• Remember when SyFy was still Sci-Fi?

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    As I observe the status of the SyFy channel today, including WWE
    programming, I find myself yearning for the good old days. I remember
    quite well the series of creepy, atmospheric ads from my childhood
    that declared "its coming," advertising the impending launch of the
    Sci-Fi Channel. As a lifelong fantasy and science fiction geek I was
    more than interested, but my parents had little desire to pay the
    extra money to get it. But AH!, in the mid 90's our basic cable
    package got an upgrade, and we automatically got a number of new
    channels, including Sci-Fi-how thrilled I was! I still remember fondly
    my days in jr. high, before real world things like jobs and cars were
    a factor, when I would spend my afternoons watching Dark Shadows

    Perhaps my fondest memory was the first anime-marathon they ever did
    one summer when I was in high school; it was hosted by some hot,
    blonde chick in a skintight outfit, and it was really my first
    introduction to anime as a unique art style-I quickly became hooked.
    And I especially remember the weird and creepy bumpers that they used
    to run between programming; I recall one that featured a strange,
    clock-like contraption with a staring eye and electric sparks coming
    out of it, and another that had a clock turning into a demonic looking >monster.

    Sadly, the network has just gone so far downhill for me. It really all >started when they began doing original programming and movies-don't
    get me wrong, I loved the first season of Farscape and a few other
    shows they came up with, but for the most part it seems they have just
    gotten so utterly gratuitous about it. Anymore it feels as if they
    ever show is one of a dozen different incarnations of Stargate, Ghost >Hunters, and WWE. And I will say for a fact that none was sadder than
    I when they decided to officially break from the past and rename the
    network SyFy-and yes, for a while I did think it was now meant to be >pronounced "siffy." Whatever happened to Night Gallery, Swamp Thing,
    the original Stark Trek, and The Night Stalker? Where did my random,
    out of nowhere bizarro movies go? When did science fiction become
    reality TV? Oh days of my youth, where art thou!

    Almost every new SF show is really just a recycled western or recycled
    police procedural with some little SF nonsense thrown in to make it
    easy to find the bad guy and solve the murder.

    I just finished reading Solow and Justman's book and they relate how
    the first thinking for the premise was "wagon train in space" but they
    quickly realized that was entirely wrong for what they wanted to do. Unfortunately, Wagon Train/Police story in space is almost all we get
    these days.

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