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    Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, murdered two former
    colleagues at a TV news station in Roanoke, Virginia, last
    Wednesday morning. A couple hours after the shooting, ABC News
    received a 23-page fax outlining Flanagan’s views and motives in
    his own words.

    In the five days since the shooting, ABC News has chosen not to
    publish the full contents of the fax, which was variously
    described in the media as a manifesto or a suicide note. No
    explanation has been given for withholding the full contents
    from the public. Given that Flanagan is dead, there would seem
    to be no reason not to reveal it (i.e., no pending trial and
    therefore no reason to worry about an ongoing investigation or
    influencing potential jurors).

    ABC did report excerpts from the document on the day of the
    shooting. In them, Flanagan said the final straw that prompted
    his crime was the Charleston church shooting. Speaking of racist
    shooter Dylan Roof, Flanagan wrote, “You (deleted)! You want a
    race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE… (deleted)!!!”

    A New York Times report, published last Thursday, described the
    fax as containing 3 separate suicide notes, all of which had
    been typed in the past few weeks. The Times added some
    additional detail to the report by ABC, including the fact that,
    after he was fired by WDBJ in 2013, Flanagan killed his two cats
    in a rage and later buried them.

    On Monday, the New York Daily News reported on a separate cache
    of letters Flanagan sent to his former roommate Robert Avent.
    Avent and Flanagan met in 2002 while working out at a gym in
    North Carolina. In the letters, Flanagan reminisces about his
    life as a gay prostitute and describes his disappointment and
    worry over losing his looks.

    http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/08/31/abc-news-has- yet-to-release-full-suicide-note-of-vester-lee-flanagan/

    Illegal alien muslim Barack Hussein Obama seizes on this tragedy
    caused by one of his mentally ill homosexual, black racist nuts,
    to wave the flags for more gun control.

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