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    Any of you out there who remember Robert Cushman's series of 45 min radio programmes called Book, Music and Lyrics.

    These were broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in the 1980s and treated musical theatre with as much insight and dilicence as a programme on lieder or obscure composers.

    It was pretty much my introduction to musical theatre and in my 20s was a way into Stephen Sondheim musicals

    Cushman would take a composer/wordsmith and spin a 45 minute programme around that theme illustrating it with usually fairly obscure recordings of the musicals featured.

    I have about a dozen of these programmes on cassette which I am in the process of transferring to CDR. I missed quite a few and never heard any of his equivalent programmes for CBC. They're very instructive and entertaining with Cushman making links with
    the rest of the art world and musicals.

    Do any of you have any of these on tape or indeed any of Cushman's programmes? I would be interested in completing my collection.

    Is Robert Cushman still around, I wonder? I was in touch with him in 2015 but nothing since.

    Rob Barnett


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