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    Elgin Marbles Trust, an agent of the British state
    Phoenix Pharmacy for adding opium to prescriptions thereby creating addiction Ellis Jones Solicitors, Ringwood
    Anne Robinson, of TV fame, also Governor Development Manager, Medway Council Medway Councillors as a group
    Gurpal Singh Tiwana aka Paul, a snake in wolf's clothing
    Government of Pakistan for maliciously encouraging me to claim asylum
    Caroline J Wilson, FOI/DPA Casework & Customer Services Directorate, IPCC
    Sathi Satpathy, Temple Farm Ltd Till Manager
    Patricia Moore, Medway Court Officer (no connection to MoorePay, but maybe to Dave Moore?)
    Rupa, occasional non-biological daughter & biological half-sister
    Solicitors Regulation Authority
    ABM Solicitors, Hayes
    Michael Gove, Justice Minister (2015)
    Professor D Wills, Director, Natural Resources Institute, UoG
    Peter Edwards, a likely plant by Kalsi Bhardwaj
    Family Planning Practice, Gillingham
    Dr (alleged) Gavin Jackson, Canada House
    Atif Mahmoud, HMCTS stooge
    Nadeem, Scamming not Scanning wing of Medway Maritime Hospital
    J.Rodgers, CCMCC Trainee Peon
    Dover Institute for the Criminally Insane
    Susan Kinzett at Thames Avenue Surgery, Kent, who trapped me into calling her "Kinsett"
    Fareeha Ayyaz, RCJ Stooge
    Nitin Dodhia, Admin Court, RCJ
    Dr Htike, Shelley Ward, Littlebrook Hospital
    Chris J Dixon, Archer & stooge of Dixon & Templeton
    PC Kenan Mehmet (City of London Police)
    Dr Wyn Richards, Livestock Production Programme Manager, UoG
    Professor Dyson Wills, UoG
    Henry Allinson, Wye College
    "Wizofoz", Secular Cafe Mod & defamer at Rational Skepticism, bestiality suspect
    Mary Shanahan, officer of ACAS
    "Evangelicalhumanist", RF liar
    Nina Miah, Public Liaison Unit, New Mayor
    Elizabeth Smith, Paralegal at the Legal Ombudsman
    Kent Country Council for denying me the role of Community Warden
    Kavita Chahal, Assessment Analyst, IOPC
    Ravi Singh Sahota, stalker
    Personal Secretary to H.M. the Queen
    "Amanaki", RF liar
    "Jacobus", online liar
    Patrick O'Flynn MP
    Lee J. Catling, Head, Professional Standards Dep't, IPCC
    Mainguard Security, East Ham, burglars
    Mohanty aka Bystander, a stalker agent
    "Landon Caeli", RF liar
    Medway Maritime Hospital (all admin & staff)
    Dr Bindas Yogendran, Assistant of Prof Mathews, plotting to give me electric shocks
    David Currie, Central Process Unit, Fixed Penalty Office, Kent
    Stacy Vieira, IOPC Customer Contact Advisor
    Sue Brady, Maidstone Crown Court
    Deputy District Judge Wilson, CCMCC, Salford who must be arrested immediately Guido Fawkes, stalker
    Raymond T Finch MEP for harassment
    Green Party
    Jonathan Melia, Solicitor
    Anna Klodnicka, TS Croydon HMCTS
    Soumya Panda nee Panigrahi, of Odisha, for shameful withholding of my manuscript of Allurement of Reality
    Judge Cryan, RCJ, who should be arrested immediately
    "Sunstone", RF liar
    Brian Walker, a legal fiction of Jyoti Gill MP
    Inspector David Matson, Kent Criminals, accomplice of phands & TR criminals Willow Suite (Secure Unit), Littlebrook Hospital, Dartford
    Assistant Chief Constable Allyn Thomas, Kent Criminals, part of the Toad Jestice System
    Secretary General (ex) Ban Ki-moon of the UN
    S. Lewcock (dec'd) former overseas aid co-ordinator whose lawyer started harassing me for no reason
    Ruth Kirkham, County Solicitors
    Emma Palmer at Whitehead Monckton, maybe moonlighting with Kent Police
