• "A Christmas Story Live" Delivers Lump of Coal to Fox in Early TV Ratin

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    Bah humbug: Fox’s “A Christmas Story Live!” just got blindsided by
    NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” in early TV ratings. Oh, and every
    other broadcast TV show beat it as well.

    The latest live television musical managed a 2.8 overnight rating/5
    share in the 56 metered-markets monitored by Nielsen. Compare that
    with NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” which posted a massive 12.3/21
    last night. To be fair, that latter live telecast had the Dallas

    Plus, football is still football and no one expected “A Christmas
    Story” to compete — it certainly could have done much better than it
    did, however. ABC’s “Sound of Music” (no, not the live one from NBC
    that started this whole trend) telecast posted a 3.0/5 on Sunday.
    Even all of the CBS shows beat this “Christmas Story.”

    Cue the Grinch music.

    Last year’s hit “Grease: Live” hauled in a 7.4 overnight rating for
    Fox, but that one was in January and it did not have pro pigskin to
    contend with. Danny and Sandy’s budding romance brought in more than
    12 million live viewers, and over 14 million when including three
    days worth of catch-up tune-in.

    NBC’s “The Wiz Live” in December 2015 drew a 7.9 in these very
    preliminary returns. The Thursday special, which did have an NFL
    game up against it, eventually tallied 11.5 million live total

    The following year, “Hairspray Live” landed a 5.9 rating from the 56
    markets and just north of 9 million overall audience members. That
    one aired on a Wednesday when Fox’s “Empire” was its chief

    Sunday’s fast-national numbers, which are not time zone-adjusted,
    will be out around 8 a.m. PT this morning. Final live viewership
    totals are expected this afternoon.

    Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd
    have to audit liberals & wire tap reporters' phones.

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