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    [JESSE and GUILMON are at the consession stand, JESSE is behind the counter near a soda fountan. Below the nozzles are two huge paper cups being filled with pop.]
    JESSE: So, enjoying the movie, Guilmon?
    GUILMON: Yeah, but it's confusing sometimes.
    JESSE: I hear you. Have you been able to figure out who all the kids were
    from the roof in New York?
    GUILMON: Nuh uh.
    JESSE: There was an Albert and an Al and a Rick, I think.
    GUILMON: I think there was a Stephen, too.
    JESSE: Now that you mention it, I think so...
    [TAKATO enters the loby and runs towards JESSE and GUILMON]
    TAKATO: Guilmon! There you are! You really had me worried.
    GUILMON: I'm sorry, Takato.
    TAKATO: That's alright, Guilmon. As long as you're safe. [to JESSE] How
    many people saw him?
    JESSE: As far as I know, I'm the only one. We've been watching a movie in
    the theater for about twenty or thirty minutes now.
    TAKATO: He hasn't been too much trouble, I hope.
    JESSE: No trouble at all. Actually, it's been pretty cool having him
    TAKATO: Well, it's good to know that there's been no trouble. What's the
    movie you've been watching?
    JESSE: Something you might like. Lots of science fiction stuff. Computers
    that cough out digital watches and pull people into cyberspace...
    GUILMON: Kids that play Digimon just like you do!
    JESSE: And there's this really mysterious place where nameless people do high-powered cyberspace tracking and the like.
    TAKATO: Cool! Mind if I join you?
    JESSE: Be my guest.
    [All enter theater. TAKATO takes the third seat in; GUILMON and JESSE take
    the same seats they had before.]

    "There you go, Ling," the girl said as she tied the bandage. "Just be sure
    to keep the >bandage on until you get to the hospital."

    JESSE: I think we're about to meet the team's medic.

    "Kay, Chi," the child said.

    JESSE:[child] Mind if I practice martial arts along the way?
    TAKATO: What?
    JESSE: Kay Chi sounds alot like Tai Chi, doesn't it?
    TAKATO: Yeah, I guess it does.

    The child's mother turned to her.
    "Thank you so much, Chi. >It's a good thing you were here when Dara broke
    her leg."

    "It was my pleasure, Mrs. Pom," Chi said with a little bow. Ling and her >mother left but >not before Mrs. Pom stopped to speek with her mother.

    "You are so lucky to have Chi.

    JESSE:[Chi's mom] Well, spirit *does* tend to run high in my family...

    She's a big help with
    the neighborhood children."

    "Yes, her father and I are proud of her." Chi blushed but because her back >was turned, >the two women didn't see it. She always blushed when people >complimented her.

    "Mom, I'm going to go onto the Internet," she called.

    JESSE: Literally.
    TAKATO: Huh?
    JESSE: You wanna tell him, Guilmon?
    GUILMON: Nah. I think he should see for himself.

    "All right, dear. Dinner's in an hour."

    "Kay." Chi went into their family's computer room. The computer was
    primarily used >by her father for his work as a video programmer,

    JESSE: Hey, mabey Chi's old man could hire my kid brother. He's a computer programmer. MSCE certified, even.

    but the other members of the family >were allowed to use it as well.

    Chi logged on and accessed her favorite web site, a streaming-band radio >station from >Japan. Although she didn't know the language, she could make >out

    JESSE: I don't know if that's the best way to put it...
    TAKATO: Yeah.

    some of the >language including "strange,"
    (okashii) "company," (ittai) and "monster" (kaijuu).

    JESSE: Looks like Hoshi's translation matrix is off just a touch.
    TAKATO: You're a Trekkie, aren't you?
    JESSE: Does it show?
    TAKATO: Just a little bit.

    Just >as Chi was
    settling down, the music turned off. Chi panicked, afraid that she screwed
    up her Dad's computer.

    JESSE: Personally, I would have gone with *messed* up on that...
    TAKATO: You're mind's really in the gutter with this one.

    The screen began to glow. What Chi could only guess as an electronic watch >came out >of the screen. Chi screamed.

    "Chi, is everything all right?" Her mother called from the kitchen.

