• Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2003, 3rd Edition, James T. Pe

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    ========================Sample List========================

    • . A Course in Probability, 1st Edition, Neil A. Weiss, ISBN-10: 0201774712, ISBN-13: 9780201774719, PEARSON, ISM+SSM

    • . Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World, 7th Edition, Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus, Beverly Greene, PEARSON, TB(TG)

    • . Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World, 8th Edition, Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus, Beverly Greene, PEARSON, Classroom Response System+IRM+TB

    • . Abnormal Psychology, 6th Edition, Thomas F. Oltmanns, Robert E. Emery, ISBN-10: 0205689531, ISBN-13: 9780205689538, PEARSON, IRM+TB
    • . Advanced Financial Accounting, 9th Edition, Richard E Baker, Theodore E. Christensen, David M Cottrell, ISBN-10: 0078110920 ISBN-13
    • 9780078110924, McGrawhill(©2011), SM

    • . Algebra and Trigonometry, 8th Edition, Michael Sullivan, ISBN-10:
    • 0132329034, ISBN-13: 9780132329033, PEARSON, TB

    • . Auditing Cases, International Edition, 7th Edition, Michael C. Knapp, ISBN-10: 0324595204, ISBN-13: 9780324595208, CASE SOLUTION

    • . Auditing: The Art and Science of Assurance Engagements, 11th CANADIAN Edition, Alvin A. Arens, Randal J. Elder, Mark A Beasley, Ingrid B. Splettstoesser-Hogeterp, ISBN-10: 0132088061, ISBN-13:

    • . Biology: A Guide to the Natural World, 4th Edition, David Krogh, Benjamin
    • Cummings, TB

    • . Biopsychology, 8th Edition, John P.J. Pinel, ISBN-10: 0205832563, ISBN-
    • 13: 9780205832569, PEARSON, IM+TB

    • . Building Accounting Systems Using Access 2003, 3rd Edition, James T. Perry, Gary P. Schneider, CENGAGE, IM

    • . Business Ethics, 7th Edition, Richard DeGeorge, PEARSON, (IM+TB)

    • . Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment, 14th Edition, Jane P. Mallor, A. James Barnes, L. Thomas Bowers, Arlen W Langvardt, McGraw-hill(2010), SM

    • . Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law Today: The Essentials, 8th Edition, Roger LeRoy Miller, Gaylord A. Jentz, CENGAGE, Complete Answers Manual+Complete Instructor Manual+Complete Test Bank+Instructor PowerPoint+Lecture Outlines

    • . Cengage Advantage Books: Business Law Today: The Essentials, 9th Edition, Roger LeRoy Miller, Gaylord A. Jentz, ISBN-10: 0324786158, ISBN-13: 9780324786156, IM+Case+Lecture Outline+TB
    • . Calculus for Business, Economics, and the Social and Life Sciences, 10th Edition, Laurence Hoffmann, Gerald Bradley, ISBN: 0073532312, McGrawhill(©2010), TB

    • . CFIN 2010, 1st Edition, Scott Besley, Eugene F. Brigham, CENGAGE, IM+Prep Card Solutions+Complete PowerPoints for Integrative Problems+TB

    • . Chemistry, 3rd Edition, Thomas R. Gilbert, Rein V. Kirss, Natalie Foster, Geoffrey Davies, NORTON, SM

    • . College Accounting, 11th Edition, Jeffrey Slater, ISBN-10: 0136063802, ISBN-13: 9780136063803, PRENTICE HALL, ISM+ Quizzes+Achievement Tests+Instructors Edition+TB

    • . Consumer Behavior, 8th Edition, Michael R. Solomon, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Corporate Finance: The Core, 2nd Edition, Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo, PRENTICE HALL, IM+SM+TB

    • . Criminal Evidence: Principles and Cases, 7th Edition, Thomas J. Gardner, Terry M. Anderson, ISBN-10: 0495599247, ISBN-13: 9780495599241, CENGAGE, TB(*)