    Shell petrol station on Hoath Lane (all admin & staff 2006-8)
    Richard Spector, ELS Law, also left impertinent web-messages for me as "Richard"
    O. Feyesitan, Administrative Court Officer
    "Bury" aka "caldicott", a HC Judge who must be identified & arrested immediately
    Wye College
    Mark Olson, PMC
    Felicity Cox, Director, Commissioning Operations, NHS England - South (South East)
    K French, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    "Sharikind", RF liar
    Lutomi Kasumu, Solicitor's Clerk
    Olympia Publishers
    "Fenrir", accomplice of phands at TR
    Mo Chowdhury, Registry Mgr, Civil Appeals Office (Room E308), RCJ
    Sue, who refused to supply surname, at QB Issue & Enquiries who signed for my letter at 7:54am on 16 May 2017
    Freethought & Rationalism Discussion Board admins
    Arkas Law Ltd, Solicitors
    Charles Houster, Solicitor with two surnames
    Wilson, British Aid Management Office, New Delhi, one of 8 "Wilson" criminals
    A Bernard Prado, Solicitor (junior advocate), Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Rev. Thomas Jones, Pontypridd & Washington, a TR stalker
    Constable Alan D. Pughsley QPM, mindless stooge and defender of the Evil Queen Dr B Panda, International Poultry Hall of Fame, unconnected to 'Panda' of
    Kent Police
    Dr B Irala, Kingsley House, author of defamatory report on my mental health Council of Europe
    Joan Wilson, Complaints Analysis Team Mgr, Disability Living Allowance Assessment Office, Newcastle upon Tyne
    Professor Mathew, Indian Doctor at Little Brook Hospital
    Highways Agency
    Nick White, PSD Complaints Kent
    Olives Solicitors, Chatham
    UK Independence Party
    Tenzila Araein, Case Progression Officer, Queen's Bench, RCJ
    Sal Brinton ex-president, Liberal Democrats
    Dr Adoko Emezie, MD (psychiatry) locum to Canada House
    PC 126 Ken Callaghan, West Yorkshire Police
    Master Davison, an evil judge collaborator of Master Eastman in denying me justice who needs arresting
    Oliver Cousins, a cousin of Ms Leslie Cousins, HMCTS Admin Court Office
    County Solicitors, Chatham
    Saiqa Shaffi, Solicitor (IPCC now broken up because of my complaints & made into IOPC)
    Bruce Porter, PMC
    Alan Sir Cassian, a legal fiction created by the Legal Ombudsman to harass me Pye Tait Consulting who owe me £40 (now £700)
    Karen Warner, Customer Investigations Officer at HMCTS
    Linda Nicolaides FRSPH, state informant
    Absolute Barrister
    Wasim Yunus, Head, Member & Supporter Services, Libdem Party
    James B. Hunley, a Wiki Vandal who removed the reference to Devananda
    Amber Rudd, Jr Urologist at Medway Maritime Hospital
    Gladwyn Iko Pereira, Room E403, High Courts of Justice, not a fraud like "Perera"
    Sergio Gomez Moreira, an online troll
    Malcolm Dodds, Clerk to the Justices, Maidstone County Court & his crooked accessories
    Shaiqa Shaffi, Solicitor, may be related to Shaquille
    Nigel Hunter, U0G Bid Coordinator who went over to the dark side
    Union of Petrol Station Pump Attendants, set up by myself despite TUC threats Dimitrio Caramitsos-Tsiras on expiration of his diplomatic immunity
    Person(s) unknown who placed human ejaculate in my harmonica in Rainham in
    "devi8", pretending goddess but really a deviate
    Thames Avenue Surgery, malpractitioners in Medway
    Egregious_C, ec[at]derd.net, an anonymous, racist stooge & cohort of the UK State
    Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, London High Commissioner for India
