• Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach , By Yunus A. Cengel & Michael A

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    List of some books we have

    A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics by Peter Szekeres
    A First Course in Abstract Algebra By John B. Fraleigh
    A First Course in Complex Analysis with Applications , By Dennis G. Zill , 1st ed
    A first course in differential equations , D.zill & cullen's ,5th ed
    A First Course in Differential Equations with modeling applications , By Dennis G. Zill , 9th zill
    A First Course in General Relativity , Cambridge University Press , (2016)
    A First Course in Probability , By Sheldon Ross , 7th Edition (Solutions Manual) 2007
    A first course in probability 6th edition by Ross
    A First Course in Statistics , James T. McClave and Terry Sincich , 8th ed
    A First Course in String Theory by Barton Zwiebach
    A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Second Edition by Clifford A. Shaffer
    A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics by Philip L. Taylor
    A Short Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation by Michel Le Bellac
    A Transition to Advanced Mathematics , By D. Smith & M. Eggen , R. Andre , 5th ed
    Accompany Digital Systems Principles and Applications, 10th Edition By Ronald J. Tocci, Neal S. Widmer, Gregory L. Moss
    Accompany Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals, First Edition by Stephen J. Chapman
    Accompany Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory, 8Ed By Robert L. Boylestad; Louis Nashelsky; Franz J. Monseen
    Accompany Elementary Statistics Ninth Edition by MILTON LOYER
    Accompany Engineering circuit analysis, 6th edition By Hayt
    Accompany Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory 2nd Ed. by John R. Reitz, Frederick J. Milford
    Accompany Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition by Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi
    Accompany Introduction to algorithms By Sussman J
    Accompany Millman microElectronics Digital and Analog Circuits and Systems , By Thomas V. Papathomas
    Accompany Organic Chemistry , Atkins & Carey ,4th ed .. 2000
    Accompany Physics for Poets Second Edition By Robert H. March
    Accompany Principles of geotechnical engineering, sixth edition by braja M. DAS Accounting , By Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve & Jonathan Duchac , 25th ed Accounting Principles , Donald E. Kieso , 9th ed
    adaptive control , Karl Astrom , 2nd ed
    Adaptive Control, 2nd Edition, By Karl Johan Astrom,Bjorn Wittenmark
    Adaptive filter thoery 4th edition By Simon Haykin
    Advanced Accounting , Debra C. Jeter & Paul K. chaney , 4th ed
    Advanced Accounting , Fischer and Cheng and Taylor , 10th ed
    Advanced Accounting ,By Beams and Anthony and Clement and Lowensohn , 8th ed Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog HDL by Michael D. Ciletti (Selected problems)
    Advanced engineering electromagnetics by Constantine A. Balanis
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics , 10th ed. , Kreyszig (Wiley;2014;9781118266700 ;eng)
    advanced engineering mathematics , By Erwin Kreyszig , 3rd ed Vol.2
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics , By Peter V. O'Neil , 6th ed
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics 8 Edition By Erwin Kreyszig
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics 9 Edition By Erwin Kreyszig
    advanced macroeconomics , By David Romer , 3rd ed
    Advanced Mathematics for Engineering , By Dennis G. Zill , 2th ed
    Advanced Mathematics for Engineering , By Dennis G. Zill , 3rd ed , Vol.2 Advanced Mathematics for Engineering , By Dennis G. Zill , 4th ed
    Advanced Mechanics of Materials , By A. Boresi and R. Schmidt , 6th ed
    advanced modern engineering mathematics , By Glyn jamess , 4th ed
    Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics 3rd Edition by Glyn James
    Advandced Accounting , By Fischer Taylor , 8th ed
    Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students Fourth Edition by T. H. G. Megson (2007)
    Algebra and Trigonometry , 4th ed , MILLER & Blitzer, 2010
    Algebra and Trigonometry and Precalculus, 3rd Edition by Penna & Bittinger Beecher
    An introduction to database systems 8th edition By C J Date
