• MiSTing: Digimon: Digidefenders epsiode 1 [1/3]

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    Title: Digimon: Digi-Defenders, Episode 1
    Original Author: Phantom 1
    MiSTing Author: Jesse Shearer
    Era: nonstandard
    Category: anime

    [Scene is done in the anime style of Digimon and is very similar to that of
    "A Day in the Life of a Pizza Cat." JESSE is outside in main hallway of
    mall, changing movie posters.]

    JESSE:[thinking] I gotta unplug that claw game so things will go back to
    normal around here. But what am I going to do with it?

    [A little red dinosaur walks up beside JESSE, who looks over, greets it, and then goes back to the poster for a moment before realizing what's going on]

    JESSE:[supprized] Dah! I know what you are and where you came from, but I'm
    not too sure of the "who" part. Are you Agumon or Guilmon?
    DINO: I'm Guilmon. Who are you?
    JESSE: I'm Jesse. This is my theater. Aren't you supposed to be with...
    uh, what's his name? Takato?
    GUILMON: I got lost. He said to meet me someplace around here. Have you
    seen him?
    JESSE: No, but I've been paying more attention to my posters than I have
    much else today. He might have gone to the arcade around the corner. Let's check there. [looks to camera] Quick break! Check out the "now showing"
    poster, eh?

    [A movie poster for Digimon: Digi-Defenders, Episode 1: The Gathering and Appearance of Betamon appears on the screen. The art includes a picture of
    a giant polar bear rearing on its hind legs below the words "Digimon: Digi-Defenders" near the top; a picture of the Earth in the middle; and
    eight children holding digivices near the bottom. The children are dressed
    in steriotypical styles from New York, Brazil, Paris, Moscow, Ethiopia,
    China, Japan, and Australia. At the bottom is "Episode I"]

    [Scene is theater lobby. Wall has three other posters on the wall with
    space for more]
    JESSE: Huh. The Starlight Rainbow is my second favorite place in this mall.
    I thought Takato would have gone there for sure.
    GUILMON: I hope nothing bad happens. Takato will be mad enough when he
    finds out I'm missing.
    JESSE: Oh yeah, that's right. People aren't supposed to know about your existence. I got an idea. You know that poster you saw me putting up
    GUILMON: Yeah...
    JESSE: The guy that made it and the movie that goes with it wanted me to
    watch it and send him comments. Wanna watch it with me? Noone will know
    you're there.
    GUILMON: OK. Got any food?
    JESSE: Yeah. Want some Reces Peanut Butter Cups?
    GUILMON: Peanut butter? Oh boy!
    JESSE: OK, then. [goes over to the concession counter and pulls out two double-king-sized packs of peanut butter cups] Come on in. Let's get

    [Double doors open. Somehow, Guilmon has managed to fit into the second
    seat in the row while Jesse takes the one in the aisle.]

    Digimon: Digi-Defenders

    JESSE: Cool title. Star Wars-esque. I like it.
    GUILMON: Yeah. Me, too.

    There was no natural source of light.

    JESSE: There *was,* however, a *supernatural* source of light.
    GUILMON: Huh?
    JESSE: A *ghostly* source of light.
    GUILMON:[sounding scared] Ghosts? Where?
    JESSE: There aren't any. Didn't mean to scare you like that. Sorry

    sources of light came from control panels >that displayed various readouts.
    A woman in a military uniform, known only as "The >Commander" sat at her
    command station.

    JESSE: Better hers than mine.

    Control panels were around her and >operators sat at those panels.

    JESSE: Were the operators operating their control panels and controling
    things with them?
    GUILMON: You're funny, Jesse. I wish Impmon were like you.

    "Commander," a voice called out. "Anomaly detected."

    GUILMON: What's an "anomalaly," Jesse?
    JESSE: Something that's wrong. I think.

    "Where?" She asked with a voice that held no emotion.

    JESSE:[voice] Your mind, Commander. You seem to have no feelings about anything.

    "Tokyo, Japan."

    "On screen." The people in the control room turned to face the main view >screen >positioned right in front of the Commander's control station.

    JESSE: Star Trek: The Motion Picture was starting on TNN.

    It showed a blue shaft of >light rising into the sky.

    "It begins."

    "Crossover detected," a technician announced. "Ontario, Canada. Coming on >screen."

    JESSE:[Babylon 5's Kosh] You have... forgotten something.....

    The screen split. On the left was the anomaly in Japan. On the right,
    flashes of numbers appeared.