    TAKATO: Well, her dad's computer just gave her a Digivice. It's kinda hard
    to be alright after that.

    "No... I mean yes... I mean nothing to worry about," Chi stuttered.


    Chi took a deep breath and picked up the watch. As she did that, the
    screen glowed. >Chi dropped the device but she was still sucked into the >computer along with it.

    JESSE:[slight whooshing to words] Sliders!
    TAKATO: So this is what you guys meant when you said she was literally going
    on the Internet.
    GUILMON: Sure was.

    "I'm telling you, Guriko, there's something funny about that tower."

    "You're dreaming, Shinji. My Dad tells me there nothing but an Internet >Service >Company."

    "Then tell me what an Internet Service Company is doing with a SWAT team."


    "I saw it last night. They were hauling something big with that
    helicopter." This >argument had been going on for a while. Shinji
    believed that there was something >strange about the Sakiyuchi company that >ran the towers with all the satellite dishes. >But Guriko, who was
    spending the night at Shinji's house, was skeptic.

    JESSE: Must be a branch of Shinra, Inc.
    TAKATO: You like Final Fantasy Seven, huh?
    JESSE: Just haven't beaten it yet.

    "Whatever. Hey, did you hear about Takato?"

    "Why, what happened to him?"

    TAKATO: Yeah, what?

    "Apparently he and his friends got into some huge fight."

    "What a dork."

    JESSE:[Eddie] Ah, whadda you know?

    "Who are you talking about?"

    "All three of them."

    TAKATO: Well, if Rika and Renamon would just warm up a bit...

    Shinji looked up from his bed. "Um... Guriko,
    did you leave the >computer on?"

    "No, it's not my house." Shinji got up and tip-toed into the next room.
    Sure enough, the >computer screen was glowing. Shinji was going to turn it >off when the watch-type >device flew through the screen and hit him on the >head.

    JESSE:[Shinji] AAAAAHHHHH! My eye!

    "Ow." Shinji picked the device up off the floor. "What the..." Suddenly
    the screen >began to glow and pull him in. Shinji grabbed the chair but
    the pull was too strong.

    "Shinji, what's..." Guriko's eyes bulged out when he saw the sight.

    "Guriko, get me out of here!" Shinji cried.

    TAKATO:[Shinji] This stupid computer thinks it's picking a duck!
    JESSE: D'ho! His name is Shinji. Why didn't I think of that one?

    Guriko grabbed onto Shinji's arm (the one >that wasn't carrying the digital >device) but it was too little, too late as Shinji was pulled >into the >computer.

    The night was warm and crisp. Ashley ran across the Outback, Dinga
    trailing behind >her horse.

    JESSE: Dinga's a... dog, right?
    TAKATO: Looks that way.

    "You're enjoying this night run, aren't you, Dinga?" Ashley asked with a >laugh. Dinga >let out a playful bark.

    TAKATO: Yep, Dinga's a dog.
    GUILMON:[happy] Puppy!

    Ashley burst into laughter. It was the life.
    Her school life was >right, she was going to inherit her father's sheep
    herding profession. She didn't have a >boyfriend, but so what, she was 15.
    It wasn't like she didn't care about people, but it >was more of a
    guardian role.

    "Hey Dinga," Ashley called. "Let's stop a minute, I need to check my
    e-mail." Ashley >hopped off her horse while Dinga ran around smelling >everything smellable.

    JESSE:[Spock] Dinga must evolve, Captain. She has smelled everything she
    can through logic...

    Ashley reached into her backpack and took out palm pilot.

    JESSE: *How much* palm pilot?

    Flipping the top up, she took >out a digital pen and
    activated the power button. Because there were no ISPs in her part >of >Australia, she had to use satellite uplink to link to the Internet.

    JESSE: That must be one sophisticated Palm Pilot.
    TAKATO: Not by today's standards.

    She expected the >Sydney Home Page to pop up,
    but instead something else popped up, or actually, >popped out.

    "Whoa!" Ashley backpedled as the watch-shaped device laid in front of her.
    Making >sure it wasn't hot, she picked it up. Just like all the others,
    she was sucked into the >Internet.