    An Introduction to Drug Synthesis ,Graham L. Patrick , 2015
    An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry , Patrick , 5th ed
    An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations By James C. Robinson (with Matlab files)
    An Introduction to Queueing Systems ,By Kluwer Academic Publishers and Sanjay K. Bose , 1st ed
    An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication , 4th Ed , by A. Bruce Carlson , Paul B. Crilly & Janet C. Rutledge
    An Introduction to Signals and Systems By John Stuller
    An Introduction to The Finite Element Method (Third Edition) By J. N. REDDY
    An Introduction to Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics and Keith Stowe , 2nd ed
    An?lisis de Redes (Network Analysis) , By M. E. Valkenburg , 3rd ed
    An?lisis de Sistemas Eléctricos de Potencia (Power Systems Analysis of Power ) , John J. Grainger & William D. Stevenson Jr. , 3rd ed
    An?lisis Matematico (Mathematical Analysis Modern Introduction to Superior Calculus) , Tom Apostol , 2nd ed
    Analog Integrated Circuit Design , David Johns & Ken Martin
    Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits , By Thomas. Rosa. Toussaint , 6th ed Analysis and design of analog integrated circuits 4th edition by Srikanth Vaidianathan and Haoyuee Wang
    Analytical Chemistry ,Higson ,2005
    Analytical Mechanics, 7th Edition By Fowles & Cassiday
    Antenas , By John Kraus , 3rd ed
    Antenna Theory Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition Balanis
    Antennas for all Applications 3rd edition by John D. Kraus & Ronald J. Marhefka Anton Calculus 8th edition, Exercises solutions
    Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences , By Soo T. Tan , 7th ed
    Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences , soo T. Tan , 6th Ed
    Applied Electromagnetism , By Liang Shen. and Frank Huang , 2ed
    applied fluid mechanics , By Robert L. Mott , 6th ed
    Applied Linear Statistical Models , By M. Kutner and C. Nachtsheim and J. Neter and W. Li , 5th ed
    Applied Numerical Analysis 7th Edition By Curtis F. Gerald,Patrick O. Wheatley Applied Numerical Methods MATLAB Engineers Scientists , By Chapra , 3rd ed Applied Numerical Methods With MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists , by Steven C. Chapra , 2nd ed
    Applied Numerical Methods With MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists by Steven C. Chapra , 1st ed
    Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems 4th Edition by Richard Haberman
    applied physics , By Paul E. Tippens , 6th ed
    Applied Probability Models with Optimization , By Sheldon M. Ross , 2nd ed Applied Quantum Mechanics by A. F. J. Levi
    Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers , 2nd ed , By Montgomery, Runger
    Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers 3rd edition By Montgomery,Runger
    Applied Statistics And Probability For Engineers 4th edition By Montgomery,Runger
    Applied Strength of Materials 4th Edition By Robert L. Mott
    Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach , By Russell and Norvig , 2nd ed Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach , By S. Russell, P. Norvig , 3rd ed Artificial Intelligence A ModernApproach 2nd edition by StuartJ. Russelland, Peter Norvig
    Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers,3ed, by Kip R. Irvine
    Astronomy Today , McMillan & Chaisson , 5th ed
    Atkins' Physical Chemistry ,Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula ,10th ed
    Auditing & assurance services , By Louwers & Sinason & Straeser & Ramsy , 2nd ed
    Auditing and Assurance Services , By Arens. Elder and Beasley and Randal J. Elder , 13th ed
    Automatic control systems , By Benjamin C. Kuo , 7th ed
    automatic control systems , By Kuo & Golnaraghi , 9th ed
    Automatic Control Systems 8th edition By Kuo and Golnaraghi
    Avanced Dynamics , By Greenwood , 1st ed

    Balance de Materia y Energ?a (Balances of Matter and Energy) , By Girontzas V. Reklaitis , 1st ed
    Basic and Applied Thermodynamics , P. K. Nag , 2nd ed
    Basic Econometrics , By Damodar N. Gujarati , 4th ed
    Basic Electrical Engineering By Nagrath, D P Kothari, Nagrath D P Kothari I J Nagrath, I J Nagrath, 2002
    Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis 7th Ed. by J. David Irwin (Selected Problems)
    Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis 8th Edition By J. David Irwin
    Biological Sequence Analysis , Durbin and Eddy and Krogh and Mitchison , 1st ed Bioprocess Engineering Principles ,By Pauline M. Doran , 2nd ed

    C++ How to Program, 3rd Ed by Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel
    C++ How to Program, 3rd edition By Deitel & Nieto
    Calculus , By (Narberg , Purcell , Rigdon) , 8th Edition (Solutions Manual and Test Bank) , Prentice Hall 2000
    Calculus , By James Stewart , 4th ed
    Calculus 5th Edition By James Stewart
    Calculus 8th Ed by Larson, Hostetler, Edwards
    Calculus A Complete Course 6th Edition by R.A. Adams
    calculus An intuitive And physical approach , 2nd ed , By Morris Kline
    Calculus Early Transcedentals ,By Stewart , 6th ed
    Calculus Early Transcedentals ,By Stewart ,5th ed
    Calculus Early Transcendental - Edwards, Penney - 6ed
    Calculus Early Transcendental Functions , By R. Smith, R. Minton , 3rd ed Calculus Early Transcendentals , By Howard Anton , 7th ed
    Calculus Early Transcendentals 5th Edition By Stewart
    Calculus early transcendentals 7th edition By Anton Bivens Davis
    calculus Late Transcendentals combined , Anton & Bivens & Davis , 8th ed Calculus Multivariable , By Jon Rogawski , 2nd ed
    calculus multivariable 4th edition Deborah Hughes-Hallett, Andrew M. Gleason, et al
    Calculus of a Single Variable , Ron Larson , 7th ed
    calculus of variations , By I. B. Russak , 1st ed
    Calculus one and several variables Instructor , 8th ed , By Bradley E. garner & Carrie J. Garner
    Calculus Single Variable , By Stewart , 7th ed
    Calculus Single Variable , Jon Rogawski , 2nd ed
    Calculus Single Variable Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, McCallum, et al
    CALCULUS WITH APPLICATIONS , Lial & Greenwell & Ritchey , 8th ed
    Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics 3rd Ed. by Stanley I. Sandler
    Chemical Engineering (Vol.1 & Vol.2 & Vol.3) Coulson & Richardson's , 1st ed Chemical Engineering Design , By Sinnot , Vol6
    Chemical Engineering Design Vol.6 , By R. K. Sinnott , 4th ed
    Chemical Engineering Science , By O. Levenspiel , ch 5-10 , 3rd ed
    Chemical Enginering Vol 6 4th edition by Coulson and Richardson
    Chemical Principles , 4th ed., 2007 , By John Krenos , Joserh Potenza
    Chemical Structure and Reactivity ,Keeler & Wothers , 2ed
    chemistry , By Raymond chang , 10th ed
    chemistry the central science , 9th ed , By Brown & Bursten & LeMay
    Chemistry³ introducing inorganic ,and physical chemistry ,burrows ,holman ,parsons ,pilling ,price ,3th ed
    Circuitos Integrados Digitales , By Jan M. Rabaey , 2nd ed
    Classical Dynamics A Contemporary Approach by Jorge V. Jose, Eugene J. Saletan Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems 5th edition by Stephen T. Thornton, Jerry B. Marion
    Classical Electrodynamics , By John David Jackson , 3rd ed
    Classical Electrodynamics 2nd Edition by John David Jackson by Kasper van Wijk Classical Mechanics - An Undergraduate Text by R. Douglas Gregory
    Classical Mechanics 2nd edition By Goldstein & Safko
    classical thermodynamics of Non-Electrolyte , By H. C. Van ness 1st ed
    CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits 3rd edition By Sung-Mo Kang,Yusuf Leblebici CMOS VLSI Design 3e by ananymous
    College Physics , By Faughn and Serway and vuille , 6th ed
    Communication Networks Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures Alberto Leon-Garcia
    Communication Systems 4th ed by bruce carlson
    Communication Systems 4th edition by Simon Haykin
    Communication Systems Engineering - Second Edition John G. Proakis Masoud Salehi
    Complex Variables and Applications , JW Brown , RV Churchill , 8th ed(2009) complex Variables and applications ,James Ward Brown ,7th ed
    complex variables with applications ,A. David wunsch ,3th ed
    Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics (Scientific Computation) by Karkenahalli Srinivas, Clive A. J. Fletcher
    Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach 3rd Edition by James F.Kurose,Keith W. Ross
    Computer Networks - 4th Edition by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
    Computer Organization 5th edition by Hamacher,Vranesic and Zaky