    JESSE: OK, mabey not.
    GUILMON: That's a funny television.

    They were mostly 0s and 1s. Suddenly the
    numbers became a >form. It looked like a large white polar bear.

    JESSE: As opposed to what? A small black one?
    GUILMON: Or one carrying sodas.

    The Commander gripped something around her neck.

    GUILMON: What's she doing, Jesse?
    JESSE: I don't know. I didn't get a good look at what was on her neck
    before she covered it.

    "So, they have started."

    "Yes, Commander, GPS is tracking it. It's heading South-East... towards
    New York >City."

    JESSE:[singing] Be-bop Kitty lives in New York City...

    "Commander," one of the younger operators spoke up. "Are you going to
    handle it."

    The Commander gripped the object around her neck even harder.

    JESSE:[Commander] I already am?

    Some of the other >operators scowled at him
    for making such a rude question.

    "No," she replied. "I think it's time we initiate the DD project."

    JESSE: They're gonna sick Ed, Edd and Eddie on it!

    "Yes, ma'am," the control room echoed. They began reprogramming their >terminals just >like they did during practice drills.

    JESSE: Woah, woah, woah! This isn't the movie I signed up for!
    GUILMON: I don't get it.
    JESSE:[wispers ing GUILMON's ear]
    GUILMON: Now I get it.
    JESSE: And don't tell Takato that I said that.

    "Prepare the digiports.

    JESSE:[tries to cover GUILMON's eyes]
    GUILMON:[flinches away] Hey! What are you doing?

    Target them towards different
    sections of the globe. I want >the retrievals datalinked here as soon as
    they receive them."

    JESSE: You know, I think the author's a Trekkie that just won't admit it.

    "Ma'am, what about cards?" A technician asked.

    JESSE:[Commander] Just bring `em up when you want me to sign them.

    "That," the Commander replied. "Will be up to them."

    GUILMON: It always is.

    "Datastream established," one officer called out.

    "Read out exit points," the Commander instructed.

    "Yes, ma'am. New York, Brazil, Paris, Moscow, Ethiopia, China, Japan, and

    JESSE:[Commander] Oh yes, and do be sure to target only large population centers.

    "Eight," the Commander murmured almost to herself. "Seems appropriate.
    Okay, >begin datalink."

    "Datalink started."

    JESSE: Linking to Mr. Data.

    The Commander sighed. "Let's hope these are more receptive to the

    JESSE: Wait. Guilmon, do you remember when they said they'd tried this
    GUILMON: No...
    JESSE: Neither do I.
    GUILMON: I'm confused.
    JESSE: I'll try to explain what I can later.


    JESSE:[Worms 2 voice; waves arms above head] Victowee!
    GUILMON:[mimics JESSE's arm movements]

    Veedramon digivolves to Aero Veedramon and using his V-Wing
    Blade, >blows Unimon away!"

    Albert cursed.

    JESSE:[Fat Albert] Hey, hey hey!

    "Why didn't I see that coming? I should've digivolved
    when I had the >chance."

    "I guess you're not as good a player as you boasted," Stephen smirked.

    GUILMON:[reaches for Albert's shoulder] Don't worry, you'll get better

    "Oh yeah, we'll just see about that. I want a rematch."

    JESSE:[other kids] Rematch! Rematch! Rematch!

    "Another one? Al, that's the third rematch you've asked for in a row.
    Just admit defeat >so we can all move on."

    "No, I know I can win this time. All I needed was a chip card and..."

    "Give it a rest, Al. It's not the cards, it's the player." Stephen and
    Albert turned to see
    the boy lying against an air duct, eyes closed.

    JESSE: So there's *one* boy named Albert and *another* boy named Al?
    GUILMON: Un huh.

    "But Rick, I was just ready to DNA-digivolve."

    JESSE: Wasn't he playing Stephen?

    "You're just a sore loser," Stephen argued.

    "Hey, why don't you and Rick play. Rick's an excellent Digimon player."

    JESSE: So *Al* wants *Stephen* to play *Rick* at Digimon?
    GUILMON: I think so.
    JESSE: Is it just me, or is this scene getting *way* too confusing?

    Rick scowled and got up. "I didn't bring my deck."

    JESSE:[Rick] How dare you suggest that I may want to play a round of my favorite card game?

    "You can use my deck," Albert argued.

    "You mean the loser deck," Stephen joked.