    • . Data Analysis and Decision Making, 4th Edition, S. Christian Albright, Wayne Winston, Christopher Zappe, CENGAGE, Case Files+Case Solutions+Example Files+Problem Database+Problem Files+Problem Solutions+Solution Shells+SolverTable+Test Bank

    • . Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition, Stephen W. Goode, Scott A. Annin, PEARSON, ISM

    • . Earth Science and the Environment, 4th Edition, Graham R. Thompson, Jon Turk, ISBN-10: 0495112879, ISBN-13: 9780495112877, CENGAGE, TB(*)

    • . Elementary Differential Equations, 9th Edition, William E. Boyce, Richard
    • C. DiPrima, WIELY(October 2008, ©2009), SM
    • . Essentials of Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Organizations, 10th Edition, Paul A. Copley, McGrawhill, continuous problem for City of Everlasing Sunshine

    • . Essentials of Business Communication, 7th Edition, Mary Ellen Guffey, CENGAGE, IM+Exercises, Quizzes, Handouts+TB

    • . Essentials of Marketing, 11th Edition, Perreault, ISBN 0073404713, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Ethical Theory and Business, 8th Edition, Tom L. Beauchamp, Norman Bowie, Denis Arnold, ISBN-10: 0136126022, ISBN-13: 9780136126027, PEARSON, IM

    • . Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases, 8th Edition, Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes, Richard Whittington, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB(TG)

    • . Financial and Managerial Accounting, 11th Edition, Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, Jonathan Duchac, CENGAGE, SM

    • . Forensic and Investigative Accounting, 4th Edition, Larry Crumbley, Lester
    • E. Heitger, Stevenson Smith, ISBN-10: 0808021435, ISBN-13: 978-
    • 0808021438, Publisher: CCH, TB(*)

    • . Fundamental Accounting Principles, 20th Edition, Wild, ISBN 0078110874, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Fundamentals of Investing, 11th Edition, Lawrence J. Gitman, Michael D. Joehnk, Scott Smart, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Fundamentals of Physics, 7th Edition, David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker, ISBN: 9780471216438, WILEY(June 2004, ©2005), ISM

    • . Fundamentals of Statistics, 3rd Edition, Michael Sullivan, III, ISM+SPSSMANUAL+SPSS16.0 MANUAL+TB

    • . GO! with Microsoft Office 2007 Introductory, 3rd Edition, Shelley Gaskin, Robert L. Ferrett, Alicia Vargas, Carolyn E McLellan, PRENTICE HALL, TB
    • . Government by the People, 2011 Brief Edition, 9th Edition, David B. Magleby, Paul C. Light, Christine L. Nemacheck, LONGMAN(PEARSON), IM+TB

    • . Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology, 12th Edition, Shier, ISBN
    • 0073525707, McGrawhill, TB

    • . HTML: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques, 5th Edition, Gary B. Shelly, Denise M. Woods, William J. Dorin, CENGAGE, IM+SOL TO EXCERCISE+TB

    • . Improving Business Communication Skills, 4th Edition, Deborah Britt • Roebuck, PRENTICE HALL, TB

    • . Intermediate Accounting, 9th Canadian Edition, Volume 1+2, Donald E. Kieso, Jerry J. Weygandt, Terry D. Warfield, Nicola M. Young, Irene M. Wiecek, WILEY, SM

    • . Intermediate Accounting, 11th Edition, Loren A. Nikolai, John D. Bazley, Jefferson P. Jones, ISBN-10: 032465913X, ISBN-13: 9780324659139, CENGAGE, SM+IM+EXCEL SOLUTIONS+REVIEW EXCERCISE SOLUTIONS

    • . International Business: The New Realities, 2nd Edition, S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight, John Riesenberger, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2010, 8th Edition, David I. Schneider, PRENTICE HALL, ISM+TB