    Computer Organization and Design The HardwareSoftware Interface, 3rd edition by David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy,
    Computer-Controlled Systems 3rd edition by Karl J. Astrom
    Comunicacion Satelital , Timothy Pratt & Charles Bostian , 2nd ed
    concepts and applications of finite element analysis , Robert Cook and David s. Malkus and Michael E. Plesha , 4th ed
    Concepts of Programming Languages 7th edition Solutions Manual by Robert Sebesta
    Contemporary Engineering Economics , By Chan S. Park , 4t ed
    Contemporary Engineering Economy , By William G. Sullivan and Elin M. Wicks and C. Patrick Koelling , 5th ed
    Contemporary Linear Algebra , Howard Anton and Robert C. Busby , 1st ed
    Control systems Principles and Design 2nd Edition by Madan Gopal
    Control systems engineering , By Norman Nise , 6th ed
    Control Systems Engineering 4th edition by Norman S. Nise
    Convection Heat Transfer ,By Adrian Bejan , 3rd ed
    Corporate Finance solution manual 6th Edition by Ross
    Cost Accounting , By Horngren , 12th ed
    Cost Accounting , By Horngren , 13th ed
    Cost Accounting , By William K. Carter , 14th ed
    Craig's Soil Mechanics 7th Edition
    Cryptography and network security-principles and practice 4th ed. By William Stallings

    Data and computer communications 7th edition William Stallings
    Data Communications and Networking 4th edition by Behroz Forouzan
    Database Management Systems 3rd edition Raghu Ramakrishnan Johannes Gehrke Database System Concepts , A. Silberschatz and H. Korth and S. Sudarshan , 4th ed
    Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits Behzad Razavi
    Design of Concrete Structures , By Arthur H. Nilson , 14th ed
    Design of Nonlinear Control Systems with the Highest Derivative in Feedback 1st Edition by Valery D. Yurkevich [student solution manual]
    Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits, 3rd edition by Franco, Sergio
    Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits 3rd edition by Muller Kamins Differential Equation , by Richard Bronson 3rd ed
    Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems , Edwards &amp & Penney , 2nd ed
    differential equations and boundary value problems computing and modeling , By Edwards and Penney , 4th ed
    differential equations and linear algebra , Jerry Farlow & Beverly H. West & james-e-hall & jean-marie-mcdill , 2nd ed
    Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems 2nd Edition by JOHNPOLKING and DAVID ARNOLD
    Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, 2nd edition by John Polking
    Digital and Analog Communication Systems 7th Edition by Leon W. Couch
    Digital Communication 4th edition by Proakis
    Digital Communications 5th edition by John Proakis
    Digital Communications Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Edition by Bernard sklar
    Digital Control and state variable methods - M.Gopal
    Digital Design 2nd Edition by M. Morris Mano,Michael D. Ciletti
    Digital Design 3rd Edition by M. Morris Mano,Michael D. Ciletti
    Digital Design 4th edition Morris Mano
    Digital Design-Principles and Practices 3rd Edition by John F. Wakerly [selected problems]
    Digital Fundamentals 9th edition by Thomas L. Floyd
    Digital Image Processing 2nd edition by Rafael C. Gonzalez
    Digital Integrated Circuits 2nd edition by Rabaey
    Digital Integrated Circuits by Thomas A. DeMassa & Zack Ciccone
    Digital Logic Design 2nd edition by M. Morris Mano
    Digital Signal Processing - A Modern Introduction, 1st Edition Cengage learning Ashok Ambardar
    Digital Signal Processing , Proakis and Manolakis , 1st ed
    Digital Signal Processing ; A Computer-Based Approach 1st edition By sanjit K. Mitra
    Digital Signal Processing 2nd Edition by Mitra
    Digital Signal Processing 3nd Edition by Mitra
    Digital Signal Processing 4th edition by John G. Proakis and Dimitri s G. Manolakis
    Digital Signal processing Acomputer - based Approach , By Sanjit K. Mitra Digital Signal Processing by Thomas J. Cavicchi
    Digital signal processing proakis manolakis
    Digital Signal Processing Signals, Systems, and Filters Andreas Antoniou Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab 2nd edition by Vinay K Ingle Proakis Digital Systems-Principles and Applications 10th Ed. by Ronald Tocci, Neal S. Widmer & Gregory L. Moss
