• Follies, Were the originals better?

    From robertjarmstrong@hotmail.com@21:1/5 to beb on Sun Feb 5 20:39:19 2017
    beb writes:

    I think it's his best, with Sweeney running a close second.

    Sweeney is hard to classify though. It might be inferior to something else as a "musical" but it's also an important repeatable example as a thriller, a sort of dramatic opera and politically-charged Zeitoper. I vote Sweeney somewhat better than Follies,
    but it would be tragic not to have had the Follies songs and original book available.

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    In article <20010409080102.19219.00003127@ng-mh1.aol.com>, IrisR1 says...

    If all the people who claim to have seen the original, had actually seen the >>original,

    ...it would still be running.

    In general terms, you're probably right. But there aren't that many people >on
    RATM who have made the claim -- and I believe the ones who have.

    I think I can top that: Did anyone on RATM, besides myself, see Mack & Mabel in 1974, and live to tell about it?

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