• "Cheers" stage show to debut in Boston

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    'Cheers' Stage Show to Debut in September
    by the Associated Press

    The bar where everybody knows your name is coming to the stage.

    Cheers Live on Stage is a comedy based on some of the most memorable
    moments of the celebrated TV show's first season. It will feature
    retired Red Sox pitcher and shameless lothario Sam Malone, pretentious >waitress Diane Chambers, rotund barfly Norm Peterson, and the rest of
    the regulars when it debuts in September in Boston.

    Even though it's based on the TV show set in a Boston bar, loyal fans
    should see plenty of new material in the stage version, and may even
    get a chance to be a part of the performance. A national tour is

    Erik Forrest Jackson, the writer who adapted the show for the theater, >binge-watched all 22 episodes of the first season nine times and pored
    over the original scripts before he started writing.

    "I took season one of Cheers and put it all into a big pot and cooked
    it up and boiled it down," he said. "The main through-line is the >relationship between Sam and Diane but done in a way so it feels

    Fans will get their fill of all of their favorite Cheers characters,
    but because the two-hour show is based solely on the first season,
    there will be no Woody, no Frasier and no Rebecca.

    ... and Steve Newp*rt just jizzed in his pants over the combo of booze and musical

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