• Some MiSTing offerings

    From Joseph Nebus@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 3 03:19:55 2017
    RamseyF reminded me I had a bunch of MiSTings that I gathered
    for my attempt at making a Web Site Number Nine successor. If anyone
    would like them, let me know and I'll send them off. I'm also happy
    to re-publish here any of the MiSTings that I wrote or collaborated
    with. I'm less sure what to do with ones I had nothing to do with,
    but, well, I'll think about it. It's not as if I know who might be
    Bill Livingston's literary executor.

    Anyway, what I know I have onhand:

    AKA Mars Probe Conspiracy
    Author: Junior Yeti Argon Wender
    MiSTer: Craig Whyte.

    A Legion-Sized Meeting
    Author: Doctor Thinker
    MiSTer: Matt Blackwell

    Altered Destiny
    Author: Keith Aksland
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    A Skunk Revealed
    Author: George Ettinger III, Minna Lunney
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    The Case Of The Beast With The Red Kryptonite Vest
    Author: Doctor Thinker
    MiSTer: Bill Livingston

    Contra Cabal plus Manos Premiere Review
    Author: Paul Trummel
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    Down The Drain
    Author: Sforzie
    MiSTer: Bonnie Walling

    Ensign Stephens
    Author: Rob Morris
    MiSTer: Bill Livingston

    Author: Aw, you know *that*.
    MiSTer: David Hines

    Falling Into Command
    Author: Stephen Ratliff
    MiSTer: Jarek Myszewski, Merritt Stone, Badger, Kevin Gowen

    FX Down To Mobius
    Author: George Ettinger III
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    The GameMaster
    Author: Michael Wolfe
    MiSTer: Julie Youngren et al

    The Game Board
    Author: Scott Gastineau
    MiSTer: Mike Neylon

    Hopping Mad Over MST3K
    Author: Stuart Galbraith IV
    MiSTer: Daniel S Rice

    Jaded Views
    Author: Stephen Tramer, Thaddeus Boyd
    MiSTer: Me!

    Kara Kent Appears
    Author: Doctor Thinker
    MiSTer: Bill Livingston

    The Lost Continent
    Author: Aleister Crowley
    MiSTer: Sampo (wait, really?)

    Lost In Cyberspace Episode 2
    Author: Trey Tackett
    MiSTer: Alicia Ashby

    Mars Invade DC
    Author: Atlan Formularies
    MiSTer: Claye Hodge

    Mushroom Kingdom Madness
    Author: No idea
    MiSTer: Yesmar

    Naming Of The Elements
    Author: Ludwig Plutonium
    MiSTer: Mike Neylon

    Author: David 'Bookshire' Pistone
    MiSTer: John Berry et al

    Plutonium Atom Totality
    Author: Ludwig Plutonium
    MiSTer: Kevin Podsiadlik

    Premier Marquis
    Author: The Kids Crew
    MiSTer: Loren Haarsma, Jarek Myszewski, and David Conner

    Premier Marquis Group Edition
    Author: See Above
    MiSTer: Like 15 People, Including Me

    The Real Q
    Author: Robert McElwaine
    MiSTer: Gary W Olson

    Republic's Fall
    Author: John L Flynn
    MiSTer: Matt Blackwell et al

    The Return Of The Lawndale Militia
    Author: Peter Guerin
    MiSTer: Alex Gariepy et al

    Revenge Of The Romulans
    Author: Alex Buchanan
    MiSTer: Mike Barklage

    Revenge On Opacity
    Author: Blue9Tiger
    MiSTer: Tonberry King

    A Royal Mess, Part 1
    Author: The Kobayashi Maru Test
    MiSTer: Suzanne Schroeder

    Safety First
    Author: Johnny Pez
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    Skippy's Mom
    Author: Charles Brown
    MiSTer: Joseph Nebus

    Author: Static Pulse
    MiSTer: Hunter Felt

    Who Mourns For Hazard/The Afrodisians
    Author: Alexander Ring/G Moore
    MiSTer: Bill Livingston

    I know, by the way, that I have all the MiSTings I wrote or
    contributed to, so far as I know, but I haven't set eyes on all the
    files recently. But I *must* have them.

    Joseph Nebus
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  • From greekgeek8@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 19 19:17:24 2017
    So, a late response, but I want them!

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  • From greekgeek8@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Aug 19 19:18:55 2017
    So, a late response, but I want them!

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  • From Joseph Nebus@21:1/5 to greekgeek8@gmail.com on Sat Aug 26 05:46:21 2017
    In <4ba57608-57cd-448d-88ef-0d44f302712d@googlegroups.com> greekgeek8@gmail.com writes:

    So, a late response, but I want them!

    That's all right. I'm just getting back into the swing of things myself. What MiSTings would you like? Is the gmail account in your
    message current?

    Joseph Nebus
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