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    Title: Digimon: Digidefenders: Episode 4: Three-Way War: Mastering Mekanorimon Original Author: Phantom 1
    MiSTing Author: Jesse Shearer, email: ambasosor_lardo@hotmail.com
    Category: anime
    Era: nonstandard

    [JESSE is in the theater lobby, setting up a video projector, aparently getting ready to do a presentation.]

    JESSE:[to self] Uh...kay. Got the projector set up. Now where'd I put that video...?

    [CALUMON enters theater and comes directly over to JESSE.]

    CALUMON: Hi, Jesse! Are you going to watch another movie today?
    JESSE: I was planning on it, but first I was going to do a preview of an ad I was thinking of running in a few local theaters. Why?
    CALUMON: I think I saw a worried looking lady coming this way.
    JESSE: Uh... what did she look like?
    CALUMON: Kinda like you, only older.
    JESSE: Oh, great. It's probably my mom.

    [A woman in her mid 50s enters.]

    WOMAN: What's going on here, Jesse?
    JESSE: Hey, Mom. Just getting ready to watch a few movies with some friends. MOM: What's that thing, then? I thought I saw it move.
    JESSE: That? That's Calumon, one of my buddies. He's an alien sorta thing. Special powers and everything.
    MOM: And what's you're explanation for all this?
    JESSE: Well, actually, I was just going to preview an ad that might explain it.

    [JESSE starts the video projector. Scene switches to the image on the wall: a "Quantum Leap"-esqe sequence of scenes from prior "episodes" of J. Micheal Shearer's Theater]

    VIDEO: Fantasizing that he was the owner of his own theater, fanfic author Jesse
    Shearer chose a theme and started writing. Now he finds himself going from episode to episode in an anime world. His driving force is to poke fun at stories that aren't that bad. Jesse's only companions in his mission are whatever guests his real world self finds apropriate. With each new episode, Jesse strives to continue his jokes without going too far over the edge. [Titles
    and dates begin flashing across the screen; the prior scenes continue. Title music is instrumental.]

    JESSE:[after the video ends] So, what do you think?
    MOM: Well, that was certainly interesting...

    [HENRY and GARGOMON enter]

    HENRY: Good afternoon, Jesse. We're here for the movie.
    GARGOMON: What's showing?
    JESSE: Episode Four in that Digimon series I'm showing. If you don't mind my asking, why the upped form?
    HENRY: There was trouble in the lot.
    JESSE: Ah.
    MOM:[nervous] Are these more of your friends?
    JESSE: Yeah. These are Henry Wong and Gargomon. The big guy here's usually a little fella with big ears.
    MOM: OK, well, I think I'll be going now. [leaves]
    JESSE: See you later.
    HENRY: So, when do we start?
    JESSE: Well, just grab up a few snacks and let's go. [Puts CALUMON on head]

    [All enter theater. Seating is TERRIERMON; JESSE; HENRY]

    Digimon: Digidefenders

    JESSE: Today's title is Episode Four: Three-Way War: Mastering Mekanorimon HENRY: Whoever does these things sure likes long titles.

    Adeis Adeba was quiet. That's because it was a hot day. It was too hot to >talk
    out loud. And when communication was necessary, they communicated >through nods and whispers.

    JESSE:[singing to tune of "The Boy in the Bubble" by Paul Simon] It was a hot day; too hot for talking out loud; and when communication was neccessary it was through wispers and nods...
    HENRY: This may be a day of miracle and wonder, indeed.

    Today, the ones to get water from the river was Eli and Sanjara. Sanjara >noticed something different about Eli, and it wasn't the strange wrist object >he wore or the necklace with a large blue rectangle attached.

    JESSE: Of course, the little things like the odd dissapearing spells and the strange new ideas he always had when he got back went almost unnoticed.

    It was his attitude, he was always >looking over his shoulder, like he was
    expecting something horrible to pop up.

    Little did Sanjara knew that Eli had a source of his worrying.

    JESSE: His mob debt.
    HENRY: I don't think they have much of that in Africa.
    JESSE: More than you might think.

    A few days ago while he >was walking through the woods, a Digimon appeared
    before him. It was Toy >Agumon, a rookie Digimon who looked like Agumon made out
    of lego blocks.

