• FS: Tales of Suspense #48 December, 1963 Marvel VF 8.0

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    Tales Of Suspense #48 VF 8.0
    New Iron Man armor by Ditko.
    Cover art by Jack Kirby.
    1) "The Mysterious Mr. Doll!" 18 Pages.
    Art: Steve Ditko;
    Script: Stan Lee.
    Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Mister Doll [[Nathan Dolly] (introduction, origin); Pepper Potts; Happy Hogan; Charleston Carter (introduction)
    Mister Doll uses magic dolls to take over whole companies. Iron Man stops him with the help of a new suit of armor. In the process Tony enrages Pepper by toying with her affections to create a diversion.
    Iron Man gets his new, more modern-looking, red and gold armor.
    2) "Kraddak" 5 Pages.
    Arte: Larry Lieber;
    Script: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber.
    science fiction
    Hans Hartog; Kraddak
    An alien tells a greedy mine owner that he will be killed in a fall. The mine owner hides at the lowest possible point in his mine, but is killed in a cave-in.

    This comic book is complete and in VF 8.0 condition with NO restoration and has been accurately graded by myself, a professional comic book dealer for over 37 years, so please bid with confidence.
    The comic ships with a backing board in a protective sleeve between two pieces of sturdy cardboard in a box to preserve your investment and GUARANTEE it arrives in the same condition as it was sent out in.

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