science fiction
    Watcher [Uatu] (narrator); Kenn Bentley; Valeria Reynolds
    The Earth of the future is overwhelmingly materialistic, except for one idealistic young man and his lover. They are abducted by aliens, who have determined that he is the best suited to be absolute ruler of their empire.

    This comic book is complete and in VF- 7.5 condition with NO restoration and has been accurately graded by myself, a professional comic book dealer for over 37 years, so please bid with confidence.
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