    Barclays Bank
    J.P. Giliver, PMC Poet
    "Gay Pride", TR liar
    Miss T Holland, Civil & Family Support, HMCTS Southside
    Robert Napier School, Gillingham
    Selma Mafouz aka Sarah Mahfouz, HMCTS duplicitous criminal
    British Society of Animal Science
    Linda Miller, Blue Yonder Labour
    "Quintessence", RF liar
    Rebecca Ann Carter, a swindler from Authorhouse
    Dr Sudhir Patel MD (Master of Deceit trying for 20 yrs to have me locked up, aka Sudhindra)
    Susan Bond, Greenacre Academy
    Strachan School of Motoring
    Professor Sir Adrian Smith, the Vice Chancellor of University of London "Earthling", RF liar
    "Aupmanyav", main RF liar
    Susan Joss of Hampshire, Solicitor & complainant to Hampshire Police
    North & Central Kent Magistrates Court (all judicial & administrative staff
    in 2014-5)
    "Deepdish Pizza", RF lying atheist
    Vince Maple, Labour
    Gendarmes, 3 unidentified, one with moustache, Le Havre (2006)
    Tony Bristow-Stagg, an agent of MI5
    Mohammed Khan Bakhri, M.Sc.(Econ. Hons), Pakistan High Commission, London
    Rocky Beltrami, Solicitor
    Employment Tribunal (Ashford)
    "Thorbjorn" alias "Jainarayan", a conspirator of "StarryNightshade" on RF English Democrats Party, Ongar
    E.B.Oguntona, M.Sc. (Biology)
    Law Society
    "Sam", PMC
    Elaine Beautridge, interviewer for Kent Police
    United Nations (UN), New York NY11001 (Refugees Section)
    Kamran Hussain, Solicitor, Leeds who covets my Monneka
    Ministry of Justice or rather Injustice & Paedophilia
    "Audie", RF liar
    "Pipl", PMC (machine tools)
    Nightingale Chambers, Direct Access Barristers
    "Bird123", RF liar
    Elizabeth Kingsley-Smith, solicitor of eponymous firm
    Sahin Chowdhury, an HMCTS pimple at RCJ regulating access to Momotaj
    Inspector Maxwell Holway, a Child Pornographer, Kent Police
    Gregory Cook, suspected triple agent
    Mrs S Miller, Maidsone County Court Officer
    Dr Andrew Grant Westby, Natural Resources Institute, UOG & Wye College
    A Shabbir, CCMCC Admin Officer
    Lisa Bridger, Medway County Court
    Jennifer M of NHS England in Redditch, possibly working for Pye Tait too
    Labour Party
    Nikesh M Sharma, Solicitor for Wigmore Torturers
    D Edwards, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Hatfield Polytechnic (Principal, staff & rats serving in 1978)
    "MetallicHue", RF communist
    S J Wyatt, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Dr P Paciorek, Occupational Physician, Kent Police
    Dr Sivaji Panesar of New Delhi Ministry of Home Affairs and/or fake created
    by Kashif Irfan
    Mr McWilliam, presiding over prejudiced 1998 UoG Disciplinary Hearing against me
    M A. Bishop, CCMCC Peon
    "BSM1", RF liar
    "SalixIncendium", RF admin
    State Government of Orissa, India, "for processing asylum application" prematurely
    Austin Rathe, Clerk for Liberal Democrats
    Julia Fulcher, HMG Criminal Law & Legal Policy Unit
    Nigel Richardson, Solicitor
    Moore & Blatch, crooked solicitors
    Scott T Cross, Solicitor
    Alex Charles Calthrop, A&O Enterprises
    James Cropper, IOPC liar
    Kent Police in all its shapes & forms
    Freedom of Information assessment unit, Home Office & Manpower Services
    Alan Harding, Solicitor
    Jane Adams, NHS Serious Incidents and Complaints Lead
    J Markland & Co. Solicitors
    Treasury Solicitor & accomplices
    Hijacker of gentle.ballads[at]yahoo.com
    Gordon Seekings, Liberal Democrats who shielded mailinator Nick Clegg
    James Rowan, Citizen vs State, Inc.
