• 60.6% of committed relationships made more compatible

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    60.6% of committed relationships have been made more (usually
    optimally) compatible by adjustment of the sexual harmonic(s)
    of one or both partners, as of 0317 UTC May 8, 2022.

    Most of these were cases that were incompatible or partially
    (less than optimally, and less likely to stick) compatible
    and (1) had been together continuously for at least the last
    15 years, and/or (2) were parents of at least one child under
    16, including adoptive or fetus.

    This includes many now formerly incompatible couples who
    had been sticking together for religious reasons.

    I say usually optimally since in e.g. cases of gay--lesbian
    platonic parenting couples where each has at least one
    same sex partner, they (if they meet one or both of (1), (2) )
    have become bim--bif, who are partially compatible. Two
    such couples are CBC Radio's Odario Williams and Amanda Parris
    and now former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki
    and her partner.

    In relationships including at least one assisted shaktipat
    recipient (a.s.r.), criterion (1) is just 5 years and
    criterion (2) just requires at least one of them to be
    such a parent.

    I think that includes Brad and Angelina if they are now
    together, and Ben and J. Lo, and Beyonce and Jay Z, and
    many other women I have been attracted to and their partners
    (who were generally partially compatible and have now
    become optimally compatible, which they could test by
    touch and by orgasm intensity).

    However 4.4% of committed relationships were very abusive
    and have been broken across species boundaries in the
    species split.

    Of the remaining 35%, 21% were already optimally compatible
    (including many same sex couples, who are now more likely to stick)
    and 14% will remain partially compatible.

    Note that sexually shielding spells have been adjusted to now
    allow attention only from optimally sexually compatibles,
    so bifs (women attracted to both genders) who had one or
    more up and who have been in a partially compatible relationship
    will have to cancel the spell(s) or will be broken up.
    This includes Kim Kardashian.

    Also Joe ad Jill Biden must have had a temporary breakup in the
    last 5 years and thus have been broken up; I suggest matches
    for them on the "various matches" thread which is searchable and
    which is linked to near the bottom of
    https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/8H.html .

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