• Episode 1113 (small spoilers)

    From Doug Elrod@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 6 13:58:10 2017
    Given that this is this season's CHRISTMAS EPISODE (spoiler), you might want to delay watching it until the holidays (*which* holidays, are of course, up to you!).

    This episode featured one of the longest-sustained theme-riffs I can remember (if someone can think of another, please mention it). I am referring, of course, to the

    BABY LAWYER <<<<< theme

    (not to be confused with BABY DRIVER, now in theaters ;-)). It makes the whole episode worthwhile, IMHO.

    The CREEPY FLYING REINDEER riffs also led to some chuckles (oddly, the Mexican "Santa Claus", Episode 521, also seemed designed to fuel nightmares with this sort of thing).

    A line I enjoyed:
    "I just realized Prim's hair is made out of a network of MUSTACHES woven twenty deep!" -Tom Servo

    -Doug Elrod (dre1@cornell.edu) #ItWASTheChristmasThatAlmostWasn't
    P.S. Rossano Brazzi was ALSO in "Final Justice" (Episode 1008) (!)

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