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    [Lobby. HENRY, TERRIERMON and JESSE are at the concessions counter]

    JESSE: Say, did either of you notice when Calumon left?
    HENRY: Nope.
    TERRIERMON: I didn't.
    JESSE: He must have left while we were distracted by the movie.
    HENRY: Yeah. And speaking of distracted, I'd say Eli's really got it. TERRIERMON: I'd say.
    JESSE: I think he's more nervous than distracted.
    TERRIERMON: How's that?
    JESSE: Well, this is his first time in a fight like this. I know *I'd* be nervous. I was *very* nervous while Renamon was beating me to a pulp.
    HENRY: You've got a good point.
    TERRIERMON: Yeah. You were nervous the first time you had to make me digivolve, Henry.
    HENRY: I was affraid I'd loose you for good. I didn't know if I could handle that.
    TERRIERMON: You should have known me better than that.
    JESSE: Ah, but remember those scenes from the TV show we watched? Are you trying
    to say you didn't *really* go ballistic like that?
    HENRY: You did kinda go wild for a few hours there.
    TERRIERMON: But I got over it, and now I know how to control myself.
    HENRY: Still, it was a big holdback at first.
    JESSE: I can understand that.
    TERRIERMON: That's good to know.
    HENRY: Let's get back to the movie, OK?
    JESSE: Good idea.

    [All go back to theater]

    "Stand still you metal meat ball," Apemon said.

    "Nope, nope, nope, don't want to," Hagurumon in a mechanized voice.

    JESSE: See? He does sound like the Borg.

    Apemon >growled furiously.

    Ninjamon saw Apemon fighting a loosing battle against Hagurumon. As a >consequence, he didn't see Kiwimon fire her pummel peck. It struck him and he >was deleted as well.

    "All right," Mari said. "Two down, one to go. Let's get him."

    "We can't," Kiwimon said. Mari turned towards him. "What do you mean you can't?"

    "Kiwimon's right," Monochromon said. "This is Hagurumon's battle. And Eli's. >Eli should decide whether or not he needs help. We can not interfere."

    HENRY: Gotta keep this a team that operates on fairness, after all.

    "Darkness Gear!" Hagurumon shot two dark gears at Apemon who bonked them out >of the way with his club.

    JESSE:[Puppet Pal Bill] Hey, Puppet Pal Clem!
    HENRY:[Puppet Pal Clem] Yes, Puppet Pal Bill?
    JESSE:[Puppet Pal Bill] Where do Digimon do their banking?
    HENRY:[Puppet Pal Clem] I don't know, Puppet Pal Bill, where do Digimon do their
    JESSE:[Puppet Pal Bill; raises Nerf bat] The First *BONK* [taps HENRY with bat] of the Digi-World!

    {I have no choice,} Eli realized. {I have to make Hagurumon digivolve. >Sanjara
    might become frightened, but if I don't, then all of Africa will be destroyed!}

    TERRIERMON: Eli sure has lotsa faith in himself, huh?

    Eli pressed the button on his D-4. "Hagurumon, digivolve."


    "Hagurumon, digivolve to... Mekanorimon!" Mekanorimon was a squatty robot, >silver-colored with a dome on the top and a single eye sticking out of its chest.


    Name: Mekanorimon
    Level: Champion
    Type: Machine
    Attribute: Virus
    Attack: Twin Beam, 4 Disc Break

    Monochromon: Mekanorimon is a vehicle Digimon. They can operate independently >or with a pilot.

    HENRY: Oh, good. He's Digivolved into a Godzilla character

    His attack is Twin Beam, a ray that disintegrates whatever it touches.

    JESSE: Looks like they even gave him a Looney Toons weapon.


    "Eli," Mekanorimon said in a digitized voice. "I am not able to complete this >mission without you." His dome opened up to reveal a cockpit. "Please climb >in." Eli climbed onto Mekanorimon's arm and the arm lifted to a distance that >enabeled Eli to climb into the cockpit. The dome closed.

    "How do I operate these controls?" Eli asked. "I am no good at this sort of >technology."

    JESSE: Well, those Starfleet controls can get kinda confusing at times

    "I shall instruct you," Mekanorimon said. "For now, you just need to know how >to move. The two handle levers in front of you move the legs. The buttons on >each side fire the boosters."

    Eli pushed one of the levers forward and one of Mekanorimon's legs moved >forward. Apemon raised his club in a defensive gesture. Eli pushed the other >lever and Mekanorimon's other foot became even with the first one.

    Apemon attempted to clobber Mekanorimon on the head but the Digimon took it in >stride. When Apemon realized his attack wasn't working, he backed up.

    JESSE:[Worms 2] Run for it!

    "Mekanorimon, we need to finish him off now!" Eli commented.

    HENRY: How clever of him to notice that.

    "Affirmative. There is a joystick to your left. Press the button on its left >side." Eli complied.

    JESSE: Liberally

    A view screen popped up with an image of Apemon from the view of
    Mekanorimon's eye. A red circle also appeared on the screen.

    "Move the joystick until it is on the target. When it is, press the button on >it to lock into position."

    HENRY: Somehow, I'm not surprised that it's manually operated.

    With sweat pouring out of him, Eli followed Mekanorimon's directions. A tone >played when Eli pressed the button.

    "Go for it, Mekanorimon!"

    "Affirmative. Twin Beam!" The jewel on Mekanorimon's front glowed and >released
    a beam of energy. It hit Apemon dead on and he disintegrated.

