• How Many Phasers On Danube Class Runabouts?

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    The only phasers I recall seeing actually used by Runabouts are the ones on the little "fins" on the cockpit section, though they had more according to Memory Alpha:


    ...two on the forward edges of the pylons where they attach to the nacelles, and two on the aft end of the passenger cabin at the rear of the ship.

    How many more is my question. Memory alpha lists both four (two on the fins and two on the rear) and six (adding those on the pylons) for diferent ships of this class in the same article without accounting for the difference. That's bad enough, but by
    inspection some appear to have *ten*.

    Early on in DS9 the tops of the front part of the nacelles were smooth:


    Later, there were what look to me to be a lot like the same kind of phaser "bars" as are on the little fins etc., here seen on a studio model being auctioned:


    Some with rollbars have them, and some don't:



    Added to the six so far described, that's eight.

    I don't know who's responsible for the Ships Of The Line images, but they also seem to be on the bottoms of the nacelles of some ships:


    ...making ten per ship.

    I haven't done a meticulous comparison but I believe some ships change the number of phasers they have, and not always adding more.

    I vaguely remember a throwaway line from O'Brien about upgrading the warp core, shields, and phasers for more power, but nothing about adding more phasers.

    Aside from making detail-obsessed modelers' lives just a little bit more miserable, is there anything in canon or even behind-the-scenes stuff to account for this?I've been through the DS9TM which says nothing. I don;t have any supplementary material
    detailing the various episodes.

    Maybe it's just my OCD but things like this annoy me.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Mark L. Fergerson

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