    • . Introduction to Real Analysis, 4th Edition, Robert G. Bartle, Donald R. Sherbert, WILEY(January 2011, ©2011), SM

    • . Labor Economics, 5th Edition, George J Borjas, ISBN-10: 0073511366, ISBN-13: 9780073511368, McGrawhill(©2010), SM

    • . Labor Relations Striking a Balance, 3rd Edition, Budd, ISBN 0073530336, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Life-Span Development, 13th Edition, Santrock, ISBN 0073532096, McGrawhill, TB
    • . Macroeconomics, 2nd Canadian Edition, Bradford DeLong, Arman
    • Mansoorian, Leo Michelis, McGrawhill, SM

    • . Macroeconomics, 2nd Edition, Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, ISBN-10:
    • 0716771616, ISBN-13: 978-0716771616, WORTH PUBLISHERS, SM(*)

    • . Macroeconomics, 8th Edition, Colander, McGrawhill, SM+TB

    • . Management Science: The Art of Modeling with Spreadsheets, Excel
    • 2007 Update, Stephen G. Powell, Kenneth R. Baker, WILEY(August 2008, • ©2009), TB

    • . Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business
    • Environment, 7th Edition, Ronald W. Hilton, McGraw-hill(2008), SM+TB

    • . Managerial Accounting, 9th Edition, Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, CENGAGE, Achievement Tests+IM Transparency Masters+Instructor Downloads+SM

    • . Managerial Economics, 6th Edition, Paul Keat, Philip K Young, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Marketing Research: An Aid to Decision Making, 3rd Edition, Alan Shao, Kevin Zheng Zhou, CENGAGE, IM+TB

    • . Microeconomics and Behavior, 8th Edition, Robert H. Frank, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Microeconomics, 5th Edition, Jeffrey M. Perloff, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Microelectronic Circuits, 6th Edition, Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith, ISBN-10: 0195323033, ISBN-13: 978-0195323030, Oxford University Press, ISM(*)

    • . New Perspectives on Microsoft® Access 2010, Comprehensive, 1st Edition, Joseph J. Adamski, Kathleen T. Finnegan, CENGAGE, IM+QUICK ANSWERS+SOLUTION FILES+TB

    • . Operations Management, 10th Edition, Jay Heizer, Barry Render, ISBN- • 10: 0132577062, ISBN-13: 9780132577069, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB
    • . Operations Management, Flexible Edition, 9th Edition, Jay Heizer, Barry
    • Render, PRENTICE HALL, IM+TB

    • . Organizational Behavior: Key Concepts, Skills and Best Practices, 4th • Edition, Angelo Kinicki, Robert Kreitner, ISBN-10: 0073404969, ISBN-13: • 978-0073404967, McGraw-Hill, SM

    • . Organizational Behavior, 11th Edition, Luthans, ISBN 0073404950, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Organizational Behavior, 13th Edition, Don Hellriegel, John W. Slocum Jr., CENGAGE, IM+TB

    • . Physics, 4th Edition, James S. Walker, ISBN-10: 0321541634, ISBN-13: • 9780321541635, PEARSON, ISM+TB

    • . Principles of Corporate Finance, 9th Edition, Richard A. Brealey, ISBN-10:
    • 0071266755, ISBN-13: 978-0071266758, McGrawhill, SM

    • . Principles of Environmental Science, 6th Edition, Cunningham, ISBN • 0077337247, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Principles of Financial Accounting, International Edition, 11th Edition, James M. Reeve, Carl S. Warren, Jonathan Duchac, CENGAGE, IM+SM+TB

    • . Principles of Macroeconomics, 4th Edition, Frank, ISBN 0073362654, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Principles of Marketing, 8th Canadian Edition, Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong, Peggy H. Cunningham, Valerie Trifts, Pearson Education Canada, IM+Personal Response System(PRS)+TB

