• Oi! (possibly Oy?)

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    To crib a line, GEEEEEEZUS. It's amazing what you find when you trawl
    through the archives:

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    Hi - I forget the name of this episode - the one thing I remember is
    a British/Australian guy in it and _every_ time he's on screen one of the >>>> guys yell "Oi!". Anyone know the name?
    Thanks, Dave K

    Sounds like "Alien from L.A."--episode 516.


    I hate to disagree with the great Sampo, but I think he's thinking of Space >> Mutiny ep 820

    Yes, this ought to be in a FAQ (is it? :-)). Commander Jansen's second-in-command, Scott Devers (played by Graham Clark), looked a lot
    like "Jacko", whose Energizer battery commercials were punctuated by him saying "Oi!". See <http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0413823/bio>.

    Weirdly enough, this riff survived on long enough to make it into the
    Rifftrax for "Rock 'n Roll Nightmare," in reference to another faux

    I am astonished, though not terribly, to find that the answer to just
    what "battery commercial" the guys were referencing showed up here
    about 10 years ago.

    Andrew "Retro-Man" Morris

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