    JESSE: OK, that's it. I'm done trying to figure this scene out.
    GUILMON: Jesse, can you open some of the candy for me?
    JESSE: Oh, sure. [opens end of a wraper and slides a couple peices into GUILMON's paws. GUILMON gobbles both down, paper and all]

    Rick just got up and left the rooftop where he and his friends usually
    played Digimon >after school. He didn't want to tell the others, but he >wasn't as confident about playing >the game as they might've thought.

    JESSE: He's still probably better than I would be.
    GUILMON: You've never played...?
    JESSE: I don't even know where they sell the cards around here.

    He didn't have the
    instinct that most Digimon >players had. He reached into his pocket and
    took out a card, his best card. A Betamon >card.

    Rick walked down eighth avenue passing an electronics store. As he stopped
    to look at >a display computer, he noticed the screen glowing abnormally.

    JESSE: Boy, they should really switch that out before it quits completely. GUILMON: Yeah.

    Suddenly his name >popped up on the screen. Rick
    looked around to make sure nobody was around. >Nobody was, in fact, not
    even the store's clerk noticed it.

    GUILMON: Mabey he's in the back room getting a new monitor.

    Quietly, Rick snuck inside, thankful to the fates that there wasn't a bell.
    He turned the >monitor around. Energy shot out and formed a strange
    device in his hand.

    JESSE: I hate to think how badly his hands must be burned right now.

    It was >shaped like a
    watch but it had buttons and a small video screen on it. There was also
    two slots. A large one on the side and a small one on the back.

    "Cool," Rick commented as he put it on. "I wonder if I can get cable on
    this thing." He >started pushing buttons.

    "Hey, kid, what are you doing?" Rick swished around to see the clerk
    scowling at him.

    JESSE:[Rick] Can I get cable on this thing? I'm missing my favorite

    "If you wanted to see the display model, you should've asked. I swear, you >kids, you think everything you can touch is yours..." As the clerk
    complained about "today's delinquents,"

    JESSE: Seeing as how the clerk himself was one.
    GUILMON: How can you be sure?
    JESSE: You mean aside from the green hair and the ratty goatee?

    Rich's hand with the strange device on it touched the

    JESSE: Is that an editing error or did his name just change to Rich?

    Numbers >began flashing on the
    screen of the device.

    "You have two seconds to get out of here before I decide to call the
    poli..." Out of >nowhere, energy emitted from the monitor and swallowed

    JESSE: I'm a little more convinced that this guy's a Trekkie like I am. GUILMON: Why?
    JESSE: The computer just beamed Rick up.

    "Huh? Where'd he go?"

    The sun was just about setting over the Arc d'Triumph. 13 year old Marisa >LeChon >leaned against the side of the large structure, within eye distance >from the Eiffel Tower >and Versailles Palace.

    JESSE: Now all we need is a little mood music to fully establish that this little girl is French and lives in Paris.

    She was delibrately waiting for the sun
    to go down. Not to see >the sunset, but todrive her mom crazy. Normally,
    she would be home by 3:30 (Paris >time),

    JESSE: Are you sure that's not Minneapolis time?

    but after her mother gave her a scolding due to staying out too
    late, especially on >weeknights, she started staying out just long enough
    to make her parents worry. But she >was about to be thrown a curve ball.

    "Marisa!" Marisa gasped and turned to see her mother coming out in
    trenchcoat and high-heels.

    JESSE: Well, at least it's not Captain Picard in a Starfleet uniform and jackboots.

    "There you are. So this is where
    you've been sneaking off to."


    "Don't give me any excuses, young lady, you're already in deep trouble as
    it is."

    "I wasn't going to give you an excuse," Mari snapped.

    JESSE: You know, it's nice to know that all the characters have nicknames,
    but it's also disturbing.
    GUILMON: I'm confused by it.
    JESSE: Me, too. That's why it's disturbing.

    "Don't snap at me, you little... This is the fifteenth time you've been out >late. You think >I'm running a hotel here?"

    JESSE:[Marisa] No, but I think the government *is* running a national
    monument here.

    "With the number of boyfriends you bring home per week? Yeah, I think
    you're running >a hotel, or at least a brothel."

    JESSE: Dhoo-hoo! Someone's got spunk!
    GUILMON: I wonder if Rika has a French cousin?

    "How dare you! Get to your room now!" Mari thumbed her nose at her mother
    but >went to her room.

    JESSE: Well, I think we've established that this character goes by Mari now.