    • . Production and Operations Analysis, 6th Edition, Steven Nahmias, McGrawhill, SM

    • . Programming in Visual Basic 2008, 7th Edition, Bradley, ISBN
    • 0077238214, McGrawhill, TB
    • . Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2008, 4th Edition, Diane Zak, ISBN-10: 0324782764, ISBN-13: 9780324782769, CENGAGE, IM+SOL

    • . Psychology The Science of Mind and Behavior, 4th Edition, Passer, McGrawhill, ISBN 0073382760, McGrawhill, TB1

    • . Public Relations Practices: Managerial Case Studies and Problems: International Edition, 7th Edition, Allen H. Center, Patrick Jackson, Stacey Smith, Frank Stansberry, PEARSON, IM

    • . Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 7th Edition, Kenneth Lysons, Brian Farrington, ISBN-10: 0273694383, ISBN-13: 9780273694380, Financial Times Press(PEARSON), IM

    • . Quantitative Methods for Business and Management, 2nd Edition(EUROPEAN VERSION), Dewhurst, ISBN 0077109023, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Sociology: Understanding a Diverse Society, Updated, 4th Edition, Margaret L. Andersen, Howard F. Taylor, CENGAGE, IM+TB

    • . Strategic Management, 10th Edition, Pearce, ISBN 0073054224, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World, 5th Edition, John W. Satzinger, Robert B. Jackson, Stephen D. Burd, CENGAGE, IM+Solutions to Exercises+TB

    • . Taxation for Decision Makers, 2011 Edition, Shirley Dennis-Escoffier, Karen A. Fortin, ISBN: 9780470879344, WILEY(July 2010, ©2011), TB

    • . The American Democracy (Texas Edition), 10th Editoin, Patterson, ISBN • 0077339061, McGrawhill, TB

    • . The American Democracy, 10th Edition, Patterson, ISBN 0073379093, McGrawhill, TB
    • . The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 12th Edition, J. E. Smyth, D. A. Soberman, A. J. Easson, Shelley Ann McGill, ISBN-10:
    • 0136109039, ISBN-13: 9780136109037, PEARSON CANADA, IM+TB(TG)

    • . The Macro Economy Today, 12th Edition, Schiller, ISBN 007724740X, McGrawhill, TB

    • . The Science of Electronics, DC/AC, 1st Edition, David M. Buchla, Thomas L. Floyd, ISBN-10: 0130875651, ISBN-13: 9780130875655, PRENTICE HALL, SM+TB

    • . The Science of Electronics Analog Devices, Instructor's Edition, Thomas L. Floyd, David M. Buchla, ISBN-10: 0130875406, ISBN-13: 9780130875402, SM+TB(TG)

    • . The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 5th Edition, James Trefil, Robert
    • M. Hazen, ISBN: 9780471769927, WILEY(October 2006, ©2007), IM+TB

    • . Theater, Brief, 9th Edition, Cohen, ISBN 0077333519, McGrawhill, TB

    • . Think Communication, 1st Edition, Isa N. Engleberg, Dianna R. Wynn, ISBN-10: 0205766498, ISBN-13: 9780205766499, PEARSON(Allyn and Bacon), IM+TB

    • . Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies, 11th Edition, Charles R. Goeldner, J. R. Brent Ritchie, WILEY(October 2008, ©2009), IM+TB

    • . Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective, 7th Edition, John J. Coyle, Robert A. Novack, Brian Gibson, Edward J. Bardi, CENGAGE, IM+TB

    • . University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics, 11th Edition, Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman, ADDISON-WESLEY, ISM+TB

    • . Van Horne: Fundamentals of Financial Management, 13th Edition, J. Van • Horne, John M Wachowicz, PRENTICE HALL, IM

    • . Viscous Fluid Flow, 3rd Edition, Frank M. White, ISBN-10: 0072402318, ISBN-13 9780072402315, McGrawhill(©2006), SM

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