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    <>---- S O L V I S T A ----<> (Number 249)

    A FREE monthly newsletter for enthusiasts of
    the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Faerie and New Age art
    of PETER ANDREW JONES, showcasing his famous bookcover
    paintings and other fantastical works, together with
    news of brand new creations and projects.

    E-mailed direct to you as a jpeg extract from his catalogue
    of famous paintings with descriptions of Art techniques used,
    artist's anecdotes etc.

    You are invited to subscribe to this newsletter
    with absolutely _no_ obligation whatsoever.

    To subscribe, please send e-mail to >


    and please place

    "subscribe SOLVISTA rec.arts.sf.announce" in the subject line

    Thank you.

    Debbie J
    Legendary Art Publishing

    S O L V I S T A - the Science Fiction, Fantasy,
    Horror Faerie & New Age art of PETER ANDREW JONES
    (Monthly e-zine & Quarterly on-line Magazine)
    Published by Legendary Art Publishing
    http://www.peterandrewjones.net *********************************************************

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