    She could hear her mother complaining on the
    phone, complaining >about "how could I have produced such a little brat. I >don't know where I went wrong."

    JESSE: Mabey it's because the kid's got about a dozen dads.

    With contempt in her, Mari booted up her computer and logged onto the >Internet.

    JESSE: Well, I can think of *worse* things her contempt could drive her to
    GUILMON: Like what?
    JESSE: You'll understand later...

    She >was just about
    to explore her favorite web sites when the screen began to glow.

    "Now what?" She asked exasperated. "This better not be one of those lousy >pop-up >ads."

    JESSE:[makes a noise like bubbles going through a tank of water]

    The screen deposited a strange watch-type device into Mari's lap.


    JESSE: That's just what I was going to say.
    GUILMON: I don't get it.
    JESSE: Never mind...

    Mari picked up the device and stared at it. "It isn't even
    my color. What is >this..."

    Her computer monitor began to flash digital numbers. Her device also
    flashed numbers. >Mari was sucked into the screen.

    JESSE: That was short and sweet.

    "This is Nicole Chavez reporting live from Rio de Janero, Brazil. Behind
    me, you can >see what remains of Flight 239 to Cancoon, Mexico.

    JESSE: Oh, Cancun! I had several opportunities to go there in college.
    GUILMON: What for?
    JESSE: Spring Break, of course!

    The plane crashed in an area of >the rain forest just outside of
    Rio de Janero. Over 100 of the 250 passengers and crew >on board Flight
    239 died on impact, an additional thirty are already being air lifted to
    Bermuda for treatment. Although the engine didn't explode because the
    plane turned >upside down when it crashed..."

    Behind the tightly-dressed reporter, children frolicked not caring that
    they were getting >more attention from the media-watching public than the >reporter was.

    JESSE: Oh, yeah. A hundred students die in Brazil over spring break and everyone's watching the kids play. Must be CNN.

    One child however wasn't as giddy as the others were. He sat against the
    side of a >building

    JESSE: Wishing that he had been agressive enough to get more of the Kool-Aid before it was gone...
    GUILMON: Kool-Aid! Yum!

    with his knees pulled up against his small chest.

    A woman came up to him. "Jorge, are you all right?"

    "Yes, Senora Hernandez, I am all right. I am just sorry for the plane

    "So am I, Jorgito, it is always sad when people die."

    "Do you think this will cause an international incident?"

    JESSE:[Senora Hernandez] Probably, knowing Americans and their Presidente George Bush.

    "What do you know of international incident?"

    "It does not take a genious to realize that one country will blame another >and we will be
    caught in the middle."

    JESSE: Sad, really.
    GUILMON:[lowers ears] Yeah.

    Senora Hernandez smiled and rubbed his head. "Jorge, you are too young to >worry >about such a thing. You must learn to relax."

    JESSE:[singing] For Mystery Science Theater Three Thousand...!
    GUILMON: You sing good, Jesse.
    JESSE: Eh, alright, I guess.

    Senora Hernandez returned to her >house.

    Jorge got up and took a walk around his neighborhood. He noticed that the >reporter set >up a laptop with satellite uplink so she could communicate
    with her news agency. The >curiosity of a ten year old overpowered Jorge's >elder-like mind and he went up to it.

    JESSE: Hey, Jorge! Call up the AP newsfeed, huh?
    GUILMON: Why you wanna see that?
    JESSE: Oh, I like getting my news direct. Besides, I went to school to be a reporter like her.
    GUILMON: It didn't make you pretty like her.
    JESSE: Hey!

    Suddenly the screen started to glow. A watch-like device fell into Jorge's >hands.

    "What the... what is this thing? How did..." The computer screen glowed
    again and sucked Jorge into it.

    JESSE: Funny, I would think large, black, slablike monoliths would outrank plane crashes as news items.

    Moscow was immersed in darkness, but to certain people, it was day 24-7.

    JESSE: Boy, this is turning into *One Night On Earth* fast.
    GUILMON: What's *One Night On Earth*, Jesse?
    JESSE: It's a movie about people discussing life with taxi drivers at night. Good, actually.

    One of >those people was
    Nikolai Pavelnik, of the Northern region of Moscow. He was the type >of
    kid who took nothingfrom anybody. And when people did something that
    ticked him >off, he replied whether it as his business or not. As a pair
    of would-be-rapers were >about to find out.

    "No, stop, let me go!"

    JESSE: Stop! Please! Kids are in the theater!

