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    [All return to theater]

    HENRY: I just hope I can forget the Tortomon whiz scene soon.
    CALUMON: I'm sure you will.

    Eli and Sanjara refilled their buckets with water and were now heading back to >the village. Suddenly three shapes appeared in front of them. Gradually, >these
    shapes took on substance.

    JESSE: Looks like they landed in the village's old latrine area.

    One looked like a large furry monkey with a bone-shaped club. >Another looked
    like a strange hybrid between a horse and a man. It had a >singular eye and purple blotches that looked like armor.

    HENRY: A cycloptor?

    A strange weapon was on his right hand. The >third was strange. It looked like
    a Hershey Kiss with arms, legs, a black head >band and a sword strapped to its back.

    TERRIERMON: The goofier they look the stronger they are...

    "What happened to us?" The monkey asked.

    "I'm not sure, Apemon," the horse-man said. "Somebody must've entrapped us >within this forest."

    "We'll have to destroy it to escape," the small one said.

    "Mega Bone Stick!"

    JESSE: Please don't tell me that's a *real* game attack!
    HENRY: I'm affraid it is.

    "Solar Ray!"

    JESSE:[imitates the sound effect for the deflector beam in Star Trek: Generations]

    "Ninja Knife Throwing!" The three began destroying the forest.

    "They're destroying the forest, we have to stop them," Sanjara said.

    HENRY: She sure has a good grasp of the obvious.
    CALUMON: Yeah.

    {Yes, but how can I stop them without revealing my identity as a Digidefender?}

    JESSE: You don't.

    "Solar Ray!"

    "Look out!" Eli threw himself on Sanjara and their combined weight pushed them >to the ground just under the energy attack sent out by the horse-man.

    Jorge and Mari ran through the woods towards the sounds of the explosions.

    "There's' Eli!" Jorge spotted.

    JESSE:[Jorge] If that's how he reacts to stress, maybe he shouldn't be on the team...

    "And the Digimon too," Mari said.

    TERRIERMON: What, she thought that Eli was blowing things up?

    "Great, let's trash them!"

    "Wait, let's find out who they are and then trash them."

    "Oh fine," Mari mumbled.


    Name: Apemon
    Level: Champion
    Type: Animal Digimon

    JESSE:[sarcastically] No! I thought *Apemon* would be Vegitable or Mineral!

    Attribute: Vaccine
    Attack: Mega Bone Stick, Metallic Fur

    Jorge: Apemon, he's one of the stronger of the champion Digimon. He's an >expert at wielding that mega bone stick of his and his fur is pretty hard to >penetrate.

    HENRY: I thought this was supposed to have a PG rating on it.

    Name: Centarumon
    Level: Champion
    Type: Beast Man Digimon
    Attribute: Data
    Attack: Solar Ray, Jet Gallop

    Mari: Centarumon, half man and half horse. He uses his legs to increase his >speed.

    JESSE:[round monster from "Monsters, Inc."] It makes up for his having *one eye*!

    Name: Ninjamon
    Level: Champion
    Type: Mutant Digimon
    Attribute: Vaccine
    Attack: Ninja Knife Throwing, Ninja Hopping

    Jorge: And the small one's Ninjamon. He's an expert at hand-to-hand combat. >No
    Digimon has been known to survive his attacks.

    HENRY: Especially at fondue parties.


    "That's strange," Jorge said. "Other than the fact that they're all Champions, >there's no commonality between the three.

    JESSE: Well, at least that tells us they're not Taelons.

    How could the three of them converge here."

    "Oh, I know a commonality.

    JESSE:[EFC's Boone] The Taelon Commonality.
    TERRIERMON: OK, lay off on that for awhile.

    All three of them are toast once we get through with >them." Jorge nodded.



    "DIGIMERGE!" Both of them cried. The Digimon were animated from their card >states.

    HENRY: Well, it would be hard for them to be live action from their card states.

    "We have to keep them away from Eli and his friend," Jorge explained.

    JESSE: No duh!

    "So let's give them a more tempting target. Digi-Download Boarmon Data!" >Floramon's hands glowed as Boarmon's fire powers were given to her.

    JESSE: Eventually, that little feature's gonna get too hard to keep track of. TERRIERMON: That's why we don't do it.

    Jorge pressed the button on the side of his D-4. "Gotsumon, digivolve!"


    "Gotsumon, digivolve to... Monochromon!" Floramon leaped onto Monochromon as >they charged into battle.

    "Floramon can handle Ninjamon," Jorge said. "Monochromon will take on >Centarumon and Apemon."

    "Floramon can handle all three of them but if you want some action, then that's
    fine with me."

    JESSE: D'oh!
    HENRY: Not the best way to put that...

