• Concert for Bangladesh(1972) 16mm to 70mm Blow-up?

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    An article in an 1972 American Cinematographer states that initially Film Effects
    made a 65mm Interpos from the 16mm Eastman Color neg. Eastman didn't have enough available stock of the 65mm 5253 Intermediate film so they made all the prints from a
    16mm Color reversal Intermediate.
    Another source states that all the 70mm prints were made from the original 16mm Camera negative direct to 70mm prints.

    Does anybody know the true story here?

    Peter Mason

    so Kodak didn't have enough 5253 in 65mm for GWTW and
    Concert for Bangladesh. The GWTW 7omm print would have looked much
    better thru 5253. They used 5251 camera negative instead which was much grainier and its gamma was .65 rather than 1 for the 5253. The result a low contrast grainy image.They should have waited for the 5253.
    Peter M

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