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    From mst3kcaptions@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 7 07:30:12 2015
    Hi all,

    In case any MSTies out there are interested... I've been captioning MST3k for the past year now.

    I have 101-108 completed (basically - still a few missing words)
    109-207 are transcribed... I just need proofers/editors to help get them live.

    If anyone would like to help, you can join up at:


    Send SubBot a pm and I'll get you rolling.

    I really could use some transcribers, timers and proofers/editors.

    Oh, I have a member who has also started subbing 101 to Spanish.

    Any others who want to help sub to another language would be great!



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