    Discretas mathematics , By Richard Johnsonbaugh , 6th ed
    Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics , By R. Grimaldi , 5ed Part 1
    Discrete Mathematics with Applications Third Edition By Susanna S. Epp
    discrete Time control systems (Sistemas de control en tiempo discreto) , 2nd ed , Katsuhiko ogata
    Discrete Time Signal Processing 2nd Edition, by Alan V. Oppenheim
    Discrete time signal processing 3rd edition by Oppenheim
    Dise?o con Amplificadores Operacionales y Circuitos Integrados Anal?gicos(Design with Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits) , By Sergio Franco , 3th ed
    Dynamics of Mechanical Systems , By Carl T. F. Ross , 7th ed
    Dynamics Structures theory and applications to earthquake engineering , By Anil K. Chopra , 3th ed

    Econometric Analysis 5th Edition by William H. Greene
    Economic engineering , L. Blank and A. Tarkin , 6th ed
    Electric Circuits 7th edition by Nilsson
    Electric Circuits 8th edition by Nilsson
    Electric Machinery 6th Edition by Fitzgerald Kingsley
    Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals 1st edition by Stephen Chapman Electric Machinery Fundamentals 4th edition by Stephen J. Chapman
    Electric machines , By Jesus Fraile Mora , 5th ed
    Electric Machines Analysis and Design Applying MATLAB by Jim Cathey
    Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications 3rd edition by Allan R. Hambley
    Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems 6th edition By Theodore Wildi Electrical Properties of Materials ,Solymar & Walsh , 7th ed
    Electricity and magnetism (Electricidad y Magnetismo) , By Raymond A. Serway , 6th ed
    Electricity and magnetism , By Raymond A. Serway , 3rd ed
    electricity and magnetism Vol.II , Edward M. Purcell , 2nd ed
    Electromagnetic Fields and Energy 1st Ed. by Haus and Melcher
    Electromagnetics for Engineers by Ulaby
    Electromagnetism Major American Universities Ph.D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions by Lim Yung-Kuo
    Electron Paramagnetic Resonance ,Victor Chechik, Emma Carter, and Damien Murphy ,2016
    Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design 2nd edition by Donald A. Neamen Electronic devices - electron flow version 4th edition by thomas l.floyd Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory 8th Ed. with Lab Solutions, and Test Item File by Robert Boylestad
    Electronic Devices and electronic devices , By thomas L. Floyd , 6th ed Electronic Devices-6th Edition by Thomas L. Floyd
    Electronic Physics by Strabman
    Elementary Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems , PrenticeHall , R.Haberman (1987)
    Elementary Differential Equations , 8th ed. , By Werner Kohler, Lee Johnson Elementary Differential Equations , Penny , 5th ed
    Elementary Differential Equations , Werner Kohler & Lee Johnson , 1st ed Elementary Differential Equations 8th edition by Boyce
    Elementary Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems, 7Th Edition by Boyce And Diprima
    Elementary Differential Equations and Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems , William F. Trench , 2000
    Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications 9th by Howard Anton, Chris Rorres Elementary Linear Algebra With Applications 10E , Howard Anton, Chris Rorres Elementary Mechanics and Thermodynamics by Jhon W. Norbury , 1st ed
    Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications, 5th edition by Kenneth H. Rosen Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications, 6th Ed. By Kenneth H. Rosen Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes 3rd edition by Richard M. Felder,Ronald W. Rousseau
    Elementary statistics Using the Graphing Calculator , Mario F. Triola 2005 Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3rd Edition by H. Scott Fogler Elements of Deductive Inference , By Joseph Bessie and Stuart Glennan , 1st ed Elements of electromagnetics 2nd edition by sadiku
    Elements of electromagnetics 3rd edition by sadiku
    Elements of Power System Analysis 4th edition by William D. Stevenson
    Embedded Microcomputer Systems Real Time Interfacing 2nd Edition by Jonathan W. Valvano
    Energy Science ,Principles, Technologies, and Impacts ,Andrews & Jelley ,3th e Energy Systems Engineering evaluation and implementation , Francis M Vanek and Louis D Albright , 1st ed