    JESSE: Forget about this guy being a Trekkie, he's a Sliders fan.

    Dinga sniffed the palm pilot, then the ground around it. Then she looked
    up at the night >sky and howled.

    JESSE: Ow ow owwwww... ow ow...

    "We got them," a technician cried.

    JESSE: Why is she crying if that's what they wanted?

    "Good. Digiport open, datalink here. Everybody clear out." The
    technicians quickly >cleared the room.

    JESSE: Data must be venting the bridge of oxygen again.

    Eight of the screens around the room began to glow.
    Energy shot out >and formed into human shape. Ryan, Jorge, Marisa, Chi,
    Nikolai, Eli, Shinji, and >Ashley all fell onto the floor.

    JESSE:[Commander, Malcom McDowel style] Welcome, Sliders.

    "Anyone get the license number of that computer," Shinji groaned.

    "That hurt."

    "What happened to me?" The others were just as disoriented.

    "I'm sorry if the trip over has been rather uncomfortable," the Commander >apologized. >"But

    JESSE:[Commander; Malcom McDowel style] ...now that you're here, your
    greatest wishes will come true.
    TAKATO: Oh, I get it! The more recent version of Fantasy Island!

    it was imperative that we get you over here." Everybody got up and
    looked >around.

    "Hey, where are we?"

    "This doesn't look like Moscow."

    JESSE:[Dorothy] I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto.
    TAKATO and GUILMON:[laugh]

    "You, tell us where we are!"

    JESSE: Any clue to who said that, guys?
    TAKATO: Eli, I think.

    "I'm sorry, but I can not disclose this location. Let's just say you're in
    a safe place."

    "Who do you think you are, Sergeant Slaughter?" Rick joked.

    "For now, you may call me the Commander."

    JESSE:[ B5's Ivonava] Welcome to Babylon Five.
    TAKATO: You're really pouring on the science fiction references, aren't you?

    "Okay, 'Commander'," Mari said making quotes with her fingers. "Why have
    you >kidnapped us?"

    JESSE:[Ivonava] Now that you mention it, why *did* I kidnap you?

    "Technically, I haven't kidnapped you. I only sent out the devices, they >chose you."

    TAKATO: Oh, sure. Blame the technology for your crimes.

    "Why us? What are these things?"

    JESSE:[Commander] Will "Why *not* you" and "I don't know" do?

    "You know," Ryan said. "Thsese kind of look like Digivices from the
    Digimon card >game."

    "That's because they are."

    TAKATO: Yeah, well we Tamers get fancy ones!

    "What, you've got to be kidding me. Digimon is fictional," Shinji

    GUILMON: No we're not!

    "Several years ago, a group of scientists created a new form of artificial >intelligence.

    JESSE:[Commander] Hence, me.

    These intelligences were so independent that they chose bodies for
    themselves based on >data taken from the Internet. The result was Digital >Monsters, or as you call them, >Digimon.

    "So, what does that have to do with anything?" Eli asked.

    "There's a certain... someone who has taken a prejudicial attitude towards >Digimon.

    TAKATO: Supprise supprise.

    He >has been trying
    to destroy all of them. But as a result, he is weakening the very fabric
    that separates the Internet with our world. It allows the Digimon to
    crossover into our >plane."

    Seeing she had everybody's attention, the Commander continued.

    JESSE:[Commander, absent mindedly] There was something else I was supposed
    to tell you...

    "To return the >Digimon back to the Digital
    plane and stop this heartless antagonist, a vanguard must be >formed.

    TAKATO: I thought that was *our* job.

    The Digivices seeked out owners that they feel worthy to use
    their power. The >results were you being brought here."

    "But why us?" That was Eli.

    "I'm not sure. The program was already created. All we did was implement

    JESSE:[Commander] So, to sum up, like I said before, why *not* you?

    "You have got to be out of your mind," Mari said. "You kidnapped us and
    now expect us to protect the planet against something that doesn't exist?"

    JESSE: Well, now, I wouldn't be so sure about Digimon not existing. I can recall a time when only real technogeeks knew about the Internet, and now
    it's a household word.
    GUILMON: And you're sitting next to a Digimon, too.

    "Maybe we should hear her out," Chi suggested.

