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    The cover is a scene from TOS:"The Changeling" as the Enterprise encounters Nomad. I noticed some mistakes in the model of the Enterprise, then I noticed they weren't mistakes, as this isn't quite a scene from "The Changeling."

    January has Voyager encountering several 8472 bioships by some space station. I
    divide these pictures up by the series/era they come from; I'd had another idea
    to divide them by type: "remastered" scenes from a show, generic/stock/beauty shots of the ship, untold stories, and symbolic/technical. I could never be sure of the boundaries of those categories. A ship with a planet in the background is getting its beauty shot. A ship with an exploding planet in the background..? I don't remember if this is a specific episode of "Voyager" or an
    untold story. I do know it looks good viewed in any orientation.

    February "Last Stand at Sector 001"
    The Defiant leads two Saber-class ships against the Borg cube. It appears it is
    leading them through the exit hatch of the Borg sphere! I suppose this is happening while the Enterprise-E is disappearing in a time anomaly. Knowing that hole was in the "side" of the cube, this picture only works for me in one of the horizontal orientations, and when it's upside down, I see the ships as upside down.

    March "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
    No, a different threesome around a campfire. A pair of shuttles are parked some
    distance away. One is green with an ovalish front and wings rising at an angle.
    I'm trying to resist comparing it to a Klingon Bird of Prey, because standing closest to it is an Andorian. Across from him are two humanoids in Starfleet uniforms, although the tops -one red, one blue- look thicker, like sweaters or jackets. Their shuttle is the Shackleton, NCC-5235/2 out of the Endurance. Its
    nacelles look somewhat Ambassadorish, although its number is just about half the

    April: An NX-class ship with two different Vulcan ship types and two Andorians of the same type are flying toward a planet. Composition very strongly horizontal.

    May: Klingon Bird of Prey against the Grissom. The Bird looks larger than in the recent 1/1000 kit of the two ships, it has probably got its cloak in the
    "Intimidate" mode it used to loom over the whaling ship it "The Voyage Home." If that's the Genesis Planet behind them, it's got a vaporous ring around it and
    several moons large enough to be spheres in and among the ring. That can't be stable... oh, wait, nevermind.

    June: A "TOS Miranda" (NCC-1926) is taking on ENT era Tholian ships. We see the
    ship from the underside. Its saucer blends into a boxy aft end that rises above
    the main deck height. I can't tell if it has a rollbar. The ship is diving at an angle, the picture can be rotated 90 degrees so it is climbing at an angle.

    The centerfold is a cutaway of the Daedalus (NCC-129). Only some of the things seen: The connector between the sphere and the engineering hull is only a walkway (and presumably service conduits under the deck), There is at least one turbolift shaft,
    near the core of the sphere, running at least from C deck to G deck... the cutaway format allows drawing a bulkhead or deck or machinery over items to keep them ambiguous... A turbolift car on G deck looks to be able to get out of the vertical shaft;
    whether it runs in a horizontal shaft, I don't know, OMG! Look at the room one ring inward from the "35" tag that marks "Crew Quarters"!

    July "Fate at Narendra III"
    The Enterprise-D is surrounded by three Romulan Warbirds. This should be Nelvana III of TNG:"The Defector" rather than Narendra III of TNG:"Yesterday's Enterprise" where the C went back to face Romulans while the D held off Klingons.

    August: Jem'Hadar fighters and Bajoran patrol ships leap from DS9 to the wormhole where the Defiant is emerging. Ships at all angles, so it depends on which you can look at in strange direcions; Terok Nor is upside down in the preferred orientation,
    which I didn't notice at first.

    September: More of a focus on the Starfleet Command building in San Francisco, with the Presidio end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Defiant and Voyager and a speedboat shuttle (it has a blue pennant rather than red, so I'm guessing it's local) are
    leading a pair of Surak-class ships through the atmosphere. Probably there are also tallships out in the Bay.

    October: The encounter between the Saratoga and the Whale Probe from "The Voyage Home."

    November: A nice scale comparison of three K'Tingas around a Romulan Warbird. There's no overt indication that the K'tingas are in Romulan service; they're a brownish-greenish color, but so is the Warbird in this picture.

    December: The Enterprise-E with Borg cubes.

    Franchise scorecard:
    TOS 2
    TMP 2
    TNG 2
    DS9 2
    VOY 2
    TGF 2
    ENT 2

    Well, I didn't know where to put March, or the centerfold, but then September came along to credit three.


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