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    TOM: Wonder what would've happened if it had eaten, like, a raccoon's brain?

    He had brought us a message
    from the outermost citadels of life and had flashed out again on his
    aeonic voyage from everlasting unto everlasting.

    JOEL: A strange visitor from beyond the stars comes to Earth with a chilling message: yeah, do whatever you're doing.

    TOM: Let's blow this popsicle stand.
    JOEL: Works for me.
    CROW: [ Slowly, seriously ] Dum DA-dum!

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    Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its characters and situations are the property of Satellite of Love, LLC, if the footer on mst3kinfo.com doesn't lead me wrong. I'm still geting used to thinking of Best Brains as a part of the past. I don't
    know. _The Jovian Jest_ was written by Lilith Loraine and appeared in the May 1930 issue of _Astounding Stories of Super-Science_ which I believe to be out of copyright. It can be found through Project Gutenberg at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/29809/
    29809-h/29809-h.htm#The_Jovian_Jest at your leisure. I'm Joseph Nebus and this is 2017 for me.

    The homogeneous force of
    our omni-substance subjects the plural world to the processing of a
    powerful unity.

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