    Total Britannia Service Station, Rainham
    Walter H Steffan, a resident of Delaware, USA, email address panigrahi-is-a- cunt[at]chickenfucker.net
    Claire Troy, secretary at UoG
    Cripps & Co. Solicitors, Kent
    Carol Wilson, Civil Appeals Office, RCJ
    Ivan D. Reid, PMC
    Cornhill Senior Security Plan
    Thomas Oxton, an absconding barrister
    "jeremy", PMC
    Bassets Solicitors, Gillingham but not Rochester
    Jeremy Corbyn, in his capacity as Leader, Labour
    Julie Palmer, PALS & Complaints Admin, KMPT
    Hatton Law Solicitors
    Judge Fawcett, absconding, for whom I have issued a Warrant for Arrest
    Prof. Margaret ("Maggie") Gill, Head of Natural Resource International, UoG,
    an evil Scottish witch
    Chair of Nutrition, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling (usurper) Ronen Ghose, a secret agent
    Dr Mieras, British Poultry Science Journal's incompetent Editorial Assistant Master Keith Eastman, a lunatic at the High Court Queen's Bench
    Dr Isaac Sundeep, professional sadist, supplier of false diagnoses, Medway Maritime Hospital's Consultant Psychiatrist
    Dr Rakesh Patel formerly of Canada House
    Sabrina Adeyemo, stooge of the Secretary of Employment Tribunals
    Room E503 RCJ (all occupants 2013-)
    Laura Slater, CCA IPCC
    Iain Flash Gordon Enterprises Ltd, in liquidation
    P Rees, Delivery Manager, CCMCC
    Ian Drew, IOPC liar
    Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC)
    Janet Chipperfield, Prosecution Liaison Officer, Kent Police
    Adam Price-Gill, Labour stooge
    Allerton, Science Teacher at Stanley Technical High School in 1973 who taught me bad things
    W S Templeton, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Councillor Dan McDonald
    Michael Parker, Solicitor
    Admiral Group
    Rashmi Praharaj Panigrahi, only in her capacity as complainant, not as kutia James O'Neill, Snr Admin Officer, CCMCC
    Northampton County Court
    Rik (Amrik) Kalsi & adult family excl Ranbir S Kalsi
    Teresa Crane, Professional Standards Caseworker, PCC
    Mike Percival, an Overt Soliciting Agent of a Yorkshire Police Force
    Stephanie Linden, Service Manager at the PohWER Morons
    Councillor Naushabah Khan
    General Sir Nicholas Carter, KCB CBE DSO
    James Bromley, IPCC
    Kelly-Anne Johnson, Case Manager, Supreme Court & Judicial Committee of the Privy Council
    Nic Gould, suspected to be the Nic[at]Medway County Court who refuses to give surname
    Sonia Farrow, Team Leader, North Kent Magistrates Court
    Mark Amos, NHS Deputy Ward Manager at Littlebrook Hospital Willow Secure Suite Fraser Sampson, stooge of the PCC North & West Yorkshire, suspected husband
    of Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman
    Marty Caine, Most Evil Solicitor & Conspiracy Ringleader
    Monneka Tahir, Trainee Solicitor of Leeds
    Poster on 13 Feb 2019 from who wanted to "Batter my fucking
    brains out or cut me open from my cunt to my throat."
    Members of the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) serving in July 2016, Leicester
    Sid Nuncius, Archer
    Samuel Bergmanski, a Jew
    Dr Niranjana Patel behind whom Sudhir of Wigmore Medical Centre hides
    Rosemary Gannon & those she telephoned in April 2017
    Anna Turnbull-Walker, Mental Health Solicitor supposedly representing but really betraying me
    Shell Franchise Services
    Administrative Court at RCJ, all corrupt judges & staff
    Dr J Barrett, Programme Manager, Dep't of International Development, UoG Narendra Singh Ahluwalia LLB, Advocate
    Jurisdiction Lawyer of the Court of Appeal
    Dr Anjana Shah, Long Catlis Rd Surgery, Rainham
    Graham Cotton, Medway County Court Clerk acting with criminal intent
    Catherine Fothergill, CPU Driver Diversion Kent Police
    Eddie Jaynes, sadistic porter at Canada House who is allowed to make clinical diagnoses
    Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT)
    Beckett Solicitors LLP
    Jack, who refused to supply surname, at Masters Support Unit of the Queens Bench Division, RCJ
    Management & Owner, Cross Hearts Motel Loveborough
    Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP, Attorney General
    Lois Derham, PALS & Complaints Officer, KMPT
    "Panda", an accessory of the Criminal Kent Police