    "Ninja Hopping!"

    JESSE:[Worms 2 hopping noises]

    "Jet Gallop!" Ninjamon leaped onto Centarumon's back and Centarumon charged >forward. Floramon and Ninjamon leaped off of their traveling Digimon and flew >straight at each other.

    "Boarmon Fire Blast!"

    "Ninja Knife Throwing!" The two attacks met each other head on and neutralized >each other. Ninjamon practically flew over Floramon and tackled her to the >ground. He took out his sword.

    HENRY: Gotta stick to that PG rating.

    "Rain of Pollen!" Floramon switched back to her normal attack and sent >Ninjamon wretching.

    "Volcanic Strike!"

    "Solar Ray!" Those attacks collided and blew everyone back. Centarumon and >Monochromon head-butted each other in a stand-off.

    JESSE: And a Busta Rhymes video starts.

    Mari looked over at Eli. "Hey, lover boy, sometime this century!"

    "Eli, you know these people? Tell me what's going on."

    Eli shook his head. "I... never seen this before in my life."

    "Eli, we need your help," Jorge pleaded.

    "Eli, they know your name. So you must know them. Why won't you tell me >what's
    going on?"

    "I... I."

    JESSE:[Eli] I'll explain later, OK?

    "Eli, I thought we were friends! I thought we could tell each other anything! >Why won't you tell me what's going on?"

    HENRY:[Eli] There's a raging battle going on around us, we're pinned down by enemy fire, and I'm scared out of my hide. Shall I explain further?

    Ninjamon wrestled on the ground with Floramon. He looked up and saw Eli and >Sanjara. "Apemon, those kids! I think they're the ones who dragged us here. >Get them!"

    "Right. Mega Bone Stick!'

    JESSE: I'm going to be laughing at that for a long time, even if it *is* a game attack.

    Apemon swung his club. Eli quickly pushed Sanjara out of >the way then dove
    for cover himself. Apemon turned towards Eli and swung his >club. Eli dove out of the way again.

    "Eli won't digimerge Hagurumon," Jorge said.

    TERRIERMON: Well, how easy was it for Jorge the first time?

    "And they call me stubborn," Mari commented as she watched Ninjamon kick >Floramon into the air. She pressed her digivolving button. "Floramon, >digivolve!"


    "Floramon, digivolve to... Kiwimon!" Kiwimon landed on a tree branch. "Pummel >Peck!" The darts were deflected by Ninjamon's sword.

    "Slamming Attack!"

    "Jet Gallop!"

    Centarumon sailed over Monochromon's tackle and Jorge saw his chance.

    "Monochromon, aim a volcanic strike attack at his underside! That's where he's >the weakest!"

    JESSE: Yep, right in the location.
    HENRY: That would hurt.

    Rolling over onto his back, Monochromon cried out "Volcanic Strike!" The blast >was right on target and Centarumon was defeated.

    HENRY: I would think so, after taking a power attack right in the weak spot.

    Eli watched all this with fear. If he revealed Hagurumon now, Sanjara would >get scared and run away. She would never trust him again. But Jorge and >Marisa
    were in trouble. Suddenly Eli knew what he had to do. Lives were at >stake, and Eli wasn't about to let the other Digidefenders down. Even if that >meant risking Sanjara's friendship.

    HENRY: Which is a risk he should have taken right away, really.

    "Hagurumon, digimerge!" Slicing his card through a slot in his D-4, the card >bulged as it changed shape. Soon, a strange creature could be shown in the >air. He was basically a large brass gear with a face and two smaller black >gears attached to him.

    JESSE: Oh good. Just what we need. A character with Season One abilities. TERRIERMON: At least it's a cool ability.


    Name: Hagurumon
    Level: Rookie
    Type: Machine Digimon

    HENRY: He'll probably even sound like the Borg.

    Attribute: Virus
    Attack: Darkness Gear, Drag

    JESSE: I do hope it's not *that* kind of drag...

    Apemon: Hagurumon is a small mechanical Digimon with the ability to control his
    opponents with his Darkness Gear attack. But he doesn't know that yet. And >I'm
    not about to tell him.

    HENRY: Apemon has half and ounce of brains


    Sanjara couldn't believe it. Hagurumon looked exactly like the statue that Eli >was praying to that one night.

    TERRIERMON: Well, there's a coincidence.

    It was also the same Eli was pulled from Africa to become a >Digidefender.

    JESSE: OK, who else thinks a word got omitted from that sentence?

    Apemon swung his club but Hagurumon dodged. Apemon kept on >swinging and
    Hagurumon kept dodging.

    JESSE: Break time.

    [Lobby. HENRY, TERRIERMON and JESSE are at the concessions counter]

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