• Episode 1105 (small spoilers)

    From Doug Elrod@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 10 21:55:36 2017
    This film was a marvelous choice for MST3K. A veritable Mexican Stoplight Candy of a movie, made into a *meal* by the efforts of our spunky team!

    There were many fine lines. Here are a couple I particularly enjoyed:

    "But the cowboy didn't like him; so he shot him in the face!" -Tom
    "*Meta!*" -Crow

    "SEVERAL horses were hurt in the making of this film" -Jonah

    (and, of course, the sketch culminating in THE SHEER POWER OF LIVE THEATER! :-))

    -Doug Elrod (dre1@cornell.edu) #IsItTooEarlyToSayTheBeastOfHollowMountain?
    P.S. Has anyone mentioned how great the tech credits are? I seem to recall intermediate riffing projects where the sound balance was never-quite-right. But this is a pleasure to hear/watch, IMHO.

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