    HENRY: Oh yeah, that's really something to be scared of.
    JESSE: One swift kick to the torso and he's gone.

    Eli was about to >call on his Digimon when Toy Agumon attacked him with his
    Toy Flame attack, a >mini fireball.

    JESSE: And people say *I've* got slow reflexes.

    Out of fear, Eli dove for cover. Toy Agumon was about to >harrass Eli with his
    attacks when a blast struck him and he was deleted. Eli's >savior was Frigimon, a different Frigimon from the one Rick and Betamon fought >the first day they became Digidefenders.

    HENRY: Yeah, because that one's *DEAD*!
    GARGOMON: Well a zombie Frigimon could have saved him.

    Then, just as he mysteriously appeared, Frigimon mysteriously >vanished, the
    logical conclusion being he returned to the Digital World.

    JESSE: Either there or North Dakota.

    The entire attack took less than a minute. But that minute felt like an >eternity for Eli. Since then, he was always on guard.

    HENRY:[sarcastically] Really?

    "Eli?" Eli jumped accidentally spilling the buckets of water he carried. It >was only Sanjara. "Eli, is something wrong? You look like somebody is about >to
    pop up and kill you."

    JESSE:[Eli] Sister, you don't know how true that is.

    "Forgive me, San, I'm just feeling a little... uneasy today." Sanjara laughed. >She had been Eli's friend and surrogate sister ever since he fist arrived at >the village. She knew that Eli often was having trouble relaxing.

    HENRY: Must be drinking too much coffee.
    CALUMON: Yeah.
    JESSE: I know a few relaxation techniques that might help.

    Eli's D-4 began beeping. Sanjara was startled and dropped her buckets as well. >"Eli, your wrist."

    HENRY:[Eli] What about it?

    Eli looked down at his D-4. He quickly covered it up. "It's nothing, Sanjara, >just... nothing. Don't worry about it."

    But Sanjara didn't believe it for a moment. If it was nothing, why was Eli >making a big production on hiding his wrist thingie

    JESSE:[Jane from "Waiting for God"] His wrist is having... thingie.
    HENRY: Oh, thank you.

    and continue going about his business like it was >any normal day. No,
    something was wrong, and she was sure that she would be >there to help him when the time came.

    Over at the Hypnos Organization base, Yamaki was in his office getting a report
    from Riley.

    JESSE:[Yamaki] Oh yeah, that's the way you do it...
    GARGOMON: Not another one...

    "Sir, after the Wild One appeared in America, we did a global scan. What we >discovered was something disturbing, sir."

    "Go on," Yamaki urged.

    HENRY:[Riley] The American distributors are editing scenes from the show, sir.

    "Sir, our scans detected that the barrier between the Internet and here that >the Juggernaut..." Riley stopped. Blaming the Juggernaut for the surge of >powerful Digimon that have been bio-emerging is like telling Yamaki that his >perfect machine was flawed.

    JESSE: Well, she didn't have much trouble telling him that.
    CALUMON: No.

    "Continue," Yamaki commanded although there was a warning tone in his voice.

    "Yes, sir. The barrier between the Digimon's world and here is global. And >there are several weak spots, and those are where the Wild Ones will most >likely bio-emerge."

    "So where are these weak spots?"

    "We aren't done with the full global scan yet, but one of the weak spots is in >Africa."

    JESSE:[Riley] We've also found another, but we haven't figured it out yet. GARGOMON:[Yamaki] What *do* you know about it?
    JESSE:[Riley] It seems to follow you, sir.

    "Africa? Why would a weakness in the Digital barrier be in a place with >realtively few digital devices?"

    JESSE:["Babylon 5's" Kosh] The answer is the question.
    HENRY: What?
    JESSE:[Kosh] The answer is the question.
    CALUMON: I don't get it.

    "I think you just answered your own question, sir.

    JESSE: See?

    I think that it's the overall Web that >serves as a net catching the Wild
    Ones. But like a net, there're holes in it >and sometimes they can escape through those holes and into our world."

    HENRY: That's so complex it's actually simple.

    "Interesting. Anything else?"

    JESSE:[Riley/"Enterprise"'s Phlox] Well, the weak spot that seems to follow you appears to be about at shoulder height and about the size of your head...

    Riley looked down at the floor for a second before replying. "Yes, sir. If >you
    can spare a few more minutes of your time."