    TERRIERMON: Considering that Mekanorimon's weapon of choice is a *disintegrator beam*...

    Mekanorimon, Monochromon, and Kiwimon all dedigivolved. Eli turned towards >Sanjara who was standing with a bewildered expression.

    "Sanjara, I am sorry I didn't tell you. I was afraid you would become afraid >of me and not want to talk to me ever again."

    HENRY:[Eli] And besides, I really have no idea what to say about all of this, now that I have a chance to explain.

    "Eli, don't be so ridiculous. I was more surprised than scared. But once I >saw
    Hagurumon, I knew everything was going to be all right."

    Jorge and Mari put on weird looks as Eli turned towards Sanjara.

    JESSE: When did he turn away from her?


    Sanjara took Hagurumon and held him up to Eli. "Eli, look, doesn't he remind >you of something?"

    "He looks like a normal gear to me," Mari voiced. Jorge agreed.

    HENRY: So do I.
    TERRIERMON: Me, too.
    JESSE: I know what's coming.

    "No, look closely." Eli stared long and hard at Hagurumon. Finally, it came >to

    "The statue."

    HENRY: There's a statue that looks like that?
    JESSE: Yep. Eli was visiting it in the first episode.

    "That's right. It was like the gods came to you in the form of Hagurumon. >When
    I saw that resemblance, I wasn't afraid of Hagurumon. In fact, he's kind >of cute."

    JESSE: Boy, the Borg'd have no trouble assimilating her.

    "Cute? Me?" Hagurumon muttered.

    HENRY:[Hagurumon/MAD Magazine kid] What, me cute?

    "Cute? Him?" Eli, Jorge, Mari, Gotsumon, and Floramon said at once.

    "Ho boy." Mari held her hand to her head. "Something tells me our problems >are
    just beginning."

    JESSE: She thinks they're only starting *now*?

    {All exit theater}

    [Lobby. JESSE, HENRY and TERRIERMON are gathered near the door to the mall.]

    JESSE: So, did you guys enjoy yourselvs?
    HENRY: Well, I did.
    TERRIERMON: Me, too.
    JESSE: Good, good. Too bad Calumon had to leave on us there, though. It's kinda cool having him around.
    TERRIERMON: Yeah. I wonder where he went?
    HENRY: He probably went to help Takato and the others look for souvineers. JESSE: What sorta stuff's he been looking for, mainly?
    HENRY: Just stuff that says "Sioux Falls," "South Dakota," or something like that.
    JESSE: Ah. OK. Well, I don't really know where they sell stuff like that, but then, I live here. Has he been to the light show at that one park on the river? TERRIERMON: We went to that with him. It was really neat.
    HENRY: Yeah, we all picked up shirts there.
    JESSE: I might also recommend the science center, but I've never been there. And
    I know they've got some neat stuff at the Old Courthouse Museum.
    HENRY: We haven't been to either of those places yet. Where are they?
    JESSE: Old downtown. I'm not sure if there's a bus that goes by there, but I'd be more than willing to take anyone willing to go.
    TERRIERMON: It sounds boring to me.
    HENRY: But I'm sure at least Takato, Guilmon and Renamon would want to go. I'll ask them.
    JESSE: How do you want to handle the travel arrangements?
    HENRY: We'll just meet you here. Is Wednesday afternoon good?
    JESSE: Sure. And speaking of travel, when do you guys have to head back to Odiaba?
    HENRY: Sooner than we like. Our flight out is a week from next Thursday.
    JESSE: Really? Well, hey, ask Jeri and Leomon if they'd like to come in for one more movie. And tell Takato and Guilmon they're invited, too.
    TERRIERMON: How many episodes are left in the series, anyway?
    JESSE: Well, that's entirely up to the author, Phantom 1. Personally, I'd at least like to see all the kids use their Digimon once and then have a big all-toghether battle against a really big villian. Now, if that's one episode or
    ten, I can't say. But to be honest, I'm really thinking that it's more in the range of five.
    HENRY: How do you figure?
    JESSE: Well, by my count, there are three kids left who haven't used their cards
    at least once, so that's three episodes there. And then I'm estimating another two for the big team battle against the supervillian. But that's being kinda minimalist about it.
    TERRIERMON: Why's that?
    JESSE: Well, I'd hate to see the guy give up after only four or five episodes, but I'm not crazy enough to expect the fourty or fifty episodes that the standard television seasons have been going for, on average.
    HENRY: That's interesting to know. Where did you find out about that?
    JESSE: On the Internet. Interesting, the stuff you find there, really.
    HENRY: Yeah. Well, hey, we gotta catch the bus to the other mall in a couple minutes. We're meeting the others for dinner. Thanks for everything. TERRIERMON: Yeah. I especially liked the popcorn.
    JESSE: Not a problem. And if I don't see you before you head back to Japan, I really enjoyed having you guys come to the theater and watch movies with me. HENRY: Oh, thank you. We really enjoyed it, too. And we'll ask Jeri and Takato if they'd like to do one more with you.
    JESSE: Thanks. And have a nice trip if you two don't make it back.
    TERRIERMON: OK! Thanks!
    [HENRY and TERRIERMON leave]

    {{Credits. Music: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon}}

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    Ninjamon wrestled on the ground with Floramon. He looked up and saw Eli and >Sanjara. "Apemon, those kids! I think they're the ones who dragged us here. >Get them!"

    "Right. Mega Bone Stick!'

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