• FS: Tales of Suspense #49 January, 1964 VF 8.0

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    Tales Of Suspense #49 VF 8.0
    1st X-Men x-over; also 1st Avengers x-over; 1st Tales of the Watcher back-up story.
    Cover art by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko.
    1) "The New Iron Man Meets the Angel!" 18 Pages.
    Art by Steve Ditko;
    Writer: Stan Lee.
    super hero
    Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Angel [Warren Worthington III]; Happy Hogan; Pepper Potts; Professor X [Charles Xavier]; X-Men [Cyclops [Scott Summers] (cameo); Beast [Hank McCoy] (cameo); Iceman [Bobby Drake] (cameo); Marvel Girl [Jean Grey] (cameo)]; Avengers [
    Hulk [Bruce Banner] (cameo); Thor [Don Blake] (cameo); Giant-Man [Henry Pym] (cameo); Wasp [Janet Van Dyne] (cameo)]
    The Angel is affected by an atomic test done at one of Stark's weapons plants. His personality is altered and now he wants to join the Evil Mutants. The X-Men call the Avengers for help but only Iron Man is available.
    2) "The Saga of the Sneepers!" 5 Pages.
    Art by Larry Lieber;
    Writers: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber.
    science fiction
    Watcher [Uatu] (narrator)
    An alien race watches humanity's progress, worried that they will one day overtake them. With the invention of the atomic bomb and the Cold War, they decide that humanity will wipe itself out before it poses a threat.
    This is the first Tales of the Watcher story in Tales of Suspense.

    This comic book is complete and in VF 8.0 condition with NO restoration and has been accurately graded by myself, a professional comic book dealer for over 37 years, so please bid with confidence.
    The comic ships with a backing board in a protective sleeve between two pieces of sturdy cardboard in a box to preserve your investment and GUARANTEE it arrives in the same condition as it was sent out in.

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