    "I can."

    "Sir, imagine that the stitching in the net was loose. The net would easily >rip and whatever's caught will fall through. The same thing is with this.

    JESSE: That's a bit off, grammatically.
    HENRY: "The same is true of this" might have been better.

    The barrier is so weak >that more than one Wild One can fall through if enough
    pressure is put on it."

    "We need to put a stop to this insanity once and for all.

    GARGOMON:[Yamaki] I'm disbanding Hypnos.

    Make sure Juggernaut is fully >up and running. We must eliminate ALL of these
    worthless freaks before they >have a chance to destroy us! Even if we have to make some sacrifices."

    JESSE: Oh, now, don't talk yourself out of a job, Yamaki.

    "Yes, sir," Riley said softly. She knew what he was talking about. He was >willing to do anything to make sure the Digimon are destroyed, even if that >meant sacrificing those children in the process.

    "I said you're dismissed, Riley." Riley didn't hear him the first time.

    HENRY: Neither did we.

    "Yes, sir." Riley turned and left to return to the control room. This was >getting out of hand.

    GARGOMON: Typical for Yamaki, though.

    At the headquarters, the Commander was getting the same report from one of her >subordinates when an alarm rang out.

    "Ma'am," a technician called. "Crossover detected. Wait... getting a second >signature... and a third! We have three crossovers at once!"

    JESSE: My God, the blast'll take out this entire wing of the mall!

    "This had never happened before," the Commander said. "Where are they crossing >over?"

    JESSE: Babylon Five! Salor Moon and Star Trek: the Next Generation just appeared

    "All three of them are appearing in Ethiopia, Africa."

    "Eli won't be able to handle this alone," the Commander said. "Send Mari and >Jorge there at once."

    The Digidefenders from France and Brazil were emitted from the same palm pilot >that sucked up Eli the first day. But this time, it was in Eli's hut. They >were disoriented, then left the hut.

    JESSE: Hey, where's Quinn Malory and Professor Arturo?

    "So this is Ethiopia?" Jorge asked looking around.

    "Looks like a real dump to me," Mari commented.

    CALUMON: Mari'd say that about anyplace that isn't Paris.

    "That's why it's called a third-world nation," Jorge pointed out. "Come on, >let's find Eli."

    "Strangers!" Jorge and Mari turned to see a couple of villagers heading >towards them with tools in their hands. Apparently, they were meant to be used >as weapons.

    GARGOMON: The first clue is that they were all carying knives of one sort or another.

    "Your kind is not welcome here," one villager said.

    JESSE: They don't like *children*?

    Mari and Jorge looked at each >other then down at themselves. Their skin was
    not like the Ethiopians.

    JESSE: Gee, a European and a Brazillian.
    HENRY: Who would have thought they'd look different from Ethiopians?

    The natives >probably thought they were here to wreck the village.

    JESSE: Well, given two hundred years of European and American history in Africa to consider, it would be hard to see them thinking much else.

    "Wait, hear us out," Jorge said. "We just want to find Eli."

    "How do you know Eli?" The villager asked.

    "We're like him." Jorge held out his D-4 and Mari showed hers as well.

    HENRY:[David Duchovny] Mulder, FBI.

    "Liars! Wretched devils! Eli will not be corrupted by your ways."

    "Now wait just a minute, pal, we're here to help your village, not to harm it."

    "Then how do you know Eli?"

    "Hello, we just told you! He's one of us!" Mari snapped. The villager jabbed >the handle of the rake he was carrying into Mari's stomach. Mari winced and >crouched down.

    JESSE:[Worms 2] You had it coming!

    "Hey, you have no right to hit her!" Jorge shouted! He was ready to call >forth
    Gotsumon to protect them when the bladed end of the rake was placed in >his face.

    "Shut your mouth, child, or you will get the same!"

    GARGOMON: Not from that end, he won't.

    "Forget it, kid, this moron obviously has the brain of a monkey. Let's just >find Eli, kick the Digimon's butt and get back."

    "Stay where you are, scum! Your kind think they are masters of the universe!

    JESSE: No offense, Henry, but preteens tend to get that way from time to time. HENRY: I know exactly what you mean.

    You >think your ways are perfect and force people to be drawn into your world
    of >hypocracy. Well I shall not let Eli be corrupted to your ways." Mari had had
    enough. She made a fist and brought it down on the rake, breaking it in half.