    Clive Johnson, CLP secretary
    Evolution Team of Deepak Chopra, Bernardo Kastrup, Leo Krauss & Richard
    Heather Woodgate, stalker
    Masters Support Unit of the Queens Bench
    Paul Clark, retired MP
    Peter Wieck, PMC
    Greenberry Publishing
    Religious Forums (RF, all mods & admins)
    Jaspreet Bhatti, Mental Health Tribunal Applications Clerk
    "LeO Admin", a fake name used by a State Moron at the Legal Ombudsman
    John Hebden, Registry Staff Manager, Civil Appeals Office, RCJ
    Jeannette Lismore, CPU Kent
    UK Visas & Immigration, Office Mgr
    Nirj Deva MEP
    Rt Hon Theresa May MP as Home Secretary but not as Prime Minister
    Bilal Mazhar, Absolute Barristers
    Andrew A. Adejoro, co-ordinator of secure detention facilities
    OIC of Fees Office, RCJ who wrongly accused me of claim fraud
    Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent
    Nick Clegg, impostor or may be the real thing
    Boots Chemists, especially Aphrodisiac Dep't for misselling
    Robert Kimbell, FRICS & "RedHotSquirrel" in TR
    Detective Chief Superintendent John Molloy, Kent Criminals
    Andy Stamp, double agent
    Carol Sanders, President of Employment Tribunals
    Councillor Tris Osborne
    Jyoti Gill MP, the adoptive daughter of Prof Maggie Gill
    Matrix Chambers, Barristers
    PC 59899 'Emma', IMU Chief Investigator (Kent Police) refused to provide surname probably because it is 'Palmer'
    County Court Money Claims Centre (all Salford staff)
    Patel (of London South Employment Tribunal Croydon, refused to give forename) Port of Dover Police
    OTS Solicitors
    Kent Live News, collaborator in crimes against me
    Dr Shobha, Consultant Psychiatrist, Kingsley House
    Ms Andrade, Recruiter at Kent County Council
    Professor Guddam (deceased), "The Liar" who accused me of plagiarism
    Police Detective Inspector 46010977 Lee Neiles
    Davidson J Cameron, Solicitor
    Claire Titmus, a stooge of Direct Line Insurers
    Mark Trowbridge, stalker
    Lynne Overend, IPCC Senior Administrator
    Judge Hildebrand, an incompetent or corrupt non-investigator who must be arrested immediately
    Kim Brooks at Fosters Law
    Shah & Co. Certified Accountants
    Davies Arnold & Cooper Solicitors for CAB who confused me
    Gherson Solicitors
    Dujon, Olives Solicitors
    Professor John Perfect, Acting Director, Natural Resources Institute, UoG Instant Security Ltd for planting bugging devices
    S Farid at the RCJ (for refusal to give full name)
    David English, IPCC Contact Advisor
    Dorian Mattar, former Legal Adviser at UN
    Chelsea College London (1977 bar & badminton staff)
    Ladbrokes, for cheating & claiming my chit was forged
    Marcus (Mark) Harrington, Employment Advisory Tribunal
    Catriona Morrison, tool of the Legal Ombudsman
    Kerry Vant, North & Central Kent Magistrates Court Administration Centre aka Kerry Butler, PSD Complaints Kent Police

    Canada House - Local Mental Health Torturers
    CCMCC - County Court Money Claims Centre
    HMCTS - H.M.Courts & Tribunals Service
    IOPC/IPCC - Unindependent Police Complaints Commissions
    KMPT - Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust
    NHS - National Health Service
    PMC - Member of paedophile motorcyclist gang who threatened me on roundabouts and with guns in http://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uk.rec.motorcycles
    RCJ - Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, London
    RF - ReligiousForums.com
    TR - TalkRational.org
    TSMH - Tribunals Service Mental Health Administration, first-tier
    UoG - University of Greenwich

    This schedule should not be seen as conclusive or complete as entries remain under constant review & are updated when new facts & convincing opinions emerge. If you or your organisation is mentioned above, and you believe it is unfair, use Paypal to send US$500 to circassian[at]hotmail.com with the
    reason for your application for review in the accompanying message. If your application is successful, US$400 will be refunded by the same means, and the name removed. All details, including the wrongdoings leading to the
    inclusions above, are to be found at shantanup.wordpress.com from which
    removal is not possible for technical & religious reasons.