    "Shut up."

    "Hey, easy there, ice princess," Nikolai said.

    "Why don't you make me!"

    JESSE: Gotta give that Mari credit. She sure has spunk.
    TAKATO: Alot like Rika...

    "Enough," the Commander snapped. She went over to a monitor. "This image
    was >taken a few hours ago in Ontario." The white polar bear appeared.

    JESSE:[polar bear; menacing] Greetings, Earthlings! Mwu-ha-ha-ha!

    "I know that Digimon," Ryan said excitedly.


    Name: Frigimon

    JESSE:[singing] Frigimon, frigital monsters...
    TAKATO and GUILMON:[groan]

    Level: Champion
    Type: Icy Snow Digimon

    JESSE: Certainly more prestigous than calling him a Sleet Digimon.

    Attribute: Vaccine

    JESSE: And they're supposed to fight this guy?
    TAKATO: Not all vaccines are good.

    Attack: Sub-Zero Ice Punch, Snow Ball

    Ryan: It's Frigimon, a champion level Digimon. His fur is thick to protect >his body >from his own Sub-Zero Ice Punch attacks.

    JESSE: That must be sloppier than a nuclear bomb.


    "So how do we send it back to the Digital world or wherever it came from?" >Jorge >asked.

    "You must battle him and destroy him," the Commander instructed. "Once you >defeat >him, his data will return to the Digital plane, safe from his >grasping claws."

    TAKATO: So, are they supposed to save the bear from himself or from this unnamed menace?
    JESSE: Bingety bingety bingety.
    TAKATO: OK, Jesse, that made no sense whatsoever.
    JESSE: I know. I had a history professor in college that always said that,
    and I had trouble making heads or tails of what he was trying to tell us.

    Chi noticed >that the way the
    Commander said 'his' was with disgust.

    "You expect us to battle that?" Ashley asked. "How?"

    JESSE:[Commander] Oh, you'll think of something. Now, get out there and
    show us what you're made of.

    "With Digimon of your own?"

    TAKATO: Why are you asking them? You should be *telling* them that!

    "But Digi..." Mari then remembered the previous discussion. "How are we >suppose to >get our own Digimon?"

    "The cards."

    JESSE: So, who wants treats?
    TAKATO and GUILMON: I do, I do!
    [All exit theater]

    [JESSE is behind the consession counter again. TAKATO and GUILMON are on
    the other side, examining the various items in the case.]
    TAKATO: Oh, Jesse, I'd like you to meet my friends Hnery and Rika.
    JESSE: They sound interesting. I'd really enjoy that.
    GUILMON: Are Renamon and Terriermon here, too Takato.
    TAKATO: Of course. Where else would they be?
    JESSE: Renamon and Terriermon? Oh, yes. Your friends' Digimon. What are
    they like?
    GUILMON: You'll like Terriermon.
    TAKATO: Henry and Rika are OK, once you get to know them. Renamon's a bit dificult, though.
    JESSE: When can I get to meet them?
    TAKATO: I asked them to meet us at the arcade in about forurty five minutes. JESSE: Sounds good. Ah, hey, how does one go about getting a Digimon
    partner, anyway?
    TAKATO: Well, Guilmon came to life after I drew his picture and ran it
    through a Digivice, along with some other data I came up with. I think Terriermon and Renamon just came to Henry and Rika of their own free will. JESSE: What's the deal with the cards, anyway?
    GUILMON: They're the keys to our special abilities and Digivolutions.
    TAKATO: Yeah. It's interesting, but you have to learn alot about them.
    [sets some cards down on the counter] This one's a speed card. And this
    one's for increased power...
    JESSE:[tilts head while looking at cars] Huh. I always wanted to learn how
    to play one of these things. Don't even know where to get the cards,
    TAKATO: They're available at most card shops. There should be plenty of
    card shops in a city this size.
    JESSE: Well, I know there's a card and comic shop in the big mall just off
    the highway. That sounds like a good place to start, and there's a food
    court with plenty of choices, even for Guilmon.
    GUILMON: Food? Oh boy! Let's go now!
    TAKATO: Let's finish the movie first, huh?
    [All enter theater]

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