• Richard W. Haines' History of Dye Transfer Printing

    From Ian Partridge@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 21 00:02:41 2017
    The slim paperback was a bit dissapointing given the price. However there is
    a lot of information about the Technicolor process and Haines does give a
    clear picture of the 'development' of dye transfer process that is very helpful. It is one thing to marvel at the eye-popping effects of Technicolor prints, but quite another to be given an understanding of how the process
    was achieved.

    In the book it lists of dye transfer films made over the years and British features go by their USA release titles only and the US versions were
    sometimes cut versions.

    There was a British Technicolor laboratory from the beginning of three
    strip features after 'Wings of the Morning,' which was sent back for
    processing in the USA laboratory.

    Haines makes a lot of emphasis on silver reclamation during the dye transfer imbibition process, as if it was an important innovation of Technicolor Company. Surely all film labs had silver reclamation and recovery even in
    the early days?


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