    I had been spending a great deal of money sending Faxes & making telephone calls to organizations such as the courts & other parties. I learnt from my wife that hospital staff were coming to get me on 23 March 2004. I felt that she had been plotting against me behind my back with Dr Patel to have me institutionalised. I had to escape & so on the morning of the day of their arrival I did all the normal clock time checks to see if the digit total came to 7 & came to the conclusion that the Almighty wanted me to head for Dover with a view to going to France under my asylum application. My clock checks
    had revealed that I would not be actually getting on a boat to France that
    day. I was merely to have the passport renewal issue raised as a query at
    Dover Docks & pursue the matter of asylum. I took the train to Dover & explained to the Dover authorities that I had a letter from the French
    Refugee organization (OFPRA). I hung around the Docks for 15 minutes & the
    man came up & started quizzing me. I gave my wife's name & home telephone number to him. He telephoned & spoke to my wife & the next thing that
    happened was that I was bundled into the back of a police van & taken to the Scarboro Ward of the Arundel Unit of William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent, where I was assessed by 2 doctors, to whom I talked about Brahmanism. I was detained under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. It was only after I
    lawfully absconded from hospital three months later that on 18 June 2004 the International Criminal Court finally replied that the matters I had submitted were outside the jurisdiction of the court, but that this may be
    reconsidered. I wrote back requesting a reconsideration. The ICC is pathetic protecting the Queen of the United Kingdom who deserves to be beheaded. - https://shantanup.wordpress.com/2018/08/05
    To Medway County Court: There were separate cases lodged which explains the reasons for the variation in the money amounts that I mentioned. Now the
    whole thing has coalesced into a single case against the UK State, so there
    is to be no person except Her Majesty the Queen to whom the Claim Form will
    be addressed. Please clarify if she has immunity. - https://shantanup.wordpress.com/2018/08/11
    To County Court Money Claim Centre: Please let me know today whether this
    Claim Form will be served on Mrs Theresa May, the Prime Minister. & on 7 September 2018 to the Court of Appeal that "Since the charge is disputed by Deputy District Judge Harvey & Master Eastman & I deny ever saying anything against Justice Eady, it is necessary for the Court of Appeal to set a
    Hearing Date to consider the evidence very soon in order to give the Supreme Court time to consider any subsequent Appeal from me before January 2019 when
    I will abscond to India for asylum should I be found to be guilty." - https://shantanup.wordpress.com/2018/09/07
    Explanation of why the "pigshit", "bastard" British race should be eliminated
    - https://shantanup.wordpress.com/2016/01/07

    COMPLAINT REFERENCES (Partial List only)
    NHS, NHS Solicitors: C-312517, TS9-1, NMS/116752. Rampton-52, KMPT-18-06, M19- 01-12845
    NHS England Complaint Consolidation Ref: CAS-538022/JM, C2073056
    IOPC: 2019/1173272, 2018/107722, 2018/107680, 2018/102085, 2018/099477
    IPCC (IOPC predecessor): 2017/078871, 2013/100381-4, 2013/011356
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    W. Yorkshire Police: 13180304621, 13180304634, CO/678/18
    HM Passport Office: AA/65498356
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    OISC: C9145
    Court Cases: 2018/PI/11721, HQ17X01773, ME010463, A20170027, 46TY0039517, ME002953, C14/02 (Lewes Appeal), CC/2002/PTA/0408, CO/1680/2002
    Case against PM Theresa May: E35YM660
    CCMCC - County Court Money Claim Centre: CM-FRLGN-08-18-56559
    Employment Tribunal: 2302960/2014C, UKEATPA/0461/15/DM, 1101675/2008/JG, VDL/U58.1B; LR/G;23, TO01934/CSU00210
    OPCC: OPCC/MS/COM/194/16
    BSB PCD: PR 2014/0168
    Government Legal Dep't: Z1819776/TBL
    University of London: OIA/EF/881857434
    Cabinet Office: TO615415
    POhWER Client ID: 299052
    First4Lawyers Claim No. 1841064
    Solicitors' References: approx. 100

    INDEX (see https://shantanup.wordpress.com/diary-2 & https://discussionforumfortruthseekers.wordpress.com)
    Dr Shantanu Panigrahi receives infraction at Religious Forums - Dr Shantanu Panigrahi's resumption of posting at Talk Rational: it is not going well - Misfeasance in Public Office at the Royal Courts of Justice London? -
