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    torstai 5. lokakuuta 1995 klo 9.00.00 UTC+2 Steven Kent Munger kirjoitti:
    In article <44vgus$5...@News1.mcs.net>, Steven Today <sft...@mcs.com> writes:
    Really surprized he's telling everybody this,
    it being one of my most embarrasing subjects and all...

    Confession is good for the soul, Steven.

    Hi, my name is Steve, and I... am a MSTie.
    (All): Hi, Steve.

    Steven 'I fell _much_ better now' Munger
    -insert cool .sig here

    Why if that don't beat all! My name is also Steve.

    (ALL): Hi, Steve.

    What a small world.
    It's a world of laughter,
    It's a world of tears,
    It's a ... <*OOF*> <And Steve is suddenly attacked by a mob for even _thinking_ of singing that>
    Steven 'owie owie owie' Munger
    -insert cool .sig here

    ooooga ooga

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