    "Shut up, you little tramp, or we'll cut your throat!" Nikolai turned to
    see a woman >between two men. One of them was holding her arms back while
    the other was trying >to rip off her blouse.

    JESSE: Hey, now! This is a little much for the audience! [tries to cover GUILMON's eyes; gets little resistance]

    "Stop it! For God's sake, stop it!"

    JESSE:[still covering GUILMON's eyes] Now, is this the really *best* way to reveal Nikolai's warior spirit?
    GUILMON:[sounding scared] Jesse, I'm scared.
    JESSE: Me, too, little fella. Me, too.

    "God will save you only after we're done with you."

    "The lady asked you to stop it." Nikolai appeared behind the trio.

    "Hey, Ron, look at this, kid's trying to be a hero."

    "Shouldn't you be in school, kid?"

    JESSE:[still covers GUILMON's eyes; as Nikolai] At midnight? No!

    "Shouldn't you have white makeup, rubber nose, and be in the circus."

    JESSE:[same as previous; groans and closes own eyes]

    "Kid's a real comedian," Ron commented. "Tell you what, kid, I like you,
    so I'll let you >off. We'll even let you watch as we screw this little
    piece of flesh."

    JESSE: Now, if ever evil was hit right on the nose...
    GUILMON: Can I look now?
    JESSE:[removes hands] Yeah. I think the fight scene's about to start.

    Nikolai looked around and spotted a trash can lid. He picked it up. "I'd
    be surprised if >this actually worked."

    JESSE: Before now, I would have been suprised to see a scene like *that* in
    a movie like *this*.
    GUILMON: Was it as bad as it sounded?
    JESSE: You don't want to know.

    He threw the lid like a frisbee. It hit
    dead target on Ron's friend >and he went down.

    JESSE: Yeah! Now *RUN*, kid! I'd hate to see someone with guts like you
    get taken out!

    "Son of a..." Ron rushed at Nikolai. Right before the older man was about
    to pound the >kid into submission, Nikolai ramed his foot in Ron's stomach.
    Not stopping, Nikolai >pivoted on the ball of his foot and introduced
    Ron's head with the heel of his other foot. >The guy landed in a heep by
    his already knocked out friend.

    JESSE: Now, there's a *man's man*, even if he *is* only fifteen. I just
    wish *I* could have that kinda courage.
    GUILMON: Who knows, you just might.

    Nikolai wiped his forehead and took a breath, he then turned to the woman, >who was >already buttoning the three buttons that the two would-be rapers >managed to get undone >before Nikolai intervened.

    "Are you all right?" He asked.

    The woman smiled. "Yeah.

    JESSE:[woman] All things considered, anyway.

    Hey, thanks, kid, you're
    all right."

    "Thank you. I guess I forgot to warn them I'm two-time city-wide
    Kickboxing >champion."

    JESSE: Kickboxing champion? He just Bruce Leed those guys' heads off!
    GUILMON: Yeah!

    "Well I better get going." Before she left, she turned to him and gave him
    a wink. "The name's Pamela. Maybe I'll pay you back sometimes." And then
    she left.

    JESSE: I get a wierd feeling about her. She's a little old to be his girlfriend.
    GUILMON: I wonder what she'll do to pay him back, then?

    Nikolai turned to look at the two thrashed rapers but noticed something
    else. A suitcase >laying on the ground. Nikolai figured it belonged to >Pamela.

    JESSE: A logical conclusion.

    The case itself had no tag, >but maybe something
    inside it did.

    Nikolai unzipped the case and opened it up. A laptop laid in there,
    strapped in by velcrow.

    JESSE: Was there just one velcrow in the bag, or a whole flock of `em?

    "Sweet," Nikolai commented. "Hope it's got a full battery." Nikolai hit
    the power >button.

    JESSE: Oh, this is good. He beats a couple rapists to a pulp and then horks
    the lady's laptop when she goes to tell the cops.
    GUILMON: That's no good.

    "Hope there's no password." But sure enough, the first screen he
    came to had >the command: ENTER PASSWORD... Nikolai was about to type in >anything when the >password screen disappeared and an Internet screen >appeared. But instead of a web >site, Nikolai's name appeared.

    "Huh? Why would my name be on the Internet?"

    JESSE: In this day and age, why *wouldn't* it be on the Internet?

    The screen started to glow and >something fell onto the keyboard of the
    laptop, a watch-type device with three buttons >and two slots.

