• the possibly useless closed captions are ended

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    The closed captions are ended for new
    MST3K DVDs, which were a waste as they
    really didn't work. All the subtitler
    could do was use his own ears to try to
    figure out what's being said, so often
    it's only the hosts and bots being
    subtitled, not the murky words in whatever
    is in the movie being riffed. I don't
    know if an actually deaf person found
    them useful, because it would be like
    riffing on a silent movie. Hey, actually
    that sounds like a good idea. Rifftrax,
    are you reading this?

    As for the hosts and bots, their diction
    has always been clear, which is more
    than you can say for a lot of other shows.

    It already being done... by me.

    Check out my page:


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