    Engineering Circuit Analysis 6th edition by Hayt
    Engineering Circuit Analysis 7th edition by Hayt
    Engineering Electromagnetics - 7th Ed. - Hayt
    Engineering Electromagnetics 2d Edition by Nathan Ida
    Engineering Electromagnetics 6th Edition by William H. Hayt Jr. and Hohn A. Buck
    Engineering Fluid Mechanics 7th edition by Clayton T. Crowe, Donald F. Elger & John A. Roberson
    engineering materials science , By milton ohring , 1st ed
    Engineering Mathematics 4th edition by John Bird
    Engineering Mathematics 4th Edition by NEWNES
    Engineering Mechanic STATICS 10th Ed. R.C. Hibbeler
    Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics 2 Edition by Riley and Sturges
    Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics 11th edition by R. C. Hibbeler
    Engineering Mechanics - STATICS 4th E - Bedford and Fowler
    Engineering mechanics - statics 10th edition by R. C. Hibbeler
    engineering mechanics dynamics , By Boresi and schmidt , 1st ed
    engineering mechanics Dynamics , By Meriam & Kraige & palm , 3rd ed
    engineering mechanics Dynamics , By Meriam & Kraige & palm , 5rd ed
    engineering mechanics dynamics , By Meriam and kraige , 6th ed
    Engineering mechanics Dynamics 4th Ed. by Bedford and Fowler
    Engineering Mechanics Dynamics 5th J.L Meriam
    Engineering Mechanics of Solids , By Egor P. Popov , 2nd ed
    engineering mechanics statics , By Bedford and fowler , 5th ed
    engineering mechanics statics , By R. C. Hibbeler , 8th ed
    engineering mechanics statics , By R. C. Hibbeler , 10th ed
    Engineering Mechanics Statics , By R.C.Hibbeler , 12th ed
    Engineering Mechanics Statics 6th edition by J.L Meriam
    Engineering Mechanics Statics 11th Edition By R.C.Hibbeler
    engineering mechanics statistics , By Meriam & Kraige & palm , 4th ed engineering mechanics statistics , By Meriam & Kraige & palm , 6th ed Engineering Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
    Engineering Statistics , By Montgomery , 4th ed
    Engineering Vibration , 3rd ed , Daniel J. Inman
    English Grammar Understanding the Basics , By Cambridge , 1st ed
    Environmental Chemistry , vanLoon & Duffy , 3th ed
    Experiments with Economic Principles , By Theodore Bergstrom And J. Miller , 1st ed

    Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems 4th edition by G. F. Franklin, J. D. Powell, A. Emami
    Field and Wave Electromagnetics 2nd Edition by Wesley Cheng
    Field and Wave Electromagnetics International Edition by David K
    Financial Accounting , By Harrison and Horngren , 8th ed
    Financial Accounting information for decisions , John J. Wild , 4th ed Financial Instruments , John Hull , 4ed
    FINITE MATHEMATICS , Lial , Greenwell & Ritchey , 8th ed
    Fluid Mechanics , By Frank M. White , 5th ed
    Fluid mechanics , By Merle C. Potter and David C. Wiggert , 3rd ed
    Fluid Mechanics , By Russell C. Hibbeler , 1st ed
    Fluid Mechanics , Munson , 7th ed
    Fluid Mechanics 1st edition by CENGEL
    Fluid Mechanics 5th Edition by White
    Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery , By Dixon and Hall , 5th ed
    Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals and Applications , By Cengel and Cimbala , 1st ed Fluid Mechanics With Engineering Applications 10th edition by E. John Finnemore, Joseph B Franzini
    Foundations of Colloid Science ,Hunter ,2nd ed
    Foundations of International Macroeconomics , By Obstfeld and Rogoff , 1st ed Foundations of Molecular Structure Determination ,Simon Duckett, Bruce Gilbert, and Martin Cockett ,2nd ed
    Fracture mechanics fundamentals and applications 2nd edition by Northam Anderson
    Fund of Corporate Finance , by Richard A. Brealey , 4th ed
    Fundamental of Electric Circuits 3rd editoin by C. K. Alexander M. N. O. Sadiku Fundamental of engineering electromagnetics by David Cheng
    Fundamentals od Finanial Management , James Van Horne and John Wachowicz , 12th ed
    Fundamentals of Aerodynamics , By John D. Anderson , 3rd ed
    Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry , By Holler and Crouch , 9th ed Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics , By Faeeaz T. Ulaby
    Fundamentals of corporate finance , By Ross and Jordan and Westerfield , 8th ed Fundamentals of Diferential Equations , By Nagle and Saff and Snider , 6th ed Fundamentals of differential equations , 7ed.-Pearson (2008) , By R. Kent Nagle , Edward B. Saff , A. David Snider
