• MST3K on IFC

    From Bice@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 9 12:05:04 2020
    This is old news but in case anyone else is as out of touch as me...

    My wife was awake in the wee hours of the night a couple weeks ago and
    noticed a MST3K episode airing on the IFC channel. She told me and I
    set up a season pass on the Tivo and so far it's recorded about half a
    dozen episodes, both older ones from the Mike era and newer episodes
    with Jonah Ray. There are some Joel episodes scheduled to air soon.

    Even better - IFC's web site has a bunch of episodes from seasons 1-6
    available for streaming. Full episodes, and free as far as I can
    tell, you just have to sit through a commercial or two.

    Just wanted to put the news out in case there are any other fossils
    like myself who A. still read this newsgroup, B. still have cable and
    C. didn't already know about this.

    -- Bice

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