    HENRY: Right, disarm one guy and stop an entire angry mob.
    GARGOMON: If only everything were that easy.

    "I have a signature on his D-4," Jorge said. "Looks like it's a mile or so to >the west."

    "Any sign of the Digimon?"

    "Yeah, three signatures."

    "Goody, let's go."

    "By the way," Jorge said as they left the village and the weirdo villager with >the rake of doom and went into the woods.

    JESSE: So, there was just one guy, then?
    CALUMON: I thought there was an entire mob.
    HENRY: Me too.

    "How did you do that?"

    "You mean the thing with the rake?"


    "I took Karate lessons in fifth grade. It was suppose to help me control my >temper."

    "Did it work?"

    "What do you think?"


    "Then there's your answer."

    HENRY: What? That we're out of popcorn, candy and soda?
    JESSE: Let's go get some more, then.

    [Lobby. JESSE, HENRY, TERRIERMON and CALUMON are at the video projector setup. The images on the wall are from a laptop.]

    HENRY: You've got another presentation for us, Jesse?
    JESSE: Yeah. Remember how you mentioned the edited versions of the Digimon shows
    that get shown in the US?
    HENRY: Yes, but how can you do a presentation about that?
    TERRIERMON: This should be interesting.
    CALUMON: Yeah.
    JESSE: Actually, I found some Real Video files of the various clips on the 'Net.
    I'll show the US clip first and then the Japanese clip.
    HENRY: Sounds good.
    JESSE: Let's start out with a few clips from season one. [starts a clip] OK, this one's the US version of episode 1.27, "The Gateway to Home". Looks like Nanimon's got some sorta pop there, right?
    CALUMON: Uh huh.
    JESSE: And now for the same clip from the Japanese clip. [rolls clip] Obviously not a bottle of pop, right?
    TERRIERMON: What is it then?
    [The video's sound track plays the opening lines to "In Heaven There is no Beer"
    by Brave Combo]
    HENRY: Beer?
    JESSE: Uh huh. Beer. There's alot of beer references in the first season. There are also some fight scenes that were also altered.
    TERRIERMON: Fight scenes, huh?
    JESSE: Yeah. Here's a fight scene from the US version of episode 2.44, "Dark Sun, Dark Spore" [the scene of Sylphymon and LadyDevimon fighting plays] Supposedly Sylpymon and LadyDevimon were a tad rougher there.
    HENRY: Show us.
    [Same scene as before, only LadyDevimon kicks Sylphymon a few more times] CALUMON: You're right, that was rougher.
    JESSE: And here's an interesting one that was cut from its inital showing but left in place for subsequent episodes. It's Wizardmon's death scene from episode
    1.28, "Wizardmon's Gift". [shows the scene]
    HENRY: So that made it into a couple others?
    JESSE: Yep. The folks in the newsgroup said it was in the flashback sequences of
    1.53 "Now Apocalymon" *AND* 2.17 "Ghost of a Chance"
    TERRIERMON: Interesting.
    JESSE: And now for a grossout scene, cut from the US version. This clip comes from episode 2.22, "Davis Cries Wolfmon". [shows the clip.]
    HENRY:[as scene plays] He's not... y'know... whizing... is he?
    JESSE:[as scene plays] I'm afraid so.
    TERRIERMON:[as scene plays] At least he could have found a restroom.
    JESSE:[as scene plays] In a way, he does, before he's finished.
    [The scene of Tortomon "going" concludes with him falling off a cliff]
    HENRY: Oh, thanks for sharing that, Jesse.
    JESSE: There's one more set I'd like to show before we head back in. It's from the beginning of season three, your season. Let's see if you can spot the difference.
    TERRIERMON: Bring it on.
    [First the US scene of Terriermon's first time being Gargomon, where he is *not*
    scratched by Renamon and then the Japanese version where he *is*.]
    CALUMON: There was a difference there?
    HENRY: Well it was kinda subtle. The first one didn't show Gargomon getting scractched by Renamon, whereas the second *did*.
    TERRIERMON: Yeah. Where'd you find out about that anyway?
    JESSE: Through the alt.fan.digimon newsgroup and a Google archive search. HENRY: Cool.

    [All return to theater]

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