    Fundamentals of differntial equations , R. kent nagle & Edward b.saff & A. David snider , 7th ed
    Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VDL Desing , By S. Brown and Z. Vranesic , 1st ed
    Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design 1st edition by S. Brown Z. Vranesic
    Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design, 1st edt. by S. Brown, Z. Vranesic
    Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB , By Sandra L. Harris and Robert J. Schilling , 2nd Ed
    Fundamentals of Electric Circuits , 5th ed
    fundamentals of electric circuits , By Alexander and Sadiku , 4th ed Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 2nd edition by C. K. Alexander M. N. O. Sadiku
    Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 3rd edition by C. K. Alexander M. N. O. Sadiku
    fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics , By Moran & Shapiro , 5th ed fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics , By Moran & Shapiro , 6th ed Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics by m. j. moran h. n. shapiro Fundamentals of Financial Management , and E. Brigham, J. Houston , 12th ed Fundamentals of Fluid mechanics 4th edition by Munson
    Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Student Solutions Manual, 3rd Edition [Student solution manual]
    Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer , By Incropera & Lavine & Dewitt & Bergman , 5th ed
    Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer , By Incropera & Lavine & Dewitt & Bergman , 6th ed
    Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer 4th edition by Incropera & Dewitt Fundamentals of logic design 5th edition by Charles Roth
    Fundamentals of Machine Component Design - 3rd edition by Robert C. Juvinall and Kurt M. Marshek
    Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 4th edition by Robert C. Juvinall, Kurt M. Marshek
    Fundamentals of Machine Component Desing , By R. Juvinall. K. Marshek , 1st Fundamentals of Machine Elements , By Steven Schmid and Bernard Hamrock and Bo. Jacobson , 2nd ed
    fundamentals of manufacturing , By philip D. Rufe , 2nd ed
    Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer , By Welty and Wicks and Wilson and Rorrer , 5th ed
    Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry , By Solomon , 5th ed
    Fundamentals of Physics (Extended) , by Halliday , Resnick & J. Walker , 9th ed , pp.1643, (Wiley, 2011)
    Fundamentals of Physics 7th edition by Halliday, Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of physics 8th edition by Halliday, Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of Physics Extended , By Halliday and Resnick , 8th ed fundamentals of physics Vol.1 vol.2 , By Halliday and Resnick , 6th ed Fundamentals of Power Electronics 2nd edition by R.W. Erickson
    Fundamentals of Power Semiconductor Devices 1st Ed. by B. Jayant Baliga Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics for solid state electronics and optics , By C.L. Tang , 1st ed
    Fundamentals of signals and systems , By Michael J. Roberts . 1st ed Fundamentals of Signals and systems using web and matlab third edition by Edward W. Kamen, Bonnie S Heck
    Fundamentals of Solid-State Electronics by Chih-Tang Sah
    Fundamentals of Thermal Fluid Sciences by Yunus A. Cengel, Robert H. Turner, Yunus Cengel, Robert Turner
    Fundamentals of Thermodynamics by Richard Sonntag Claus Borgnakke Gordon Van Wylen
    Fundamentals of Wireless Communication by Tse and Viswanath

    General Chemistry , By Ebbing and Gammon , 10th ed
    General Chemistry, Principles and Modern Applications , By Petrucci and Harwood and Herring , 8th ed
    general organic and biological chemist structures of life , By Karen C. Timberlake , 2nd ed
    Guide for Microprocessors and Interfacing , By Douglas Hail , 2nd ed

    Heat and Mass transfer A practical Approach , Yunus A. Cengel , 3rd ed
    Heat Transfer A Practical Approach 2nd edition by Yunus A. Cengel, Yunus Cengel How English Works A Grammar Handbook with Readings Instructor's Manual by Ann Raimes
    Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering , 4th ed , by Chadwick & Morfett

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