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    From Joseph Nebus@21:1/5 to All on Sun Dec 31 05:08:01 2017
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    MiSTing is an art not yet lost! Actually, for all I know,
    it's thriving, what with the new series and all to riff on. But I
    haven't seen the new series yet and if there's people doing whole
    new MiSTings and finding the Stephen Ratliffs of the 2010s and all
    I haven't heard and I probably wouldn't have the time to check them
    out anyway. I'd still like to know.

    Nevertheless I don't want to lose entirely the tradition of
    writing MiSTings and posting them to Usenet. So here, based on a
    short story that saw print in the 1930 _Astounding Stories of
    Super-Science_, is Lilith Lorraine's 'The Jovian Jest'.

    Joseph Nebus
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