    Judicial Proceedings against Kent Policeís and Independent Police Complaints Commisionís processing of Internet harassment complaints - Harassing Comments against Dr Shantanu Panigrahi from Phands and a Nick Clegg imposter referred back to Kent Police for investigation - Freethought and Rationalism
    Discussion Board does not reverse its ban on Dr Shantanu Panigrahi -
    Discussion of atheotheism not permitted at Richard Dawkins.net - Dr Shantanu Panigrahi elaborates on the ideal internet discussion forum for truth-seekers
    - Who is the Impersonator of Mr Nick Clegg harassing Dr Shantanu Panigrahi? - Rational Skepticism bans Dr Shantanu Panigrahi for 'Overtly Sexist Views' - Attempt at rejoining FRDB - Resignation from membership of British Liberal Democrats - Our house attacked by an egg - My medical condition diagnosed of Persistent Delusional Disorder - Seeking a way back into active science & agricultural research - Kent Police's investigation of stalking harassment & impersonating harassment perpetrated against me - Dr Shantanu Panigrahi takes up membership of United Kingdom Independence Party - Dr Shantanu Panigrahi's Scientific career in doldrums at the University of Greenwich -
    How my application for the position of Cover Supervisor in a local school in Kent was treated - My experience of alcohol & alcoholism - Judicial
    Proceedings against Kent Police's & Independent Police Complaint Commission's processing of my internet harassment complaints - I lodged an official complaint to United Kingdom Independence Party for Discrimination - My Legal Ombudsman proceedings against Alexander Barristers Chambers - My submissions
    to the cabinet office of the Government on the failings of the British
    Justice System - A bundle of evidence submitted to Medway County Court in my case against the University of Greenwich - Grounds for withdrawing from governorship of a school as a charitable act to the State - Here is me
    tackling the charge of being a rapist & a misogynist - Why I decided to try & become a vegan - Here is me examining the law on whether the UK police can be challenged in a court - Here is me seeking funding for a project that I would like to write a book on the British - Preface to my proposed book entitled 'Unravelling the British' - The conduct of Dugdale Solicitors to a request
    for help on an employment grievance - Fresh proceedings issued by Dr Shantanu Panigrahi at the High Court against the University of Greenwich - The employment dispute with Shell Franchises taken to the Tribunal - Challenging
    an infraction judgment at Religious Forums -
    Dispute at Clearly Business Solutions Limited Petrol Station Employment - An open letter to the Government of the United Kingdom highlighting my suffering from experiences of the British Justice System - A Personal Account of Realisation - Application for Reforms to the Parliamentary Standards
    Commission of the United Kingdom - Judge Hildebrand appointed to investigate
    my complaints against the Civil courts of the United Kingdom - Challenging a governmental decision in the Courts of the United Kingdom - Proceedings with the Judicial Appointments & Conduct Ombudsman of the United Kingdom - Application for Asylum in India - My asylum-associated proceedings at the United Nations - Update on my citizenship of the United Kingdom -
    Negotiations with AuthorhouseUK on publication of my books on reality - Referral of the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman to the Speaker of
    the House of Commons for Prime Minister's Question Time - Examining possibilities for private prosecutions -
    An Open Letter issued to Egregious inviting his comments on failed email communication - Formal commencement of my private prosecution - Unravelling State-organised criminal conspiracy - How I investigated the State to
    identify the State-organised persecution on me - Civil proceedings against Olympia Publishers & AuthorhouseUK Publishers - The Nature of the Lord I experienced - Private prosecution for state-organised persecution on me - Question put forward for Leader of the Opposition for Prime Minister's
    Question Time - Restoration of Queen Dethronement Proceedings with
    Compensation Payment at Medway County Court - Bar Standards Board terrorises
    Dr Shantanu Panigrahi with legal complications in response to his complaints -
    My tentative consideration of the Idea of the English Democrats Political Party - Court Order sought to compel AuthorhouseUK to publish my book - UK State arranges for two doctors to come to Dr Shantanu Panigrahi's home as an appointment - Phands returns to post an annoying comment -
    My proceedings confirmed at the Queens Bench Division against the National Health Service - I joined the Labour Party of the United Kingdom - Dr