    "For me?" The screen glowed digital numbers and sucked Nikolai up. In
    four seconds, >the only things in the alleyway were some trash cans, two >K-Oed rapers, and an open >laptop.

    JESSE: And... Jumpcut!

    The village was nicknamed The Pit Fall (a rough translation of the native >tongue). But >officially, it was referred to as "Adeis Adeba." There
    weren't many people who lived >there, and those who did were part of an >extreme minority, the parishoners of a >long-forgotten religion.

    GUILMON: Looks like a good place to dig things up.
    JESSE: Or to escape from Grail-seeking enemies.

    The boy had no roots, no true identity. The citizens called him Eli. The >others insisted >that he was part of the village despite the mystery of his >origin, but he certainly didn't >feel like a part. His only comfort was in
    a strange sun-like symbol that was carved into >a huge rock.

    JESSE: Sounds like the kid's gonna be the mystic on the team.
    GUILMON: What makes you think there's gonna be a team here?
    JESSE: They've been introducing us to a bunch of interesting characters who have all been pulled into computers. I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a

    "Praying again, Eli?" Sanjara walked up to him.

    JESSE:[Eli] Only that my intro won't be as violent as that last kid's.

    "Yes," he replied. "Hopefully, the gods can help me in my quest.

    "Eli, the past is in the past, you must concentrate on the present."

    GUILMON: Presents? Where?
    JESSE: I think the lady with the Patrick Stewart training is refering to the when here.

    Sanjara shook her >head. "I don't know what
    we're going to do with you."

    "I'm sorry, San. I am being obsessive again, aren't I."

    "You are only human, Eli. Come to bed."

    GUILMON: Jesse?
    JESSE: Either Eli's alot older than he looks or there's *two* beds.

    "I'll be there in a minute, I just want to take a walk."

    "Well don't be too long." Sanjara threw her long coiled hair back behind
    her shoulder >and went away.

    JESSE:[trumpet sound] Wha wah whawha wha!

    Eli got up and went to the outskirts of the village. It was very quiet,
    just the way he >liked it.

    JESSE: It tends to get that way after nine at night in most small towns.

    Suddenly, he stepped on something that didn't feel natural. Eli looked
    down and came >face-to-face with a skull. Eli screamed and staggered back.
    It was a full skeleton.

    JESSE: Well, at least it wasn't as scary as what Nikolai had to deal with,
    eh, Guilmon?
    GUILMON: Yeah.

    "A... a skeleton. Wh... what happened?"

    JESSE:[grimly] Somebody met an unfortunate end here.
    GUILMON:[grimly] Really unfortunate.

    He asked
    the empty air. He looked around >and discovered something. A small gray >screen laid near the skeleton's hip bone. Ever >so gingerly, Eli picked it >up. The writing was in English. Eli had picked up some of the >language
    when the United Nations Humanitarian Relief people came by last month.

    JESSE: Kid's a quick learner.

    "Log... on...l...ine. Log online. Is that what it says? Why does it

    JESSE: The embedded Windows programming wants to update itself.

    The palm pilot >that he held began to
    glow as it connected to the Internet vie a satellite uplink. The >glowing >screen deposited a strange watch-type device onto his feet.

    Eli staggered back with fear. What was this strange device that literally >popped out of >nowhere?

    "Sanjara," Eli called silently, but nervously. But none heard his call.
    Eli picked up a >stick and poked the watch-device with it.

    JESSE:[makes some poking sound effects with mouth]
    GUILMON: How did you do that?
    JESSE: Just make some bubbles between your cheek and gum...

    happened. Eli poked it a few more >times before deciding it was safe to
    pick up. It felt cool to the touch. Eli touched the >device to the palm >pilot, he was sucked into it.

    JESSE:[Emeril Lagasse] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't worry, this is just a one
    time thing.

    "Commander," an officer called. "Over half of the retrievals have been >acquired. We're >still waiting for China, Japan, and Australia."

    JESSE: They got five. I got five. You got five, Guilmon?
    GUILMON: I do.

    "Good, keep it up."

    JESSE: Break time. Let's head out.
    [Both exit theater through double doors]

    [Break image: Poster for "J. Michael Shearer's Theater Presents `A Day in
    the Life of a Pizza Cat'." The scene has a restaraunt scene with the
    Samurai Pizza Cats at a table looking excited and a plate in the air framed
    by the title on top and five silhouetts pretending to be the orchestra on
    the bottom.]

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