• Episode 1106 (small spoilers)

    From Doug Elrod@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 18 09:48:34 2017
    Hoo boy! This, along with "Space Mutiny" is the kind of movie that makes me suspect that Time Travel is possible. Why else would someone make this, unless they knew that MST3K would come along and transform it into a NET POSITIVE FOR THE UNIVERSE?

    That "Starcrash vehicles" sequence had me laughing more than I have in a long time. I always appreciate when they dig deep to elevate something that must have been INCREDIBLY BORING in the original!

    Here are a couple of other lines I especially liked:

    "I'm paid by the *pause*" -Tom
    "Couple more of these dissolves and she'll turn into Lon Chaney, Jr" -Tom "Mexican Bootleg Lisa Simpson???" -Tom (hmmm, I'm sure the *other* two had good lines, too :-))

    -Doug Elrod (dre1@cornell.edu) #InCaseYouDidn'tNoticeFromAboveTheMovieIsStarcrash!
    P.S. Given the redundantly-named character "Stella Star" AND an *all-too-obvious* "MASTER" wannabe, I'm thinking that the writers of this movie might be fans of "Manos: The Hands of Fate"!

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