    Shantanu Panigrahi returns to the Mental Health Tribunal for a Judgement - Walter H Steffan posts some enlightened thoughts on me - My
    Corresspondendence with the International Criminal Court - Appeal at the Independent Police Complaints Commission - Queens Bench Division ignores a reminder from me for proceedings - Legal Ombudsman surfaces & then retreats again - Referral of proceedings with Kent Police & Police & Crime
    Commissioner to the Prime Minister - Issuing of a Counterclaim against Kent Police on a speeding offence - Resumption of a Judicial Review in the Administrative Court of the Royal Courts of Justice - Response to a deceitful letter from Kent Police - Correspondence with Mr John Stenhouse to recruit
    him as a barrister to tackle Kent Police - Correspondence with AbsoluteBarrister to recruit a barrister to tackle Kent Police -
    Correspondence with Fosters Law (County Solicitors) in an attempt to recruit
    a solicitor to tackle Kent Police - Correspondence with Furley Page
    solicitors in an attempt to recruit a solicitor - An attempt to recruit Tassells Solicitors to tackle Kent Police - Correspondence with Medway Magistrates Court on the Notice of Intended Prosecution - Correspondence with Maidstone Crown Court on the speeding offence - Application to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom - A Second Application to the Supreme Court of
    the United Kingdom - Response of Kent Police to the Complaint lodged at the Independent Police Complaints Commission - Legal proceedings issued against
    the Law Firm Absolute Barrister - Slater & Gordon Lawyers are referred to the Legal Ombudsman - Proceedings with the Queens Bench Duty Judge at the High Court - Progress of N1 Claim Form through the Queens Bench Division of the
    High Court - The circumstances of my resignation from the Labour Party - Prevarications & Machinations at the High Court -
    Appealing two high court orders in Claim against Kent Police & Codefendants - Wigmore Medical Centre arranges a Health Check on me - Application to
    classify Dr Shantanu Panigrahi as a vexatious litigant by the Indian High Commission - The UK State inserts Blog comments here & supresses the
    resolution through legal channels - Seeking a High Court Order to the Appeal lodged - Appeal to the Court of Appeal on State-organised persecution -
    Trying to secure the services of OTS Solicitors - Reporting the latest crimes committed against me to Kent Police - A threat to me from an anonymous
    emailer - Proceedings at the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner terminated - Devi8 posts an interesting comment for discussion - Phands surfaces yet again - Complaint to the Home Office against the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner - Offer of pro bono legal assistance from Cherie accepted - devi8 posts another interesting comment in this Blog for discussion - I applied for pro bono legal representation -
    Renewed submission to the Court of Appeal - Has WordPress given Dr Shantanu Panigrahi an ultimatum to close down his Blog? - Communications with the
    Indian High Commission & the OISC - Complaint to the Home Office on aim at
    not becoming stateless - Two more annonymouse threatening emails sent in to
    me by the UK State - Correspondence with Monneka Tahir concerning the Legal Ombudsman - Correspondence with UK Passport Agency concerning the validity of my passport - Clarification of my travel to Greece sought from the Greek Embassy - Has there already been a judgement rendered on this civil matter - Greenberry Publishing & Austin Macauley Publising consider publishing 'The Allurement of Reality' - Mr Justice Eadey issues a statement on my complaint -
    Anonymous email concerning my citizenship - Khilji comments on my anonymous emails as being weird - Progress made by Cherie in tracing Khilji - The UK State lodges a defence on my citizenship at the General Court of European
    Union -
    Invitation to revisit the High Court of Justice thwarted - Referral of the complaint to Mrs Esther McVey, Member of Parliament - The UK State commences legal proceedings against me - Offer of financial support to help me fight State tyranny accepted - The UK State starts proceedings to have me medically- incarcerated - Clarification of an email received from the Court of Justice
    of the European Union - Repeated submission to the General Court of the European Union - Outcome of complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct on State-organised conspiracy to pervert justice - Update on High
    Court Claim proceedings - Contempt of Court proceedings against Dr Shantanu Panigrahi announced by the UK State - Curious anonymous email that I assumed

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