• Dison Sphere ruminations..

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    Someone recently brought up Dison Spheres, and the Relics episode connected with it.. I remember being struck by the possible ramifications of a
    Starship suddenly coming up through the surface of the earth and going into some sort of orbit high above.. I thought, what kind of speed where they pulling through there, and what about atmospheric friction.. what kind of power would be needed for a force field to keep the atmosphere from rushing out
    into space while the door was open.. Then I began to think, what was keeping the atmosphere, and everything else for that matter, on the inside of the sphere. From physics we learn that spherical shells impart no net gravitational
    attraction to objects within them, so that is ruled out.. I would think that Artificial gravity of the sort that the Enterprise uses would be ruled out due
    to prohibitive cost.. So I figured some sort of "centrifugal" force might account for it.. that would make the sensation of gravity, however a
    function of distance from the equator, and thus there would be no atmosphere or 'gravity' at the poles, making for uninhabitable regions. If this were
    the case, then they would make ideal locations for portals, as there would be no atmosphere to worry about nor any nearby inhabitants...
    Another thing of consideration would be the solar wind put out by the star.. what would they do with that effluence, maybe solar wind would keep the atmosphere there, but not the people, and further, I doubt it would be all that great for the composition of the atmosphere.. You would have to worry about the sphere "popping" :)... or maybe they could put the vents at the poles along with the portals, creating possibly trade winds emminating from the equatorial regions (I don't know what scale these would be, as I do
    not have sufficient information to hazard a guess as to interactions between terrestrial atmospheres and solar wind on that kind of scale.. ) Anyway, just
    some things to think about.. Any more ideas on practicalities of Dison Spheres?

    James Meriwether

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    well people im new so be gentil my name is michael im from topeka kansas im not a scientest nor do i hold a degree in any field of science with that being said i do have a self sustaining power source that is currently in the first stages of being
    patented and i honestly thought that a disons sphere was an artificail power source n e ways i too was fasinated with science fiction as a child and hade great ambitions of makeing a defrence in the world needless to say i did not make that come true i
    spent 15 teen years in prison thinking up shit just to think shit up fortunetly though i for myself was able to get my ged and high school diploma as i have said i am not a scientist i do know that it would take an extreme amount of energy to create an
    artificail habitat that can and will sustaine life i believe that my power source can make that happen my artificial disions sphere consists of a solor panle aray and a combination of a digital motor and a magnetic motor i will for obvious reasons leave
    out the rest of the componets as i have already mentioned it is currently in the patent stages
    in reference to the question of what type of shilding could be used in keeping the atmosspere in a static electric magnetic field that memics the earths owne magnetic field

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